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Mediacrat himself (circa March 2004)

Mediacrat was the internet phenomenon that took over LiveJournal during the summer of 2004. This timeline was compiled by several authors of LJ Drama and various other faggots.



What really happened

"I stole your pumpkin"
  • Joshua (aka LiveJournal user selfsufficience/mediacrat) met Andrew (aka LiveJournal user the_passives/andrewpants) sometime in January 2002 through the online service
  • Joshua and Andrew had sexual relations with each other twice; the first known sexual exchange was on Valentine's Day 2002, the second being sometime in March 2002.
  • Andrew and Joshua went their separate ways.
  • On November 4, 2002, Joshua made a LiveJournal posting in the University of Washington community outlining his distaste for homeless people spending the night in the Odegaard Undergraduate Library. Andrew, under the username the_passives (which has been suspended, hence the 'Reply from suspended user' entries in this post) got into some sort of argument with Joshua.
  • Various other arguments and disagreements occur between Joshua and Andrew (or perhaps proxies of either) on LiveJournal and on other online venues throughout the next year and a half. A mutual despise develops between the two users.

What Josh thinks

2002, my pumpkin is stolen off my front door mat in a locked and secure shows up in a picture on along with harassing comments about me

fall 2002, gay male naked deck of playing cards shouved under my door in locked secure building. anonymous comments show up about it in livejournal

fall,spring,winter,summer, recieve constant harassing anonymous comments on livejournal

winter 2003, harassing comments found on my professional photography website which also impersonate me and I am able to track the IP address, which leads to San Francisco and where Andrew self purportedly resides.

2004, old fatty picture of me surfaces online. i am able to trace the picture back to the owner and find that chadsteruw gave it to jameth who gave it to the_passives. Both Jameth and Chad could testify to this.

four days ago, begin getting sexually charged phone calls from men who say they saw an adult personals ad for me on Saved documents, possible to contact site to track i.p. address.

Timeline of Events

May 2004

"Fatty" picture of Joshua
Internet settlement check
  • May 1, 2004: Someone posted a "fatty" picture of Joshua in his 'mediacrat' LiveJournal.
  • May 11, 2004: Joshua gathers various emails from LJ Drama and James' LiveJournal and sends out the following email:
This is no longer a game, this is real world grown up stuff. So you had better play safe. Please keep in mind that I have done not one single thing to any of you aside from misidentifying Andrew as the auntie character. And kinda lost my temper and said a couple things that werent true so I just backed out. So just dropping it will not effect you in any way. Thanks for having a level head, and a little compassion? Someone posted a fat picture of me in my own personal journal. Someone will not leave me alone nomatter what. Someone from the internet made me change my phone number and put my home address and phone number on a website inviting men over for sexual pleasure. This is really bad you guys, please just help me by leaving me alone. I didnt do anything besides stop talking to him almost 3 years ago and id really like to continue doing the same.

A student of yours with the address (removed) is using his academic account to harass me. I feel personally attacked by the use of "e-penis" and sexually harassed by the word faggot. I have been researching your usage policy and found that these are strictly prohibited and hope that you remember this when abating this student. These attacks were completely and utterly unsolicited on my part, and if you follow through this email this fact is overly appearant.

I demand immediate and adverse action against this student or face further contact from me involving legal support. Thank you for your help, I can really use it.

I expect carbon coppies of all correspondences sent to this user. Thank you.


-Joshua R. Williams

  • May 13, 2004: Joshua sends the following email to a local Seattle TV news station:

Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 15:44:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joshua R. Williams (
Subject: Here's a doosie (IMPORTANT)

Please forward this to the investigative unit. I must warn you that it contains references to sexual behavior (I'm getting stalked by some internet creep and sexually harassed)

My name is Joshua Williams, a rising college student at the University of Washington who met some guy on the internet three years ago and he has not left me alone since. I have been being harassed for the past couple of years by somebody I do not know and it is starting to get really nasty. He has posted fake accounts about me in personal ad sites with my home address and guys have actually showed up here looking for sexual gratification. The owners of the websites are not even willing to help me remove the material, so right now there is an ad with my name, address, and statistics on it asking for: (insert craigslist ad here)

All of this is very true, and very disturbing. I have all the evidence already, I have been working very hard.

It is hard for me to admit this to you because I'm ashamed, but I have already had to change my number, my email address, and I'm changing my name as well. I have not yet gone to the police, but I thought it may make an interesting piece regarding information online and how one person can really get carried away and start ruining your personal and professional life. He's done so much crazy stuff we could have a hay day with this. Total trash. I'm a media studies student so I think I can catch an interesting, pressing scary story like this.

