In this Kitchen Table Talks video, I just want to address all the nice folks who call me lucky, or who think I’m just sitting around being handed my lot in life.

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“Lucky” is absolutely what I am. Here’s what I do to earn my luck:

  • Write a blog post or two a day.
  • Write a newsletter every week.
  • Comment and connect with others daily.
  • Answer and send hundreds of emails daily.
  • Read voraciously.
  • Work with the best clients I can find.
  • Reach into new markets weekly.
  • Travel extensively.

Seems lucky to me.

People always ask which camera I used to shoot my video. I use the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 (that’s a review of the camera).

I’m really enjoying participating in the forums at the Third Tribe site. I was just adding my two cents to a handful of forum postings, and thought that I’d show you what some of the topics we’re talking about are, so you’d have a sense of what’s going on. We don’t really share the contents, because the people participating there like having the chance to speak openly/candidly about their marketing challenges, but I don’t see the harm in sharing a few of the topic titles.

Here they are:

  • Favorite copywriting and marketing books?
  • Third Tribe Blogroll?
  • 2 Days In – What the Third Tribe has done for me and my blog!
  • Many thanks from T3’s self-appointed novice, newbie beginner (redundancy intended)
  • Recommend a hosting service?
  • To-do/ organizing software
  • Good Theme for Beginngers or more
  • 3 Free Kick-Ass Workbooks
  • Future in person meetups – London
  • What’s your biggest sales page pet peeve?
  • Mindmapping to keep organized [free software]

So, it’s stuff you would normally be talking about. Only, we share how we’re using these things for our business, and how we’re helping companies (or ourselves) navigate it all.

That’s what’s going on at Third Tribe Marketing. It’s not a social community. It’s a learning community. The people there have paid to participate in conversations that will help them learn and do more for their pursuits. Brian would say they’re there for the tutorials and the media content, but I’m there for the forums.

Want to check it out? The information on joining is here.

If you’re not into it, no worries. You might not be a marketer. You might not do lots of your work online. There are lots of reasons not to join. It’s okay. This blog is still here and still going strong. : )

Your First Comment On This Blog

February 5, 2010 Comments

Hello. You. Yes, I want to talk to you, the person who has never yet left a comment, but who has read forever and ever here.
Today’s your day. You’re up. I’d love for you to leave just a small comment and say hi.
Now, given that 45,000 people get this blog sent to them [...]

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Innovation and Midwest Values – Kitchen Table Talks

February 4, 2010 Comments

In this episode of Kitchen Table Talks, I had the pleasure of sitting down at a kitchen table with Rick Mahn from the beautiful lands of Minneapolis. We talked about innovation and midwest values, and how sometimes, you’ve gotta crow loud to be heard.

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Direct link to [...]

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Thanks Forbes

February 4, 2010 Comments

I never know what to say when someone puts me on a list. I’m always grateful.
Forbes says I’m one of the Web Celeb 25. I’m grateful. But what do you do with that?
So, because I’m awkward, I’ll just say, “Thanks, Forbes.”

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Make it Easy to Connect

February 4, 2010 Comments

Over at New Marketing Labs, we have a simple contact form on our site. I also use a contact form here. From these forms, both my team at NML and my helpful assistant Diane over here find all kinds of work opportunities. It’s a simple, simple, simple thing.
Having an email address is great. [...]

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Third Tribe is Live

February 3, 2010 Comments

I’m pretty excited that the Third Tribe Marketing project is now officially open for members. We did a soft launch a few days ago, and nothing big broke, so now we’re ready to talk about it. What’s it about? Here’s the story.
What Third Tribe is About

It all started because of something Seth Godin said [...]

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Are You Following the Same Old Conventions

February 2, 2010 Comments

I just watched this video for the world’s most generic news report:

Can’t see the video? Click here.
We tend to follow a lot. It’s easier. There’s drafting that happens, where we can get behind the work someone else did and let that take us to our destination. We do what came before. We shift it to [...]

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Bad Day Cure

February 2, 2010 Comments

Keep this video around for when you have a bad day:

(Can’t see it? click this).

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Framing Your Social Media Efforts

February 1, 2010 Comments

There are three main areas of practice for social media that your company (or you) should be thinking about: listening, connecting, publishing. From these three areas, you can build out your usage of the tools, thread your information networks to feed and be fed, and align your resources for execution. There are many varied [...]

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