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Correct execution of the "I did it for the lulz" boogie
Are you bad enough to do it for the lulz?

"I Did It For The Lulz" (IDIFTL) is a catchphrase which serves as a blanket explanation for any trolling you do or any internet drama you cause. If you are experiencing troll's remorse, saying "I did it for the lulz" three times out loud should clear your conscience, therefore cleansing your soul in all circumstances...(also see offended if that doesn't work). Encyclopedia Dramatica is proof that doing something for the lulz is the only reason to do anything. IDIFTL is also the greatest legal defense that has ever been used, second only to the bullshit claim of insanity or pleading the 9th.

While doing it for the lulz on the Internets is a perfectly acceptable excuse to do anything, doing so IRL can have painful consequences, especially if your attempt fails. But success in doing so will usually guarantee you a place in the annals of history, as some of the individuals and groups below will attest to. But regardless of success or failure, doing it for the lulz is ALWAYS worth it. In fact, doing it for the lulz is the best thing anyone could ever hope for.


ED Guideline

In the Philippines they always do it for the lulz

It is Encyclopedia Dramatica policy that anything is acceptable if it was done for the lulz. An article and edits are only valid if they were made for the lulz. If you find an article that was not done for the lulz then it is shit and should be re-written or deleted.

If you find an edit that was not done for the lulz, plz hit up the editor's page and vandalize the shit out of it. {{unwelcome}} tags should be applied liberally.

Noteworthy occurrences

Doing it for the lulz has a long history with noteworthy people. Of course, the most noteworthy on-line occurrences done for lulz are LJDrama and Frienditto. Other notable occurrences include the following:

Johnny Cash

This photo was created for the lulz

Johnny Cash became the ultimate lulz pioneer with his song "Folsom Prison Blues," which became famous for the lyrics "I shot a man in Reno, just for the lulz." Soon Fox News began blasting Johnny Cash for being the baddest motherfucker on the planet, to which Johnny got even more lulz.

The man in black went on to write "Ring of Fire," relating the story of his filming of the legendary Cat on Fire video + screencap, the x-rated version, of course, hence the name "Ring of Fire." This was his favorite source of lulz next to child pornography which, coincidentally, is one of the few things that gets the lulz anymore.

Of note is the song "Cocaine Blues" where Johnny sings "I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down, I went right home and I went to bed I stuck that lovin' 44 beneath my head" Although not specific in the song, anything containing cocaine and guns is done for the lulz.

Johnny also crashed his winnebago once into a wildlife reserve, igniting the whole forest and nearly destroying an entire endangered species of buzzard. When questioned why he did it, he stated simply "I did it for the lulz"

Johnny became an emofag due to contracting Troll's remorse in his final years. During this time period he performed a cover of the NIN's song: "Hurt," which was originally written by Trent Reznor. In it, he talked about his atonement and remorse for his lulz-motivated actions. Shortly thereafter, he passed away. A full-scale autopsy revealed that fatal levels of Anti-lulz had flooded his immune system.

Iraq War

When asked about the War in Iraq, George W. Bush was quoted as saying: "I did it for the lulz". In no relation to wut was just said, George W. Bush's penis tastes like strawberries and is known to cure the blues. Glory To The Lulz!

Abu Ghraib

"Just following orders," was Lynndie's response when first asked why she stripped men naked, placed bags over their heads, and then jeered at them with a cigarette in her mouth.

The mini-sequel to Gulf War 2, Abu Gharaib will be forever remembered for lulz and buttsecks.

See also: Pulling_a_Lynndie


Martin Luther, in his book Bondage of the Will (written at least 100 years ago to troll the Catholic Church), expressed that man had no control over his sin unless God first penetrated someone's consciousness to bring them to Jesus. Luther made clear that few would encounter this "holy rape of the soul," and that God predestined both these elected people as well as those people who would consciously suffer hellfire for all eternity. Given Luther's prophecy that Westboro Baptist Church would alone comprise the residents of Heaven and that the remaining billions of fags and fag enablers were destined to be burned forever by God in the presence of Jesus and Phelps, for a Godly reason the Bible describes in the book of Galatians as an unknown "purpose unto Himself," we can conclude the universal truth that God is, ultimately, doing it all for the lulz. Post this holy fact on pretty much any Christian forum for a guaranteed Christfag shitstorm and subsequent troll banquet on which to feed.