I have a huge stack of papers that would make this really easy on you, and I have not yet made a trip to the police. I could really use your help and legitimacy. Please contact me as soon as possible:

old name: Joshua Ryan Williams



  • May 16, 2004: Internet trial over. Andrew acquitted of all charges. Drama calms down for a few days.
Ballad of J CD single coverart

Yeah, I'm going to come right out and say it: you are mentally imbalanced. You or someone close to you should institutionalize yourself. Just take a break, alright? Now is not a time for drastic behavior. Please, just step away from this all, leave Andrew alone, and think about how much you have caused this to escalate, think about how much of this came from within, and most importantly take some serious time to reflect on the patterns of your own behavior. Recognize the problem so you can start getting help.

You should seriously look into changing mediated to medicated.

Aside: I know for a fact that some of the people on your list who loved your before you loved yourself actually don't like you. They just stay on your good side because you throw decent parties.

  • May 23, 2004: James makes a LiveJournal post regarding Joshua's threats on the voicemails: The police have not shown up. I have not been subpoened. I have not given depositions. I have not been visited by process servers. And I've been at home (with the exception of about 5 hours total) since Thursday. I've tried to make it easy... I guess they just keep missing me or something when I go to wash my hair or run to the store to get milk.] Also, on the same evening, James is confronted by Joshua at a bar in Seattle: Psychotic stalker strips down, asked to leave by LJ celebrity's husband.

June 2004

Chalk art with Mediacrat quotes starts showing up in various locations
Screen capture of Mediacrat's LJ friend confirming that Mediacrat is in a mental health facility


Summary: I met an individual through a personals site in June of 2002 whom has been harassing me ever since. I never saw him or accepted communication from the defendant named Andrew (last name unknown at this point ever again, yet he continued ). This individual continued to harass and libel the plaintiff in a multitude of electronic communication environments in addition to molesting the plaintiffs personal space. The defendant interfered with the plaintiffs ability to communicate freely online and with his peers. In addition, the defendant removed personal property from a secure private premises, impersonated the plaintiff with use of pictures and counterfeit online profiles without the plaintiff’s consent.

Screen shot of Mediacrat's Seattle community post
Screen shot of Mediacrat's UW community post
  • June 29, 2004: Joshua is served with a temporary restraining order (lasting until July 6, 2004) that forbids contact with James. Joshua deletes his 'mediacrat' LiveJournal account.
  • June 30, 2004: Joshua posts the following on his web site:
today I decided to remove myself fully from live journal and drop all proceedings relating to the site. you are not worth my time. all of you are very lucky that my boyfriend talked me out of this. but I am glad he did. we now return to you not knowing a thing about me, the way it should be. I hope you can not stop imagining how glamourous my life must be - because it is. I do not work or go to school. I am everything you cannot be or do. thank you all for inspiring me to be the best man I can be. but i do not need you any more. goodbye el jay. 4 years. i am the rain king. i am loved. i am lucky. i will be rich. i am beautiful. i am g r a y d e n

July 2004

An animated Mediacrat icon that showed up on LJ
  • July 1, 2004: Birth of 'mediacratalert' AOL Instant Messenger bot; this bot was designed to send messages to certain individuals whenever Joshua updated his journal or web site contents.
  • July 2, 2004: Joshua posts the following on his web site:

[ 0 7 / 02 / 0 4 ] I just put up my signed=by=the=entire=band Death Cab For Cutie Seattle show poster up. Ahhhhhh. passing through unconcious states. i was on the high way. uglyandy: i have everything you wish you had...including a neck.

[ 0 7 / 02 / 0 4 ] yesterday pete* (*names have been changed to protect identity) and I were walking by a fine department store* (locations too) and I decided I wanted to work there. I walked in and had a meeting with two managers. They loved my ipaq. I think they will give me the position which puts me in way of designers and that is gooooood news. plans for the 4th are for home and with him, so I am happy. i am the rein king.i hold the lasso. i t o l d y o u i w o u l d . i am g r a y d e n. and rachel green hahaha.

  • July 5, 2004: Joshua continues to make updates on his web site regarding James, Andrew, LJ Drama and frivilous litigation. This is occurring on the evening before the hearing for the 1-year restraining order.
  • July 7, 2004: Joshua undeletes his 'mediacrat' LiveJournal account.



My name is Grayden and I am a talent scout for Emerald City Model and Talent LLC.. Check the site to see what businesses we get people in to.

  • July 10, 2004: Comments on the above-referenced post are disabled. New entry shows up here: Gee, I wonder why the model boy disallowed comments? Post reaches 100+ comments within hours, including this statement from Joshua about why he left the courtroom early:

james wanted a CIVIL restraining order, he got one

i could walk out because it was not criminal and i didnt even have to be there

im bored with you and embarassed that i used to have you on my friends list i think. bye

  • July 19, 2004: Last known update of Joshua's LiveJournal (per the extended userinfo page) Account is now suspended.

August 2004


A troll account that first appeared during the Mediacrat drama, but later went on to make appearances in others, such as the Tatasmasgrande/Magndoodle drama and the Intervocalic (aka Get Busy Living or Cheeseboy) drama.


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