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February 6, 2010 · Comments

I’m really enjoying participating in the forums at the Third Tribe site. I was just adding my two cents to a handful of forum postings, and thought that I’d show you what some of the topics we’re talking about are, so you’d have a sense of what’s going on. We don’t really share the contents, because the people participating there like having the chance to speak openly/candidly about their marketing challenges, but I don’t see the harm in sharing a few of the topic titles.

Here they are:

  • Favorite copywriting and marketing books?
  • Third Tribe Blogroll?
  • 2 Days In – What the Third Tribe has done for me and my blog!
  • Many thanks from T3’s self-appointed novice, newbie beginner (redundancy intended)
  • Recommend a hosting service?
  • To-do/ organizing software
  • Good Theme for Beginngers or more
  • 3 Free Kick-Ass Workbooks
  • Future in person meetups – London
  • What’s your biggest sales page pet peeve?
  • Mindmapping to keep organized [free software]

So, it’s stuff you would normally be talking about. Only, we share how we’re using these things for our business, and how we’re helping companies (or ourselves) navigate it all.

That’s what’s going on at Third Tribe Marketing. It’s not a social community. It’s a learning community. The people there have paid to participate in conversations that will help them learn and do more for their pursuits. Brian would say they’re there for the tutorials and the media content, but I’m there for the forums.

Want to check it out? The information on joining is here.

If you’re not into it, no worries. You might not be a marketer. You might not do lots of your work online. There are lots of reasons not to join. It’s okay. This blog is still here and still going strong. : )

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  • I guess my question for you, Chris, is "if you are the social media marketing guy, why aren't you very social on your own blog?"
    You didn't respond to any comments in this thread.
    In addition: 45K _ subs and all those Twitter followers, yet only 11 people engage you here? And there are many other posts that support this same premise.
    So what gives man? What do you have to teach in those forums considering the above questions?
  • Allyn. I've commented over 1330 times on this blog. I'm the #1 commenter on the site. I didn't comment on this post from last night until now because I was with my kids, who I haven't seen for a week.

    It's a great question, but a bit off-base.
  • I expected more from you outside of weak excuses and using your family as a dodge. How many tweets did you send out during "family time?"
    Do you place more importance in Twitter than your own website? Would you tell a business the same?
    What about the post that you asked lurkers to comment and got 750+ comments and you responded to ZERO? Was that post just all about YOU? Give me give me give me?

    I blogged about this, and others also question your "social media prowess" to be honest. 45K subs and average 20 comments on the blog? Very strange man, very strange. Someone is just is NOT engaging properly.
  • I am really enjoying the forums. The content is great too, but I feel like the value for me is in the forums. I love that you are right there in the middle of it all answering questions, as well as starting your own discussions.
  • I already made some good work connections! Well, we'll see if they're good. But they seem good.
  • Tom
    Looks like you are getting some nice discussion happening. Looking forward to hearing some more reviews of people who are a part of T3
  • Oh, and Chris Brogan is giving out free coaching on professional speaking. Bookmarked!
  • I'm absorbing. I learn by immersion, then application. The access to brainpower there is astounding. Worth every penny. Thanks! Best, M.
  • wendymaynard
    Yes - I am definitely there for the relationships and the forums as well. Great people, great minds, great ideas.
  • So far so good. Great convo with Johnny Truant about affiliate marketing. For me, the value is in the swift kick in the ass. But yeah, the forums rock too.
  • FvB
    joined the Tribe yesterday and already discovered some nice and above all useful info - personally notice I spend most of the time on the site in the forums (as a lurker, still need to make the jump to poster). Inspiring to read some of the success stories.
  • Thanks for the post, it reminded me to go look at and post in the forums. The FUN we are going to have in Third Tribe is off the charts I can just feel the energy in the posts already in the forum.
  • I'm really enjoying myself there. I've learned a lot and, more than that, my motivation level is way up. And I haven't even listened to the first lesson yet. :)
  • well as you can see by Allyn's comment this project can open the doors to criticism. and i figure it's worth sharing mine here. i think the project is a good proposal, but the price is *really* high. the initial offering for beta users was as high as i could conceivably pay for this sort of thing. however some conferences will charge a few hundred dollars for one day alone so it's not out of line.

    aside from the price this is really interesting cause we are now seeing an elite group forming in the social media space. this is not a bad thing - the guys who are running this group clearly have taught everyone plenty about how to blog and online communications and they do "own" the space. but now i'm curious what the next movement will be.

    the forming of elite clusters is a good thing because it will usher in a progression to something new in the next few years.
  • The price might be higher than you wanted to pay. Jeremy Shoemaker's project is $197 a month. Others I've purchased are $99 a month. There are plenty of different ways to price. You don't have to pay for it. Brian, Darren, and I have provided and continue to provide free content and have for years.

    Stick with the free.

    As for "elite," I'm not so sure. There are over 2000 users. I'm learning plenty from them, and you'd be hard pressed to call me elite if you've ever met me. I'm just a guy.
  • i hear you chris. i should point out that just because the site and your comment above suggests that "if its not for you.. move on" - doesn't mean that a discussion isn't warranted.

    i know you're not an elite character - i was blown away by podcamp last year and will return to the toronto one again this year(coming up soon!). podcamp is a good example of how you are not a l33tist - it's the opposite of that culture.

    but collectively with the group that you associate with, and the formation of a premium club, you can't deny that some sort of upper echelon is being created here(or at least attempted). if you don't consider yourself a part of that, then i can't help you. it's just my observation from the outside.
  • I really like "it's not a social community, it's a learning community." I hadn't framed it that way before, but it's true.

    What's interesting is that it's such a watering hole. All different kinds of folks are showing up. Very experienced people, folks who are doing pretty well but want to do better, newbies. Everyone coming together and figuring stuff out. It's fascinating.
  • Charlotte Plott
    I'm intrigued by the Third Tribe Marketing - Need to find out price to join. Thanks for sharing the topics. That was most helpful'
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