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  • Size:
    2.15 meters
  • Weapon:
    Bowcaster, spear

From the Expanded Universe

The Confederacy had repeatedly harassed Kashyyyk throughout the Clone Wars, pressuring its royal leaders to side with the Separatists, and probing its dense forests for vulnerable land to gain a foothold. After failed bids to capture its more populous cities in the jungles, the droid invasion forces instead concentrated on the marshy lowlands of the Wawaatt Archipelago. There, the permeable canopy provided less restrictive access to the surface; if the tree cities of the archipelago fell, then the Separatists could set up a command center on Kashyyyk.

The Republic knew this, and helped set up defensive stations on Kachirho, the largest city of the archipelago. Republic advisors equipped the Wookiees, and helped shore up the bastions that would border the inevitable battleground. As both sides gathered armaments on either side of a lagoon-covered no man's land, the civilians of the archipelago tried to lead normal lives. So it was that the Wookiee woodsmith, Tarkov, took his son Jaccoba on a grantaloupe hunt.

A wayward spear throw echoed off hardened battle armor, and Tarkov and Jaccoba discovered that the Separatists were on the moon. The father and son Wookiees brachiated at full speed back to the nearest township, Kahiyuk, and alarm clarions were sounded down the archipelago, to the cities of Warralokk, Grunnrurr, and Rowrakruk.

The fall of these small outposts sparked action on Coruscant, and Yoda and his reinforcements arrived at the next target in line, the large city of Kachirho. Tarkov and Jaccoba joined the fight to repulse these soulless invaders.

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