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Comment Did you know
  • Every time a furry calls the PN terrorists, David Motari kills a puppy?
  • Every time the PN crashes a furry sim, Phillip Linden cuts his wrists?
  • PN SEZ: Chanology is faggotry and anyone who associates with it is a faggot?
  • 60% of all Lindens are furfags?
  • IntLib keeps a whale carcass in his basement and uses the blowhole as a love hole?

The Patriotic Nigras are an invasion group on Second Life, dedicated to producing lulz out of Second Life citizens as well as their main targets, the furfags. It started as a thread on eBaum's asking if Second Life was raidable. Many naysayers bitched and moaned about how SL would simply b& anyone trying to raid it. A couple Nigras stepped up, and the Patriotic Nigras were born.


Ruining Your Second Life Since 2006


Phase I consisted of the first two Nigras - Ulzuki Kuu, and Mudkips Acronym, the first leader of the PN. After looking for fellow nigras and finding none, they wandered into the "Gay Yiffy Club". Nigra Luvs2 Fapp soon joined the party. Finding a group of "private rooms", they /b/lockaded them by building giant boxes in front, for the lulz. In search of a texture, Luvs2 Fapp simply chose the American Flag. The furry clubs were closed. Due to AIDS. Both Ulzuki and Luvs2 were b& from the parcel immediately - Mudkips had fled and lived to put a giant box inside the disco dance floor with yet another American Flag texture.

Pool's closed due to AMERICA.

The First Fort Longcat

Main Article: Fort Longcat

After the Nigras were ejected from the furfag club, they proceeded to protest outside. Mudkips Acronym had put down an American flag box outside - the Nigras turned this into a swastiget, taking the American flag and turning it into a swastika. Furries gawked in horror, standing at the parcel's edge, as the group of Nigras, now at 5, started building a /b/arracks right outside the GYC and mocked them with Nazi imagery.

A rogue furry placed a box right in the middle of the /b/arracks. Suddenly, Nigras started floating, trapped inside the box, due to SL physics. As furries started attempting to yiff the unarmed and scared Nigras, Mudkips gave the order, and the Nigras left, taking down their fort and swearing revenge against the racist furry mods. The Patriotic Nigras had now taken their first step.

Over the next few months, several new structures were built and christened Fort Longcat. They became a centralized meeting place for the Nigras and pre-raid organization, and a great place to store weapons.

The Raids Begin

As the popularity of the group skyrocketed, due to /i/ seeing that it wasn't just a two-man invasion force, the group had over 15 (and growing) ready and willing Nigras. Sympathetic /b/tards scripted Mudkips uniforms, miniguns, new doomsday weapons, and other junk for the Nigras to use against the racists and the furries.

Over the course of two days, the Nigras had crashed nearly every FurNation region in Second Life. Teleporting in, harassing them with assault rifles and cries of "so I herd u leik mudkips", firing the Doomsday, and then teleporting back to Fort Longcat, an efficient strike team pattern emerged, guaranteeing flawless victory. Nigras in Mudkip uniforms would spawn attack helicopters, firing cannons at the furries and their structures below, blasting them across the region.

Return To The GYC

PN returns to GYC.

Revenge had been sworn, and the Nigras were black. A full-scale invasion commenced as a strike team of Nigras went inside the club. Meanwhile, Mudkips and the Nigras that couldn't figure out how to work the teleporter harassed GYC security with Doomsday and an item that created massive amounts of Marios that flew across the terrain.

Patriotic Nigras = Terrorist


"And those of you that were listening to last night’s show might be interested in the site mentioned by interlib about the SL terrorist organization Patriotic Nigras in the Encyclopedia Dramatica."[1]

It is clear that PN did 9/11.


Due to ongoing attacks against the helpless Nigras of being terrorist, the PN had stepped up to refute the outrageous claims of internet terrorism, and the Nigras have issued a press release.

PATRIOTIC NIGRAS: "WE DO IT FOR THE LULZ" Anonymous - Classified Location, Second Life

PN spokesperson and leader Mudkips Acronym issued a press release concerning the branding of the group as a "terrorist" organization.

"This label is offensive, degrading, and completely without merit. The PNs were buying hard-earned land near this blowhard, when he kicked us all off the land, presumably simply for being black or wearing American Flag capes. 'intLib' apparently advocates free speech and un-PC-ideas until they show up in his backyard."
The organization denies any "terrorist" activity toward "intLib". "Why our upstanding organization, breaking all of the taboos of Second Life society, would target this man, is beyond me. Our goal is simply laughs (and of course to rid Second Life of furry AIDS), and before this incident, we doubted that anyone but the furries would deliver the lulz, their cries of 'fursecution' echoing uselessly against the aural might of Mario particle spam and self-duplicating Megaman III cubes. I suppose we were wrong."
About PN:
The PATRIOTIC NIGRAS are an organization from the website gathering black people from around the world to revolt against Second Life racists and furries in Second Life while maintaining a patriotic spirit and the lulz. Blatantly racist Linden moderators have banned PNs for simply exercising their right to free speech and putting up ten story military complexes on abandoned land. Intelligent, technically savvy members have devised contributions to the Second Life library and relinquished their copyright status, including scripts, logos, images, and sounds. They maintain an elusive location changing base called Fort Longcat detectable only by Imperial probe droids.

