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Andy Kaufman, king of trolls

Andrew Geoffrey Kaufman was the most famous IRL troll who ever lived, a man who dedicated his life to making people confused, irritated, shocked, and/or infuriated, and was the first and only man to make a living out of doing it for the lulz. He was also pretty much the greatest person who ever lived ever (and not even his being a Jew can stop this) and is widely considered to be the father of trolling, and quite possibly even anonymous itself. Hey, it's a possibility.


Why Andy Kaufman Was Funny

Andy Kaufman was funny because he didn't give a shit about the audience. He did everything for his own amusement, usually at the expense of everyone else. Examples of this include intentionally fucking up the entire scene in Taxi and Fridays, informing the audience that women are more suited to cooking and cleaning and then wrestling those who disagreed, getting an old woman to pretend to have a heart attack and die onstage, getting his character, Tony Clifton, to select members of the audience and insult them, throw water on them, embarrass them, etc.

"Why don't you go back to the kitchen where you belong?" -Andy Kaufman to four female fans

Acts of Graet Justice

Andy befriends, and then publicly trolls his ex-girlfriend on live television.

Andy is pulled off the street to go on the dating game, and possibly bang some slut, but instead decides to troll it.

Andy publicly trolls the South.

The Ultimate Lulz

Andy Kaufman's final act of lulz was faking faking his own death. After realizing he was going to be owned by cancer, he decided to make all of his pathetic fans believe he faked the entire thing, some of them still believe it.

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