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February 5, 2010 · Comments

Hello. You. Yes, I want to talk to you, the person who has never yet left a comment, but who has read forever and ever here.

Today’s your day. You’re up. I’d love for you to leave just a small comment and say hi.

Now, given that 45,000 people get this blog sent to them daily, and that another 170,000 people swing by the site at least once every month, and given that I’m good for usually 20 or so comments a post, that means that this post, if you play along, should receive something like 44,980 comments.

But really, I just wanted to hear from you. Say hi? You, the long-time reader and consumer of all things here. Just say hi.

For everyone else, my wonderful friends who give me more than I give you when you comment here, thank you. I’m grateful for your contributions to my madness. You matter.

Let’s all greet the new folks. Shall we?

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  • Hello. Chris. Yes, I want to talk to you too, the person who has never yet left a comment on my blog, but who has certainly heard of my up-and-coming Looble empire. No, you haven't? Well let me explain.

    Today’s your day. You’re up. I’d love for you to visit and leave just one small comment. You don't even have to say hi, that seems to be frowned upon. My comments tend to be more spammy, like "hi will u buy this car or mabe 2 viagra?". Yes, the more grammatically incorrect the better.

    Now, given that 74 people have Looble sent to them monthly, and that another 2183 people swing by the site at least once every month, and given that I’m good for usually 1 or less (usually less) comments a post, that means that if you play along, I should receive something like 1, maybe 2 comments.

    But really, I just wanted to introduce myself. Because I am a long-time reader and consumer of all things here. So hi.

    I am deceth. I am a self-proclaimed evil overlord. I develop open source games to provide my minions with a way to blow off steam. It helps maintain order within the empire. And yes, I also blog. I hope one day to finance my evil operations via blogging.

    My free open source games help lure new peons to Looble. I enjoy collecting peons to staff my army of henchmen - an essential task for any evil overlord basing his/her plans for conquest and world domination on an open framework.

    I hope to exploit you and all of your readers by using this comment for my own personal gain. I need to funnel your traffic to my site. So please, fall victim to this scheme of mine and come comment on my blog too. It might actually be mutually beneficial - you know a win-win situation! Because if there is anything I really love, it's when I win twice.

    So see you soon. Maybe here, or maybe at
  • I second this post! I would love some additional comments on my blog today too!

  • Hey Chris! Hey Deceth! I couldn't see a add comment link anywhere so Deceth, buddy, I hijacked your comment. Feel free to swing by my blog - - and leave a link with anchor text of your choice - that goes for you too Deceth ;)

    By the way - I'm a DOFOLLOW blog!

    Cheers guys! Hope I don't get my Askimet kicked for this!

    - Don
  • Yes, Chris, I've never left a comment. And lately I don't have time to read your interesting emails and blog. I'm heavily involved in the crisis in Haiti, just launched the new web site before Christmas and and trying to learn about and deploy social marketing strategies to help rebuild our organization. I'm not looking for comments - but solid, clear tips would be nice, and the community's support. Thank you for prodding.


    Eric Doubt, Executive Director/ Directeur général
    Healing Hands for Haiti International
    US Tel. 1.801.349.2865
    Can. Tel: 905.702.9964 Cell: 905.510.0401
    Canadian Office: 26 James St., Georgetown ON L7G 2H4

    A physical medicine & rehabilitation project since 1999
    Video at:
    Photos at:
  • You seem pretty busy, Eric. I wouldn't fault you for that. : )
  • brendatassava
    Hi! I'm the newbie commenter you were speaking to when you wrote this. Love your stuff & read all your book recommendations. Thanks for your's refreshing!
  • You are insane. Is there really only one of you? I check in now and then just to remind myself that this is all really possible. Have left many comments, but couldn't resist the invite.
  • rob
    Folks hesitate to get involved in communication that could improve their lives. Does that sound like a strange thing to say? The reason is because they have naively learned not to pursue life - they hope it will come to them. 'Being Truly Alive' requires gitting involved. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes; as you well know, Chris.
  • Hey Chris...just bought Trust Agents and am waiting for it to get here in the mail here in Mexico City. Looking forward to reading it.
  • LOL but I LIKE lurking!
  • I'm not exactly a long time reader but I find great value in your content. You're right near the top of my reading list..sorry but Louis Gray owns that spot.
  • I'll make you a deal. Since Chris is East Coast, you can read his first and then go read mine. I can take it.
  • You continue to amaze me Louis.. You should be the poster child for social media engagement, the Sherlock Holmes of conversations.