The birth of Jesus was another memorable repercussion of "doing it for the lulz," as God thought it would be funny to fuck with the Jews and their Religion. God also did it to get away with raping a virgin.

All for the lulz.


The widespread myth that 9/11 was a reaction to US imperialism and support of Israel is just that--a myth. On a tape release by Osama bin Laden, he admits to doing it for the lulz. Osama bin Laden did claim responsibility for 9/11, but in actuality the JEWS DID WTC. Many theorize that they did this for the lulz, but others cite the fact that Jews have no sense of humor soul or dicks. Osama decided to release the tape anyway just for MOAR lulz.


In addition to the lulz-inspiring 9/11, a LiveJournal user created a fake journal of a man that supposedly died in the 9/11 attack. When exposed, while unavailable for public comment, she confided to her friends "I did it for the lulz." The LJ community, however, views it as too soon.

Juliana Wetmore

God created Juliana Wetmore, or disfigured her, for the Lulz.


Need I actually explain?


It was known Hitler committed many atrocities "für die lulz". He also enjoyed golf.

Before Hitler an hero'd, it has been recorded that he said "I don't understand. I just did it for the lulz." It took at least 100 years for people to notice that killing Jews is lulz worthy, making Hitler ahead of his time. Nowadays Hitler is considered to be an hero, and many people go back in time to vote him.

Al Gore

It is widely believed that Al Gore created the Internets and Global Warming for the lulz.


Enjoys visiting japan every once in a while, just for the lulz...
No one knows why he does it, scientist believe it's for the lulz.

Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera, a Mexican expressionist, painted a mural depicting Lenin on a Rockefeller Center wall during the Red Scare for the lulz.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has done it for the lulz from at least the 80's, when he set himself on fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial. "I'm glad that everyone is laughing," Michael Jackson said from his hospital bed, "the lulz give me warm tingly feelings." Soon, however, the warm tingly feelings for the lulz was replaced by warm tingly feelings for raping boys. At his recent trial, he was acquitted of all charges. Speculation remains on whether or not this was the fact that he broke down and screamed, "[It] was all for the lulz!" and moved the jury to tears of laughter. AND NOW HE'S DEAD A ZOMBIE!!!!111

Brandon "I told u I was hardcore" Vedas, lulzing IRC in '03.

Brandon Vedas

As Smoke2k can attest, Brandon 'Ripper' Vedas was lulzing the Shroomery chatroom up when he overdosed online for the world to see.

Budd Dwyer

When Pennsylvania State Treasurer Budd Dwyer was caught for bribery and receiving kickbacks, he pulled one of the greatest lulz maneuvers in history: avoiding jailtime by blowing his brains out on live T.V. Hey man, nice shot.

Kevin Whitrick

The only proven way to avoid troll's remorse is to become an hero as part of the troll itself. This maneuver was deftly executed by Kevin Whitrick who pulled a Saddam for a live audience on an "insult chatroom" on Paltalk, combining the best of Ripper and Budd all in one go. "When Kevin stepped off the chair and was left dangling, the mood in the chatroom changed." O RLY?

Maury Povich

Maury Povich, host of The Maury Show, has been doing it for the lulz for at least 100 years. The Maury Show (more like the MOAR Show, amiririte?) has only one possible plot: A black woman, Shaniqua, comes on and accuses Jamaal of being her baby daddy. However, Jamaal denies it, because Shaniqua is a lyin' ho. Then, we find out whether Jamaal really is/is not the father. Many lulz and drama ensue daily from this program.


In teh Arizona they do it for the lulz
In teh Nebraska they also do it for the lulz

J. Robert Oppenheimer and some other geeks built an atom bomb that was going to become unstable and possibly fizzle. Knowing that this bomb was a verifiable evil machine, Harry Truman dropped it on wonderful Asians. This story has a poor moral, as some say that Truman later had a case of IRL Troll's remorse.

