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This guy's IRL name already is a powerword.
This guy's too.
Power Word

The Powerword: Real Name is one of the most powerful spells in an internet wizard's arsenal. Most people believe that the relative anonymity of the net allows them to indulge their most perverted and unacceptable desires without consequence. However, since these same people are not elite hackers who have taken Computer Science III, they don't realize how easy it is for a highly motivated team of Hackers on Steroids, like for instance Anonymous or Bantown, to track down their dox and reveal all to the world.

Revealing to your victim that you know their Powerword: Real Name will cause them to panic, as they suddenly confront the possibility that their Furaffinity posts or the Eagle-Fox hybrid voraphile porn on their DeviantArt account could be sent to their IRL co-workers and friends. Their typical reaction will be to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING - fortunately, most good trolls take screenshots.

Compare for dramatic effect:

using their handle
Wow, SexySherilyn17F, you certainly are fucked up.
to using their real name
Wow, Tony Sidaway, you certainly are fucked up.

The name is fashioned after D&D, where several high-level magic-user spells are called "Power Words" because they cause a given effect with just a single word ("Power Word: Kill" being the most 1337.)

According to the secret policy document owned by LJ Abuse, but not the actual LJ TOS, using a person's real name on LJ is a suspendable offense. According to a not-so-secret ED policy, it definitely is a bannable offense here, so don't do it.

Of course, this only works if their real name is genuine and not a clever decoy.

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