iFart Mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live

by admin on January 25, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel made a quick mention of the iFart app during his monologue last Friday night. After a couple of short ads you’ll see the soundbite at 2:05 in.

“If everyone in America gives as much as they spent on the iFart App, Haiti will be saved”

Note: Along with many other app developers, iFart recently participated in Indie Relief which helped to raise $143,872 for Haiti

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Make Joel’s iPhone Fart Live on uStream

by admin on January 15, 2010

You know some thing’s just have to be seen to be believed.


Free live streaming by Ustream

If we told you that you could make a friend’s iPhone fart anytime you wanted to from 1000’s of miles away, chances are you wouldn’t believe us..

But thanks to uStream and advanced flatulence technologies (AFT) we can prove to you. We challenge you to Fart Joel Comm’s Phone and send him a text message which will appear live on uStream.

All you need is an iPhone, iFart and 3 minutes of your time.

Step 1. Download iFart
Step 2. Load iFart and Press Fart Budz (upper left)
Step 3. Create an Account in our Social Network
Step 4. Add username: joelcomm as your friend.
Step 5. Click Fart Poop Icon to right of joelcomm
Step 6. Choose Fart, Type Message, SEND FART!
Then watch as your fart let’s loose on Joel’s phone

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Just one year after making worldwide news as the iTunes AppStore’s #1 best-selling application, iFart Mobile continues to dominate the news and blogosphere as the most-often referred to application in the world. The novelty application that has brought laughter to millions of people in sixty countries is celebrating by offering a free update and Christmas Fart Pack to all iFart owners.

The Christmas Fart Pack is available in the iFart Store, featured in the latest free update to iFart Mobile. This special holiday pack contains ten new festive flatulations including Jingle Smells, Blitzen’s Bomber, Snow Melter, Not So Silent Night and six more.

“iFart continues to appear in mainstream media, be used by celebrities and is referenced as the de facto novelty app for the iPhone,” said InfoMedia, Inc. CEO Joel Comm. Comm continued, “From Lance Armstrong and Robin Williams to The New York Times and The Daily Show, iFart has become a cultural phenomenon that continues to provide laughs to iPhone and iPod owners around the world. We say ‘thank you’ to our customers by providing this special holiday gift with the latest update”

iFart made headlines around the world last Christmas when Joel Comm made sales figures public on his blog at www.JoelComm.com. NBC, TechCrunch, Venture Beat, The Today Show, CNN Money, Mashable, The Washington Post and Wired Magazine were among the dozens of media outlets, tech sites and blogs that featured the app, touting the fact that iFart sold nearly 40,000 copies on Christmas Day 2008.

Featuring a number of hilarious original fart sounds and original features such as security fart, sneak attack, record-a-fart and fart-a-friend, iFart continues to lead the way of over 200 copycat applications in the iTunes AppStore. The newest feature included in the latest update is Fart Buddies, which allows iFart owners to send fart sounds to their friend’s iPhone whenever they desire.

Download iFart on iTunes Today!

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