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Loud Nigra is loud. As such, it makes for an A+ method of trolling Stickam, Second Life and really anything else that lets you experience THE POWER OF ONLINE COMMUNICATION.


Loud Nigra's sauce comes from a porn website called CreampieCathie.com. In the video, a white woman is lying on a bed, naturally being fucked by a nigra. As he approaches orgasm, instead of uttering a satisfied groan as in most porn, loud nigra unleashes a primal scream ordinarily reserved for finding out that his chicken has been stolen or that a rhino has trampled his wife and children to death. Seriously though, it sounds like he's being denutted with an exacto knife. In the clip, the woman he's unloading on can barely stifle her laughs. If only she knew he had AIDS.

Use in Trolling

It was only a matter of time before this gem of a clip was discovered by Anonymous on the quest for lulz and fapping material. The audio was ripped (although the full video is also used) and looped for both successfully trolling camwhores on Stickam and furfags on Second Life resulting in epic win. The best part of using Loud Nigra on Stickam is that it is so loud, you can easily hear it echoing and reechoing on the cameras of everyone else in the room because of the time delay. Observe:

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