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Unsupported Regex Operators

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Unsupported operators in Notepad++'s and Scintilla's regular expressions

Commonly used GNU extensions to the regular expression syntax include:

  • the ? operator, meaning zero or one of a kind;
  • the | alternation operator ("foo|bar" matches either of "foo" or "bar")
  • modifiers like /g for greedy or /i for case insensitive;
  • {a,b} to denote betwen a and b tokens of a kind.
  • (pattern)+ to mach one or more matches of the same pattern

The Scitilla component, which underpins Notepad++, is strictly POSIX-compatible and does not recognise these extensions. You can consult Regular Expressions for a complete rundown and some examples.

A recipe for a custom Scintilla build can be found here.