    I can't read his first because I have to catch up on your late night Reader shares first. Thanks for all your efforts!!
  • Or Chris Myles can read Louis first, then Chris Brogan 21 hours later. :)
  • Hey Chris- I have commented maybe once before, but have only been following your blog for about 3 months. I have learned a lot already and appreciate the positive info. Thanks for stopping in Milwaukee recently so I could meet you and give you my "elevator speech" on our business. ~Russ the Social Media Brat at AirCut
  • Well I'm pretty sure I have commented before, but if not, here I am. This is a great blog, I run Thesis and I recently read and loved Trust Agents. OMG, I'm indoctrinated!
  • Doug Wernert
    Hi Chris (and everyone),

    Long-time reader, first-time commenter. Love the blog. Chris, I actually met you when you were in Detroit. Hope you can come back again sometime and see us!
  • Hey Chris, I figured that since you tabled such a compelling reason for posting (building community) the least that I could do is help out the cause. As always I stand in awe of your vision, creativity and energy, and truly admire all that you do, have done, and will do. Keep up the great work and thanks for the invite to comment.
  • Denmark calling. I am new to your blog - just added your feed a couple of days ago. Love the small videos.

    Looking forward to following you.

    I only blog and podcast in Danish - so no need to go there ;)

  • MeetAna
    You are right, I am one of those long-time readers, first-time commenters. Love your blog - great info. Good idea for this post as well.

    Ana/YourNetBiz Mentor
  • I'm not a first time commenter, but I thought I would try to be the first comment. You're an amazing workhorse, a stand-up guy, and constantly giving. Thanks for all you do!
  • Hi! heheh
  • Happy to oblige: hi!
  • Greg
  • Hi from Bielefeld Germany!

    I keep reading your blog with great pleasure - thank you for your insights!


  • milleiro
    Hi from Spain!
  • banksy6
    Hi Chris,

    Looking forward to meeting you at #likeminds this month in Exeter, UK. I'm one of the sponsors - look out for me :)

  • Angela Edwards
    Hi Chris! I'm an avid reader of your blog. Thanks for sharing such insightful content!
  • Malte
    Hi from Germany :)
  • chipmccomb
    w00t! thanks for being yourself Chris. Keep it up.
  • Brian
    Long time reader, first time commenter. Thanks for all the great, useful information you have posted.
  • Hi Chris - I'm in!

    Keep up the great work!

  • I'm not a newbie and I have posted before, but I thought my contribution would help you reach that 44,980 number.

    Have a great day!
  • Hi there,

    I read you pretty much every single day from Google Reader (or Byline on my iPhone).

    I'm also a follower of yours in Twitter. You can say hello to me @SebastienPage.

    Your blog is like a goldmine to me but I never really felt the need to leave a comment. It's probably because I read literally over 150 blogs each day and that I'd rather focus in my niche, which is the iPhone.

    Anyways. I appreciate everything you do. I almost forgot, I'm also a reader... of Trust Agents, which I'm actually reading right now on my trip to Thailand.

    Keep up the goo work!

    Sebastien Page
  • Shawn Brann
    Hi Chris! I love your blog and get it sent to my RSS feeder. I read it every day. I learn something from each of your posts and I greatly appreciate that you write them. You seem like a class act and I want to say thanks for all that you do.
  • Don't laugh. I just learned who you are...Oh - "Hi".
  • hey!
    i pop in here every once in a while.

    keep up the good work!

  • LOL; not a first-time commenter either, helpin you hit the 20 comment average. Always enjoy your insights...
  • Danny Wahlquist
    Not the first, but one of only a few.
  • hello there :-)
  • Love your stuff, follow you on Twitter. Thanks for all of your insight. It's incredibly valuable to all of your readers.
  • kromeril
  • Hi Chris, I see you caught me staring at you, but I caught you staring back.