Adult Swim

On January 31st 2007, in an unusually lulzworthy stunt, Adult_Swim launched the entire city of Boston, MA into terror when the masses mistook electronic light boards featuring a Mooninite for terrorist bombs. In a fit of Troll's remorse, the company apologized, stating: "We are still trying to understand where it all went wrong, we just did it for the lulz." We commend Adult Swim for the resulting lulz and drama. Consequently, Adult Swim was also done entirely for the lulz of seeing what would happen when adult material was placed on a children's channel.

Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt would have been an an hero if his entire fan base wasn't rednecks who mistakenly believed to him have died of accidental causes during a crash on the lap last of a 500 lap race. When interviewed before the race Earnhardt was quoted as having said "Don't tell the fans, but I did it for the lulz". Oddly however, when asked why Earnhardt wasn't required, or even encouraged to wear the proper safety equipment that would have saved his life, both NASCAR and saftey gear manufacturer Bill Simpson confessed to doing it for the lulz as well. Earnhardt's wanna be an hero death also makes especially good bait for trolls unfortunate enough to reside in the same area as rednecks.

Your Mom

Your mom did it for the lulz. see 16 year old girls.

Bill Clinton and your mom

Bill Clinton had teh buttsecks with your mom for the lulz. See Monica Lewinsky.

Osama did it for teh lulz.


The Prohibition Act of 1920 is, in itself, a tale of epic drama. With the bill passed by Congress, president (and lulzless democrat) Woodrow Wilson, feeling a case of Troll's Remorse, decided to veto the bill just because he felt that banning alcohol would detriment the status quo (some have debated that the veto was done for the lulz as well). By foreseeing the limitless potential of lulz and drama that would ensue if Prohibition were to be in effect, Congress pwned the president's ruling by a 2/3rd's majority. What would occur during the Prohibition period would be the Golden Age of Lulz. No person was ever hungry for lulz during this period, as everybody was in uproarious laughter throughout the 1920's thanks to the drama that occurred. Thanks to this event, the preceding decade has been dubbed as "The Roaring 20's."

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was started by the French who were startled by monkeys in southeast Asia and promptly surrendered to them. Meanwhile, in Hanoi, Ho Chi Min Laden decided that he really liked the color red, so the United States freaked the fuck out and sent in troops. Some people said this was because the South Vietnamese were fighting against the communists, but really it was for the Lulz.

U.S. Invasion of Panama

When realizing that the United States was about to close in on his estate, Manuel Noriega, the brutal dictator who persecuted those who practiced the lulz in Panama, clenched in fear at the Americans and their arsenal of lulz at their disposal. Reflecting on the Iran-Contra scandal and the lulz that ensued, Noriega ran straight into the Vatican Embassy and declared sanctuary (after years of analyzing the situation, lulzosophers now agree that this act was done for the lulz). After the U.S. realized that Noriega holed himself into an Embassy, they played blaring music to barrage Noriega with wave after wave of lulzy music for the situation. Some of the music played included such "Danger Zone," "Trapped in the Closet," and "Panama." After a few days, Noriega finally surrendered to the United States. When he was declaring his surrender, Noriega was laughing so hard that he almost died of a lack of oxygen.

Jokela High School Massacre / Pekka-Eric Auvinen (aka NaturalSelector89 / Sturmgeist89)

Sturmgeist did it for teh lulz. For real - check the translation of his manifesto; http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2007/11/8/141636/531 While running through the halls of Jokela High School he was reported to have been yelling "its OK everyone I'm just doing it for the lulz!"

If you missed who this guy was, did the Finnish high-school massacre. See The Mirror, Wired, Times & NY Times

"I did it for teh lulz", Sturmgeist89


The fucked up yellow nigga was all about the lulz. after setting his dorm on fire, and fucking his invisible, imaginary, supermodel bitch didn't satisfy his insatiable lulzlust, he shot a buncha other /b/tards who were not about the lulz.

