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Mobile AMD-K6® Processor
Setting New Standards for Price/Performance in Mobile Computing

Mobile AMD K6 Processor
300 MHz 266 MHz

High performance processors for notebook computers

The mobile AMD-K6® family of processors enables a new generation of high-performance notebook computers. Available in clock speeds up to 300 MHz, the mobile AMD-K6 processor transforms your notebook PC into a powerful and productive computing environment. Now you can fly through your favorite Microsoft® Windows® compatible software, including business productivity, internet and entertainment applications, with amazing speed.

Outstanding performance and value

The mobile AMD-K6 processor is based on a leading-edge 6th generation architecture and offers performance that is superior to Pentium® with MMX™ technology. Compare the price of 300MHz Mobile AMD-K6 processor based notebooks with competitive systems and see the savings. The 266MHz Mobile AMD-K6 processor based notebook makes an excellent choice for the value minded buyer, setting new performance standards at the entry level.

Richer Multimedia with MMX™ Instructions

The AMD-K6 processor executes the latest MMX multimedia enhancement instructions to give you vibrant graphics, crystal-clear audio, and smooth video-in short, the ultimate multimedia experience. This built-in MMX capability enables you to deliver high-impact multimedia presentations while on the road.

Compatible with the Windows® Universe

If it's from AMD, it's compatible. The mobile AMD-K6 processor has undergone extensive testing to ensure compatibility with Windows 98, Windows NT®, and other leading operating systems. The mobile AMD-K6 is also compatible with more than 60,000 software applications including the latest MMX software. As the world's second largest supplier of processors for the Windows environment, AMD has shipped more than 50 million Windows compatible CPUs in the last five years.

Mobile AMD-K6® Processor Features

  • High performance for notebook computing
  • Six-issue RISC86® superscalar microarchitecture
  • Large 64-Kbyte on-chip L1 cache
  • MMX technology for a richer multimedia experience
  • Low-voltage 0.25-micron 5-layer-metal silicon process technology
  • 8.8 million transistors

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