    I enjoy reading your advice about blogging and I like your style. :)
  • Hi
  • Aloha from Lawrence, Kansas.
  • johnpanico

    I am a big fan and an occasional reader. I saw you one table over eating at BlogWorld last October and I wanted to come up and introduce myself, but also didn't want to intrude.

    So as a first time commenter, I love how you put into action the things you write about. Thanks for being the light that shows folks like me the way.
  • Hi!
    First time commenter. Also, first time reader. Interesting post!
  • Gogogo 44,980 :)
  • dbosnjak
    I'm not here for the first time, but I'll say hello from Italy ;)
  • This is actually a first time ever here, but always nice to help a 'total stranger' out ;-)
  • Hi Chris - first time commenter on your blog, but trying to get better at engaging all around. It's hard to balance learning with engagement.

    Love your blog, your e-newsletter and your tweets. Thanks for sharing so much wisdom. Keep it going.

  • When a guy who has influenced my work so much asks me to do something as small as comment for him - I oblige.

    Chris, my friend, thank you. I hope to connect with you when you come by Montreal in April.
  • Hey Chris! I've left a few comments here and there, but I'm in no way a regular commenter. I am, however, a regular reader, and just wanted to say thank you. Your posts are wonderful!

    Keep up the good work.
  • Hi. I read you nearly every day from Google Reader. Love the thoughts and the insight. I haven't said it before, so Thanks! :)
  • justbloglah
    Hi from Malaysia,
    my 2nd comment here.
  • Hi, can't wait to see how many people comment it!
  • Hi Chris,

    My favorite posts of yours are the Pirate Moves, published during 2009...about six posts.

    I'm not sure if they were the most successful for you, or even the most valuable to your readers ...but for me, they were fun.

    You painted a mental picture, told a story which made me feel like I was sitting around a campfire with you.

    I felt sure that this would be an ongoing voyage, but it seems you've dry docked for a while.

    The question on my lips is: Did you find the supply stores, Armies and pirates who came complete with their own sailing ship, crew, and battle tactics?

    Almost a year on, has this call to action been delivered for you?

    Love your are a true legend that gives so much of himself.

    Cheers, from Adelaide Australia
  • I've been getting your RSS feed for about ten months. Hi right back at yeah!
  • Hi Chris, commenting because you asked me to.
  • What's up Chris. Hi and thanks for sharing you big brain. cheers
  • Don't think I have ever commented but I read and enjoy .... thank you : )
  • Chris - love you man!
  • HI, you're awesome - really, read you all the time - now go check out and download the software, give it a spin - it's pretty cool. You can collect images, videos, widgets, text, links, audio files, organize them however you want and share.
  • Ebony
  • MutheringHeights
    Ummm, hi!! I never actually comment here, but thank you for all of your insight! :)
  • Hi Chris -

    Just wanted to thank you for everything you do. I saw you speak a few month back here in Rochester and I'm reading Trust Agents right now. The blogs great and keep up the Kitchen Table Talks, it's an informative series.

    Thanks again,
  • Hey Chris, Thanks for the encouragement and invitation. Yesterday, my wife was telling me that during a seminar she was reminded that sometimes all we have to do is ask in order to get a sale. I'm reminded of that with this post. You've asked and here I am commenting and other are commenting too. Thanks for the friendly reminder to let each other know, in a practical way, that everyone matters. With tweets and retweets and walls and feeds leaving a comment seems almost like writing a letter...I hope you enjoy all the hi's and that I'll/we'll remember to write more "letters". Have a great day at your meetings today!
  • Kerry.
    Anthony, you have a smart wife. That was a really useful reminder for her to pass on - and through you, I also got it and appreciated having it. So that's really a good example of the power of community! Thanks.
  • Brian
    Love the blog, never comment, not sure why I get a lot of great ideas so thanks for that.
  • Chris, dropping by to say hi! I enjoy reading your blog. Have an awesome weekend.
  • Hello from Wisconsin - I run a productivity blog (just started last month) and I hope to produce some ebooks and video tutorials helping people get organized, set goals and start accomplishing rather than just existing.
  • virginiasowers
    Hi Chris:
    I'm impressed that you're calling me out on my silence. Hi! I enjoy your blog -- it's part of my daily listening and, for today, engaging.
  • loriherz
    Hi Chris, yup, you're talking to me. I've been following your blog and Twitter conversations for quite some time. I really enjoy both. So, thanks and looking forward. Lori
  • steve76107
    I am new to your blog. I am starting a commercial real estate consulting business and plan on marketing through social media avenues. Your blog has been a great source of information to get started. Thanks!
  • ai1313
    Good stuff, wide-ranging. One of the first things I check when I get to the office every day.
  • Scott Bennett
    Hey Chris! I heard you speak in Dallas a few weeks ago at a TripCase event, great stuff on your blog!
  • Hi Chris, greetings from rainy Hillsboro, Oregon. Thanks for all the great stuff that you share with the world. I'm a long time reader, but I don't think that I have ever commented. My favorite post ever, that I still refer back to from time to time, is
  • Love the book - good luck with your new ventures! Where do you get the time to do all you do???
  • Nice call to action!

