Arn AndersonStats
Career Highlights: World Tag Team Championship; WCW Tag Team Championship; WCW Television Championship
Associates: The Four Horsemen
WWE Debut: 1988

He is most commonly remembered as “The Enforcer” of one of the most prominent coalitions in wrestling history. But, he also proved he was one of the more tenacious individual competitors for nearly two decades.

Arn Anderson, who joined the legendary Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard and Ole Anderson to form The Four Horsemen in 1986, was always determined to be a champion in the sport he loved most.

After clawing his way through the ranks, which included stops at various independent wrestling companies throughout the United States, Anderson joined the NWA and alongside Ole captured the NWA National Tag Team Championship in 1985.

He then secured the vacant NWA Television Championship in early ’86 before he and Ole united with Flair and Blanchard to wreak havoc on the rest of the competition.

Following the departure of Ole from the group in ’87, Arn began teaming up exclusively with Blanchard. They quickly rose to the top of the class and won the tag team titles together when they defeated the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

Both Anderson and Blanchard signed with WWE in ’88 and bonded as The Brain Busters. They found instant success and became WWE Tag Team Champs when they ended Demolition’s extraordinary reign as titleholders.

Returning to his old stomping grounds, now called WCW, Double A eventually reclaimed the NWA/WCW Television Title multiple times and became a co-holder of the WCW World Tag Team Championship on three different occasions before retiring in 1997 due to various injuries.

Anderson remains involved with WWE today, passing on his extensive ring knowledge to young Superstars and making special appearances on Raw and at various pay-per-view events. His extraordinary professional wrestling career, nevertheless, will always be cherished by everyone who knew and watched him.