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Green Plug shell Green Plug brings about a much needed revolution in the way we power electronic products. Today, dozens of consumer electronics (CE products) require external power adapters and battery chargers. Unfortunately, there is no common interface that will provide for interoperability and reusability, convenience, savings and the reduction of unnecessary components that wind up as eWaste because power adapters are normally thrown away when they are in perfect working condition. That's not sustainable. That's poor economics. And, Green Plug has changed this for the better.

Green Plug is the first developer of digital technology that enables real-time collaboration between electronic devices and their power sources. Billions of devices including laptops, printers, speakers, routers, modems, cell phones, entertainment devices, power tools, cameras and so many other portable electronic devices require a power source that converts between 90V and 254V wall power to device-specific DC power. That means that these devices require unique power converters, and that is very costly, is extremely inconvenient and contributes to wasted resources and pollution.

GreentalkTM-enabled intelligent power supplies, however, communicate with electronic devices and negotiate device power requirements for all devices connected to them. All cables and connectors are uniform; so, they work with any device! Being intelligent power sources, they eliminate wasted "phantom power" (power that is wasted when chargers are plugged in and either connected to devices that are fully charged or have no devices connected to them.) Greentalk provides an API for power monitoring and reporting applications as well as advanced control built upon 2-way communication.

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