    I enjoy your work and read the blog and Tweets regularly.

    Now, back to editing my own blog.

  • lol! How could I resist such an invitation to comment?
    Hi Chris. I'm Carolina, aka @carolune. I enjoy your blog and try to transfer the knowledge and experience you share here to science and technology for education and development and i find some very relevant things so thanks and keep up the good work
  • Chris,

    Nice call to action!

    I enjoy your work and ideas. Now...back to editing my next blog post.

  • chriswchurchpunk
    Hi. Not in the office today so I can get to the site to leave a comment.
  • So Hi ! :)
  • Thanks for the good content. I've followed the blog for quite some time but have yet to comment. I finally just bookmarked the site for the article on framing social media, which I've been tasked with doing for George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate. I look forward to putting some tried-and-true methods of social media integration to work.
  • Hi from Hamburg! Addicted to your wise words.
  • When I grow up I want to be just like Chris Brogan!!! Thanks so much for the blog!
  • Not sure if this is my first comment, but want to play along and say hi :)
  • Good Morning from Boston!

    I've got a question...How do you manage to make so many tweets? I hope this doesn't sound sarcastic but do you set a daily quota, hourly even? I'm trying to become a producer of regular content but I'm amazed and intimidated by the volume created by of some of the people I follow.

  • Hi. I may have commented before, but I don't remember.

    Thanks for your work. I've been reading since you had 1,500 subscribers or something like that.
  • Hello from NYC!
  • New to your blog, but love your writing. You give me motivation to keep my blog updated.
  • Your wish is my comment. Hi there!
  • Mark

  • Hi, Chris. Love reading your blog (but not all the post). Congratulation on being one of 25 most influential Web Celebs in Forbes' list.
  • Okay so I've been following your blog for a few months now. I originally resisted you out of popularity...I didn't want to get lost in the shuffle, I made the wrong assertion that like what happens to good music when it goes popular, it gets vague, uninspired and begins copying everything else. Not the case with you, glad I gave you the chance and now anxiously look forward to reading your authentic, insightful, & relevant posts every day.
  • Thanks for inviting my first comment on your blog... it proves that a call for action indeed works. Another long time reader wishing you all the best.
  • I just found your blog 2 minutes ago but I feel like I should still say hi. So... Hi!
  • lowrobb
    Hi Chris, i've been subscribed to your blog, connected with you on LinkedIn & Facebook, and follow your tweets (you follow me back @lowrobb), all since 2007. But this is only my second comment, the first was on your birthday in 2008. So, you can count me as new, or a follower with lack of contributions. Sorry for that, but i'm here, and i'm going to get my copy of Trust Agents soon (yes it's sooo late, but it's hard to find one in my country).

    Thank you Chris. Thank you for the non-stop awesomeness you share!
  • Hi Chris,
    strong signal also from here in Italy
    thank you for all the great content ...and congrats for your achievements in the Social Media landscape

  • Hi Chris ! This is a good initiative but good luck reading all these ;)

    I'm Stephane, 27 y-o, living in Paris. Working for a software company for the moment, i will launch my own project in a few months.

    I heard about you from Trust Agents, that i'm currently reading. I then decided to follow your blog feed.

    Keep up the good work !
    I also say Hello to all your readers and commenters (first-timers or regulars) !

    Have fun everyone :)
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