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This video demonstrates the Moblin™ MID user experience (UX)
Moblin™ 2.1 for MIDs

This video demonstrates the Moblin™ MID user experience (UX)

Here and Now Moblin

The new Moblin video shows what can be possible with your help

Larry Kettler, on Moblin tech in Xandros products

Larry Kettler, VP of bizdev, describes how Linux distributor Xandros is building its products around ... ...

Asianux VP Xingguo Shi on Moblin

This Chinese-language interview features Asianux VP Xingguo Shi discussing his company's use of Mobl ... ...

Jon Melamut, on Ubuntu/Moblin integration

Jon Melamut, GM of OEM sales at Canonical, discusses his company's two-year involvement with Intel a ... ...

Moblin v2-compliance in Limpus Linux Lite

Stephen Lim, CEO of Limpus, recalls how his company got involved with Moblin, back in 2008. He says ... ...

Guy Lunardi on Novell's Moblin commitment

Guy Lunardi, director of client pre-loads at Novell, discusses Novell's commitment to and use of Mob ... ...

Ellis Wang of Asus, Moblin Summit, Computex

Ellis Wang, software product marketing director, shows off a keyboard that, in place of the keypad, ... ...

Xingguo Shi, Asianux at Moblin Summit, Computex

Xingguo Shi begins with an overview of Asianux, which he says is the leading Linux distributor acros ... ...

Closing remarks, Moblin Executive Summit, Computex

Closing remarks by the MC at the Moblin Executive Summit, held at the 2009 Computex trade show.

Stephen Lim, Linpus, at Moblin Summit, Computex

Stephen Lim, CEO of Linpus, discusses how his company has worked closely with Intel on Moblin suppor ... ...

Larry Kettler, Xandros, at Moblin Summit, Computex

Larry Kettler, VP of business development at Xandros, notes his compan's implementation of Linux for ... ...

Jon Melamut, Canonical, at Moblin Summit, Computex

Jon Melamut, GM of OEM services at Canonical begins with an overview of Canonical, which publishes t ... ...

Guy Lunardi, Novell, at Moblin Summit, Computex

Guy Lunardi, director of client pre-loads at Novell, demonstrates Novell's implementation of Moblin. ... ...

Dr. Wan-Hsin Chan at Moblin Summit, Computex

Dr. Wen-Hsin Chan, advisor for the department of industrial technology at Taiwan's Ministry of Econo ... ...

Doug Fisher, Jim Zemlin, Moblin Summit, Computex

Doug Fisher discusses the future of Moblin, including MIDs (mobile Internet devices) and in-vehicle ... ...

Acer CTO Dr. A. C. Chang,t Moblin Summit, Computex

Dr. Chang discusses the Internet computing trend, including fast boot, social networking, and rich u ... ...

Doug Fisher, at Moblin Executive Summit, Computex

Doug Fisher, VP of Intel's software and services group, discusses the history of Moblin, from its Ju ... ...

Navin Shenoy, at Moblin Executive Summit, Computex

Navin Shenoy is vice president and general manager of Intel's APAC sales and marketing group. In thi ... ...

Moblin Executive Summit at 2009 Computex show

Open remarks from the MC introducing the speakers to come.

Elektrobit MID Video

Discover how EB worked with the Intel Atom platform and Moblin regarding their brand new MID referen ... ...

Moblin is Open

The Moblin Experience just got better.

Moblin v2 Beta Launched!

Discover what Moblin v2 Beta can do for you.

Moblin Possibilities

Explore where Moblin can take you.

A Moblin Overview video

Watch the video and learn about what Moblin has to offer.

Aigo MID Video Demonstration

Posted on UMPC by Chippy on November 17th, this is an excellent, balanced hands ... ...

Canonical's Jon Melamut Talks Netbooks

More powerful than any Smartphone and priced to move in time for Xmas, don't forget the netbook. ... ...

Dirk Hohndel, Moblin Chief Open Source Strategist:

Hohndel sheds light on the Moblin project roadmap in this interview. You can also ... ...

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