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Creepy Aliens Cake

Check out this Aliens inspired cake created by Jet City Cakes.  Pretty untraditional…but cool if you wanna do something a little uh…different! MORE »

Office Paper to Toilet Paper

I am sure you have had a day where you wanted to blow your nose on an office memo…well now you can!  This office shredder recycles paper into toilet paper!  Might be the wave of… MORE »

Is That Dog Smiling?

It seems that this dog really loves her owner because whenever he shows up…she gets a big smile on her face!  Too cute! Have you ever seen a dog smile?  Leave us a comment and let… MORE »

Goats can climb trees?

I never thought so…but this video has changed my mind.  Very impressive little goat! MORE »

I’ve got the same combination on my luggage!

Here is a pretty crazy little fact I recently found out about. In the 60s, with the Cold War in full swing, people in government (and everywhere else) started to get really worried about the possibility… MORE »

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