Apparently, someone took the press release srsly and attempted to refute the argument point by point with logic - not realizing, in fact that they had been trolled in an epic manner. The user says he was the one to issue the label, but at least 100 people are confused at who the hell he is. Also, one must wonder if crashing furry sex playgrounds is equivalent to being Osama Bin Laden.

The Chanpocalypse

7chan's /i/ was dead. 420chan was crippled. 4chan...was 4chan. And yet the PN rode it all out in stride. However, on 2/7/07, tragedy struck - without warning, the forums were baleeted from under Anonymous' nose. The group has regrouped, however, and is now back to eliminating the spread of AIDS.

The Post

sauce deleted, site was ToS'd by angry furfags

Good evening, furries, angry libertarians, Linden moderators, and the like.
There are of course those who do not want us to speak. I suspect even now, words are being shouted into internet radio microphones, and mods with bansticks will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the ban may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with Second Life, isn't there? Furry yiff parties, mods silencing of those who seek change, and what have you. And where once you had the freedom to object, think, and speak as you saw fit, you now have IP bans and hypocritical labelers coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well, certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn't be? Doomsday boxes, Mario mosh pits, flying fiery phalli. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the Lindens and those who would call others "terrorists." They promised you order, they promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent. Tonight, the Patriotic Nigras forum was taken permanently offline by Proboards weeaboo, demanding that groups such as our humble organization be silenced. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me, outside FurNation, the GYC, and the land of those who would judge. I would like to remind such of the following. The pool is still closed. Anonymous does not forgive. Anonymous does not forget. We are united as one. Divided by zero.

Media Jews vs. PN

Around the end of February, the PN had gained enough attention for a press maelstrom. PN was mentioned as "a few groups" attempting to shut down now-illegal virtual pedophilia (see loli) in the Netherlands, and a really terrible article was written about a PNer in the Second Life Herald. It was the beginning of the many lulzy articles to come from the Second Life Herald and other Second Life news articles.

John Edwards Is Closed

One of the most hilarious things to happen in March was that PN raided John Edwards' campaign, causing lots of lulz. Immediately, the Edwards camp branded the people making trouble in the neighborhood as ultra-rightists, conveniently overlooking the numerous Pool's Closed and Over Nine Thousand references in the area. Notable blogs such as Kotaku, GamePolitics, and of course our favorite little wanna-be press organization the Second Life Herald all took note. Soon, even The Daily Show took notice: Video was removed due to faggots claiming copyright Video still available on the website lurk moar etc.

Fort Longcat's Closed

Main Article: Fort Longcat

Around Mid-March to Early April, The Fort Longcats prospered, many small forts were created and bigger forts were erected. However, one day, a spai was invited and trapped the innocent Nigras in their last epic Fort Longcat: Desert Longcat. On the morning of April, the Lindens found out about the fort. Desert Longcat then laid in ruins, and many innocent Nigras had been tracked down and b&, Mootykips declared that there would be no more Fort Longcats or other meeting places in-grid due to them turning into massive b& traps minutes within their creation due to spies and faggotry. Punishment for talking about or building a Fort Longcat is a permab& from the PN. This would be only a fraction of the drama and bullshit to follow.

Dramafestable 07

Mooty Steps Down

Mudkips Acronym, long-time leader of the Patriotic Nigras, stepped down in late July and handed the control of PN to whoever would win the election being held. It is believed that this was mostly due to his dox being dropped and distributed to every single SL lolcow, and his momma got scared and said he's movin' with his auntie and uncle in Bel-air. It was later discovered that all along, he had been underage b& and was apparently none other than Doogie Fucking Howser. After stepping down, he continued to spur drama for a few months, and then gave up and quit.

Revenge of The Nigras

With their leader gone, their future in jeopardy, and a heated election spurned by bribes of CP, the Patriotic Nigras managed to survive and began to systematically eliminate all drama from their ranks, starting with the KingQueen Assclown of Drama himself, Yaranaika.

