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Fear Factory

Fear Factory

The Toll of a New Machine


Rotting Christ, Call & Response with Sigh, Harvey Milk, Arsis, Q&A; with Richard Christy, Only Death Is Real book excerpt, the making of Saint Vitus's Born Too Late


Orphaned Land, Sacrifice, Hysteria, Holy Grail, Hacride, Monarch!, Annotations of an Autopsy

White Tomb

Altar of Plagues

White Tomb

Green living and dying | Profound Lore

At the outset, Altar of Plagues’ full-length debut presents itself as the aural equivalent of Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle mashed up with Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Though it’s divided into only four tracks, the 50-minute White Tomb boldly sets out to explore a post-apocalyptic world wallowing in the aftermath of a man-made atrocity in which, seemingly, Earth may still carry on to experience a phoenix-like rebirth. It’s difficult at first, though, to discern if White Tomb is meant to be this bleak scenario’s narrative—or simply its soundtrack.

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