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Holy Shit, whining

An Engrish term you call into a comment war when Godwin's Law fails. Can be accessed by dialing whine-one-one (not to be confused with 9/11).


When & Where To Use It

  • When somebody says: "Leave me alone!", "I'm offended by that...", ".............", "I'm gonna go now and try not to cry myself to sleep....", "come back when you feel like including me....", "-x problem- about college apps/MIT....."
  • If there is a comment war and someone whines and BAWWWWWWWWWWS
  • If there is a comment war and no one whines
  • On girlmecha's or hardvice's sites
  • On FreeSaiyan's blog thread on AnimeLeague, when he's caused drama for folk and it's blown up in his face (basically, on any day that ends with a Y)
Transform into Whaaambulance mode!


  1. Bawwwww
  2. WAAAAAHmbulance
  3. WAHmbulance
  4. Hambulance (in reference to a fat whore)



  • "Somebody call the waaaambulance!"
  • "Shit! We need an LJ waaaambulance!"
  • "Someone call the waaambulance! We have an emo-gency!"
  • "If she eats any more she'll need a Hambulance."

Transformers: The Movie

One of the main characters of the Bay-movie Transformers stars is the well known Ratchet. Little is it known that his toy was repainted into a waaaambulance, and sold as a target exclusive. Go buy your transforming waaambulence today for the low price of $20.


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