Naberrie, Ryoo

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    1.17 meters

From the Movies

Ryoo Naberrie is the elder daughter of Sola Naberrie, and niece to Padmé Amidala. The straight-haired little girl was six years old during the events that sparked the Clone Wars. When the stresses of galactic politics would overburden Padmé, she would find respite and perspective in the carefree spirit of her young nieces, whom she loved dearly. Ryoo and her sister Pooja would often tag along with mother on visits to their grandparents, and would visit with Jev Nerran, a neighbor and friend of the family.

From the Expanded Universe

Jobal and Ruwee Naberrie were delighted at the news they were to be grandparents. Ryoo was named after Sola's maternal grandmother, a name shared by a blue and yellow flower that grows on the outlying hills near Keren. As a six-year old, Ryoo was definitely the more temperamental of the two Naberrie girls -- she didn't keep quiet about her dislike at having to learn classic futhork calligraphy in school. As a young girl, she had a beloved pet voorpak named Sanani, which she often dressed up to share many an imaginary adventure.

Behind the Scenes

Ryoo Naberrie was played by young actress Keira Wingate in Episode II.

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