Release Info

For new installations only.
An Arch Linux system can always be updated with `pacman -Syu`

Current Release: 2009.08
Included Kernel: 2.6.30-ARCH
Resources: Bug Tracker - Mailing List

Links and Instructions:
Downloading Instructions
Arch Linux Install Guide
USB Image help

BitTorrent Download (recommended)

If you can spare the bytes, please leave the client open after your
download is finished, so you can seed it back to others.

A web-seed capable client is recommended for fastest download speeds

FTP ISOs: i686 - x86_64
Core ISOs: i686 - x86_64
FTP USB Images: i686 - x86_64
Core USB Images: i686 - x86_64
ISOLINUX ISOs: i686 - x86_64

Buy A CD

These suppliers donate a small percentage of each CD purchased to the Arch Linux project:
Purchase CD from OSDisc
Purchase CD from Shop Linux Online
You can also purchase Arch on CD from these suppliers:
Purchase CD from LinuxCD

HTTP/FTP Download

In addition to the BitTorrent links above, ISO images can also be downloaded
via HTTP or FTP from the mirror sites listed below.

Please ensure the download image matches the checksum from the
md5sums.txt or sha1sums.txt file in the same directory as the image.



Mirror Sites

Any (http) (ftp)

Australia (http) (ftp) (ftp) (http) (http) (ftp) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http)

Austria (ftp) (http)

Belgium (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http)

Brazil (ftp) (http) (http) (ftp) (http)

Bulgaria (http)

Canada (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http) (http)

Chile (ftp)

China (http) (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp)

Czech Republic (ftp) (http)

Denmark (http) (ftp) (ftp)

Estonia (ftp) (http)

Finland (ftp) (http)

France (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (ftp) (http) (ftp)

Germany (http) (ftp) (ftp) (http) (http) (ftp) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http) (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http) (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp)

Great Britain (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http)

Greece (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (ftp) (http)

Hungary (ftp)

India (http) (ftp)

Indonesia (ftp) (http) (http) (ftp)

Ireland (http) (ftp)

Israel (http)

Italy (http) (ftp)

Japan (http) (ftp)

Kazakhstan (http) (ftp)

Latvia (http)

Lithuania (http) (ftp)

Netherlands (ftp) (http) (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp)

New Caledonia (ftp) (http)

Norway (http) (ftp)

Poland (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (ftp) (http)

Portugal (ftp) (http) (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http)

Romania (http) (ftp) (http)

Russia (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http)

Spain (http) (ftp)

Sweden (http) (ftp) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http) (http) (ftp)

Switzerland (ftp) (http)

Taiwan (http) (ftp)

Turkey (ftp)

Ukraine (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http)

United States (ftp) (http) (http) (ftp) (ftp) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http) (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http) (ftp) (http) (http) (http)

Vietnam (ftp) (ftp) (http) (ftp)

If you want to become an Official Arch Linux Mirror please follow
the instructions listed here.

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