About the Series

From the castle of the real Count Dracula to the Super City of Adolf Hitler, history is full of temples, fortresses, lost civilizations, and secret worlds that have been left behind by the passage of time. But a team of field investigators and engineering experts went out into the world in search of clues about these great feats of engineering, technology, and culture in order to bring them back to life with modern-day graphic technology. See the past rebuilt in stunning detail in the brand new series LOST WORLDS on THE HISTORY CHANNEL.

The premiere episode of LOST WORLDS looks at the fortresses of the Knights Templar, featured in literature and lore throughout the ages, including the international best-seller The Da Vinci Code. Long shrouded in secrecy, romance and rumor, the Templars were once the very real guardians of Christianity in the Middle East, given the task of protecting Christian travelers in the Holy Lands and fighting off the relentless attacks of Muslim warriors. Their world was a spectacular intersection of religion and warfare, featuring fortresses that held off enemy advance and also housed the Templars' highly secretive and purportedly scandalous rituals.