Innovation and Midwest Values – Kitchen Table Talks

February 4, 2010 · Comments

In this episode of Kitchen Table Talks, I had the pleasure of sitting down at a kitchen table with Rick Mahn from the beautiful lands of Minneapolis. We talked about innovation and midwest values, and how sometimes, you’ve gotta crow loud to be heard.

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  • Rick, you may be dealing with that modest, self-effacing, Scandinavian, Lutheran Minnesota mentality Garrison Keillor describes so well. As a St. Louis-raised Lutheran, I know the mindset all too well. It's all about being humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

    There's so much to be proud of in the Twin Cities. Keep encouraging people to open up. Move them toward joyous in victory, gracious in defeat, and you'll have done something great.

    Thanks for sharing this, Chris.
  • bklalor
    Rick nails it when he compares the Midwest and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. I grew up in Mn., lived in SV for a dozen years, and now I am back in MN. There are many things I love about being here, but as entrepreneurs we could learn to be a little less reserved and express our enthusiasm more.

    Thanks for sharing Chris.
  • Beautiful lands... you're quite kind because I seem to remember we welcomed you to town with a minor blizzard. :-)

    Thanks for some great conversations, they've got me thinking even more about local folks and the good things they do.
  • Nice conversations. I want to share one quote. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
  • I’m an excellent cook. It’s just not something I whip out for every man I date. Like sex, I’ve got to be feeling it before I let him in on the dirty little secret…that I can make hollandaise from scratch and generally have at least 4 varieties of oil and 6 types of cheese in my kitchen at any given time.The way I figure it, a man is either into me or he isn’t. If he isn’t, veal scallopini with rosemary-herb potatoes and braised greens with shallots isn’t going to sway him. And also, like sex, a man who isn’t into me will happily partake of whatever buffet I offer, but it’s not likely to switch him from a player to a keeper.
  • Hear, hear. Smart creative people are everywhere. We just have to open our ears a bit and help each other tell better stories. Finally had the pleasure of meeting Bryan here in Austin. Great guy!
  • vishi96
    Nice video!! Its got some great conversations, its got me thinking a about a lot of things.
  • Do we get to film some Kitchen Table Talks at Like MInds? :-)
  • I felt like I was there sitting in the iHop with you and Rick. I liked that.
  • Following the Reputations event @BestBuy 2/3/10 - featuring several hilarious Chris Brogan moments - my partners and I were jazzed as hell to think about people actually heeding Chris' call to connect. The observation of the Twin Cities scene as a bunch of small groups that connect internally but not externally is spot on. Bully for Rick Mahn's efforts with Social Media Breakfasts and all others reaching out. I'm quite certain this is not completely unique to Minneapolis, though. There could be a great recession induced licking-my-wounds mentality going on as well. Gotta believe continued encouragement from the likes of Chris and Rick can only help us all get our collective heads out of our behinds and CONNECT.
  • wendyblomseth
    Congrats Rick on sharing at The Kitchen Table with Chris Brogan. I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas and see how I can help you and the Social Media Breakfasts events/group. As Chris said at the Reputations event at Best Buy we need to connect and SMBMSP would be a great platform to do that.
  • I agree with Rick's assessment that Midwest entrepreneurs are a bit too modest and "professional" when proposing are jumpstarting their new companies or new ideas. Even in Chicago, where I currently live, the excitement around a new company or new product usually doesn't reach the level of enthusiasm I see elsewhere, especially when looking at the new companies starting out west or in NYC. It's time to start bringing the energy, raising the Midwest profile and believing that others will love what we're doing as much as we love it.
  • It's all about the conversation isn't it? Love the kitchen table talks Chris. A very effective and efficient way to draw information out of creative minds. Thanks for the share.
  • steve
    Simon so true about staying in touch and adding value to our affiliates. Keeping them apprised and helping them reach their goals makes a difference.
    Great point about showing them what is in it for them and then finding out we can help them.

    Added value was suggesting here of a great software that can help folks add affiliates.
    Awesome book "Social Traffic" in helping people understand Social Media and building a launch for an event and the follow through!

    Texas breast reduction
  • JoyACookin
    Thanks for the invitation! I was born just yesterday, starting my blog 1/1/10 & first Twitter 2/1/10. My head is spinning. Trying to focus on the protocol of it all while maintaining sanity in this century. It's easy to be overwhelmed when the game is new, even with an ages old subject. Need all of the help I can get. I've seen your Thesis video & considering it because my template seems unstable; but then, maybe that's just me! I like your style. Innovation - we should never live without it.
  • JoyACookin
    Thanks for the nudge to comment. I was just born yesterday. Began my blog 1/1/10 and born to Twitter 2/1/10. Trying to make my way in a new century without my sanity fleeing, even with an ages old and familiar subject. I saw your Thesis video and am considering it. My template seems unstable, but then maybe that's just me. I like your style. Innovation - never live without it.
  • whitneyhoffman
    This is interesting, especially since we have a group of people trying to move Delaware forward as a whole, using social media and community events to connect people who haven't been connected before. The Governor came to our last tweetup this past week (BTW, Thanks Chris, for sending out a link ) and he was impressed at how the event brought together people from many different segments- the science community, the University Community, the PR & HR folks, small businesspeople of all stripes, bloggers, web heads and more.
    The level of enthusiasm seems to increase geometrically over time, especially as people start to see beyond their own comfortable niche and start to expand their networks. They start to see value in including folks who might not always fall neatly into that "potential client" or "Potential business partner" mode, but instead may just be great folks to know as neighbors, and as people you might be able to connect up into folks already in your network.
    We're finding more and more the diversity of the crowd brings excitement and new ideas to the table, and the enthusiasm follows. It's certainly why Podcamp works so well. :)
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