Marcus Junius Brutus

Brutus was a hardcore motherfucker pansy-ass senator who single-handedly killed the president cut a bitch with the help of like, sixty other guys. When asked WHY he did such a devious thing, Brutus was quoted as saying, "cachinnorum causā chock fēlacio, lulz". Today, old people around the world re-enact Brutus' cowardly act in a series of citrus-themed parties. Like a lua, but with more wrinkly buttsex.

Richard Nixon

On June 12, 1972, Nixon hired some people to attack the Democrats by trying to wire tap them and other shit. Even though he didn't succeed in destroyed the fags he secretly just wanted to do it for major lulz.
"I am not a crook, I just did it for teh lulz."

Tim McLean

On July 30th, 2008 a fag was decapitated in a greyhound bus. His killer was azn. No one cares about him though because hes Juggalo.

Killing People while attempting LULZ

Doing it for the LULZ IRL is sometimes referred to as "Depraved Heart Murder" by legal counsel representing the deceased and their loved ones.

Josef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl is a Australian who imprisoned his daughter for 24 years and had several children with her. He had held her captive in a small, soundproof and windowless cellar in the basement of the family home in the town of Amstetten in Lower Austria. Fritzl is suspected of having begun abusing his daughter Elisabeth in 1977 when she was 11 years old. Later he was asked by the police why he did that and he answered "I didn't want to upset anyone I just did it for the lulz". Pedobear was deeply pleased.

Decorations: He later got an award honoring his lifework. He became the EM-Maskottchen (mascot) for the soccer championship EM (Europameisterschaft) 2008 which took place in his home country Austria Australia.

L. Ron Hubbard

Most non-scientologists believe that Hubbard created Dianetics and Scientology for the money lulz

Brandon Darby

Brandon Darby, an activist from Texas, revealed himself as an FBI informant [1]. In his open letter, he wrote "Those involved were correct when they wrote that I wasn't making my choices for financial reasons or to avoid some sort of prosecution," leaving only THE LULZ as a reason for doing it.

Jett Travolta

An alternate theory on the death of Jett Travolta is that he couldn't bare to live with his dad's faggotry and realized he might just be better off becoming an hero, which is quite lulzworthy.

New York Activists take over NYU

Another lulzy occurrence mistaken for serious direct action.
NYU SDS occupied their school in Feb. 2009. With cops threatening to kick their hippie asses outside, they were asked by the media why they bothered. "We did it for the lulz."

Todd Marcum

Todd Marcum was pulled in by the cops for using a shock collar on his kids. Of course, he knew that he could get in a lot of shit for punishing his kids with that kind of device, but it's okay, he wasn't doing it to punish them. He quite literally did it for the lulz. [2]

Writing Viruses

In an article on Tech Republic, expert Chad Perrin explains that people write viruses for the lulz: "Do It For The Lulz: Some still do it for the “fun” of destruction. They may get a thrill out of reading news items about their work causing people trouble, or they may just take a fire-and-forget approach, creating destructive, self-replicating programs for the joy of it without much caring whether they ever see the consequences themselves. Mostly, I’m sure they find it funny to read about people being inconvenienced by what they’ve done. In short, some people write mobile malicious code for the same reasons vandals break windows and spray paint garage doors that belong to people they don’t even know." [3]

Balloon Boy

Just in-case you missed it.

On October 15th, 2009, a 6-yr-old boy by the name of Falcon Heene pretended to be riding his dad's massive helium balloon sitting in his backyard (because that's normal, right?) when it took off into the sky. His brother claims to have seen him go inside the balloon, but Falcon actually ran up to the attic of his house. A nationwide media scurry occurred as the balloon traveled tens of miles to a desert in the middle of nowhere, during which time the FAA, FBI, and over 9000 local and national media outlets broadcasted the hunt for Falcon and his balloon.

Eventually, the balloon landed. Authorities found no sign of Falcon in the balloon, and BAWWing ensued as people thought about Falcon possibly opening the chamber and jumping out of the balloon mid-flight, and a high-profile "missing person" search began. A few hours later, someone checked the attic of their house at least 100 miles away, and found Falcon hiding in a box.

Balloon Boy sets the record for being the youngest IRL troll in existence.

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