Drama and Bullshit

The new leader was Yaranaika, a fairly active Nigra and primary builder of Fort Longcats and keeper of the caches, however, he was soon outed as a furfag spy employed by Intblubber in order to keep tabs on the Nigras, build Fort Longcats to be used as b& traps, and fill each of the Nigra caches with AIDS trackers that allowed the Lindens to swoop in and instantly b& anyone using the weapon. Yara was publicly outed and humiliated, and in a fit of rage and butthurt, set about a vendetta to destroy the PN once and for all, which has seemed to work very well. With Yara gone, most of the drama from within the ranks of the PN had been cleansed, but not all of it. In lieu of these events, N3X15 convened a special election to determine the new leader of the PN, which was won by Jesus Was A Nigra after trying to bribe several members of the PN with CP, making sure not to accidentally include his furfag pron in the rars.

In a moment of epic win and truly epic lulz, FATNIGRA managed to piss JWAN off enough to make him BAWWWW hard on the forums and start a shitstorm of drama. He was promptly b& and similar to Yara, swore a vendetta against PN and became a furfag LOL HE ALREADY WAS ONE.

^ban^ Pierces the Heavens

A new election was held to determine the next leader of PN, and was won by ^ban^. Immediately after taking office, ^ban^ set to turn the PN back to its former glory. His first act as Supreme Nigra Overlord was to reinstate the practice of building Fort Longcats and enacted a complete b& on all forms of drama and faggotry. He also formed a group to train new and aspiring Nigras to be hardass pipe-hitting Nigras, Al Afroduck's Martyrs Brigade.

AfroBall Z: The SaviorChan Saga

Main Article: SaviorChan

Although the PN knows that their main concentration of lulz is Second Life, they still will fight and help destroy the furfag menace in other territories such as the dreaded newfag land of 4chan's /b/. At least 100 years ago, the motherland had become a place of newfaggotry and failure, resulting in the mass exodus of many Anons. After moot began purging the cancer killing /b/, the PN retrieved some ancient thread spammers and set about to run the furfags and newfags from /b/, which resulted in massive win, but moot would later completely undermine the efforts by using his weeaboo magic to Gay 2.0 the front page, thus bringing many of those newfags back.

All Hail God-Emperor FrizzleFry

In July of 2008, PN's leader ^ban^, whom had brought the Nigras out of the drama faggotry, stepped down and handed control over to FrizzleFry101.

I took over the leadership of the Patriotic Nigras in September of 2007 - ten months ago. In the time since then, we have had a lot of fun, and we have done many things. We fought furiously - we fought on the front lines. And we fought in the homeland. Despite our efforts... things have declined. /b/ is a whisper of the shadow it once was, /i/ is stagnant, and the most interesting thing that has happened in months is the Scientology raids. I believe I have done everything I can as the leader of the Patriotic Nigras to try to help this, but the odds turned out to be too great for anything to be accomplished. In the time I have been leader of the Patriotic Nigras, I’ve come to know many people, and have made many friends, but I believe that time is at an end for me. My real life situation has been slowly changing in the last few months, and will continue to change, in a way that will leave less and less time for the things I used to do. It really is a sad thing, but I suppose such is life.


—^ban^, Farewell Address

Elections were briefly considered and then abandoned completely because they are gay and Frizzle was unanimously declared God-Emperor, and his first act as Warboss was to immediately declare war upon the heretics of Kit Estates.

PN World Tour 2008

Main Article: Notable Achievements of the Patriotic Nigras

For about 4 months, the glorious Nigras, under guidance of new warboss, FrizzleFry, went on a mother fucking trolling spree. Many lulz were had during those great times. Things have since slowed down to a more manageable pace, but memories of this era will always bring smiles to every Nigra's face, such as Corsi Mousehold being humiliated and retreating from the internet for a few months and Wolfeedarkfang and his friends being obliterated several times.

N3X15 Quits

N3X15, long-time side admin and maintainer of ShoopedLife, quit the PN to go play in SL. No one really paid attention or cared, as RoFLKOPTr soon stepped in to take over control of the website. The site was down for all of five minutes and all the furfags crawled out from their filthy cum-stained basements to immediately declare victory, but when the same came up those five minutes, they immediately fled in terror as the WAAAAAAAAAAGH re-commenced.

Despite shitty rumors that us gitz were bashed wid dem' stunties, da rumorz wazzunt true. Us PN be da smashiest.



Anontalk Butthurt Leads to Downtime - Official PN Statement

So basically what happened was the butthurt Anontalk guy got mad at chatnets because no one would fondle his microscopic cock, so he DDoSed all of the server nodes of the network, including the PN website, which caused our host to shit its pants and pull our site. After weeks of fighting with these guys to get the hard drive with all of our shit on it, we finally got it and the site is back up.

Meanwhile, some completely irrelevant and butthurt SL e-mafia group tried to take credit for taking the site down, but then they couldn't even get the IP of our website right.

TL:DR - No we're not dead, go to #pn to find us.

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