Oicunn, Lieutenant

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    Galactic Empire

From the Expanded Universe

Lieutenant Barrow Oicunn was a model soldier in the emergent Imperial forces, one of the first appointed to an officer position in an elite naval task force assigned to protect the nascent Death Star. Oicunn embodied an inspiring mixture of loyalty to his homeworld, and loyalty to the greater Imperial ideal.

When the Clone Wars erupted, he joined the local defense forces of the Humbarine sector, as the important area of space had its fleet organized under the Republic's war council. His home planet, Humbarine, was ravaged in repeated Separatist attacks. As a junior officer, Oicunn proved himself with inspired tactics that worked within the shortcomings of the Republic military.

When a Separatist blitz resulted in the death of his family and many of his people, his faith in the Republic weakened. He was witness to the inefficiencies of the indifferent bureaucracy -- Humbarine had been left with insufficient resources to repulse General Grievous' audacious attacks. Oicunn failed to see how the Republic could ever possibly maintain peace and order in the galaxy.

Humbarine was eventually abandoned as a lost cause, but Oicunn's valor was noticed and he was transferred to the Coruscant Home Fleet. During downtime on Coruscant, Oicunn befriended Senator Bana Breemu, Humbarine's galactic representative. The two shared sad words about their world's desperate situation, but Breemu bolstered Oicunn's spirit by declaring him a hero of Humbarine.

Oicunn saw the bold Separatist attack on the Republic capital as an opportunity to strike back against Grievous. He served aboard the dreadnaught Mas Ramdar, commanding the gunnery teams in critical strikes that crippled many Separatist warships. His unfettered loyalty to the galactic government, despite the neglect suffered by Humbarine, impressed his superiors. Following the Battle of Coruscant, Oicunn was transferred again to an even more exclusive post.

Though Oicunn was skeptical of reports of a Jedi Rebellion, he enthusiastically welcomed news of the creation of Palpatine's New Order. Only the Galactic Empire, built on strong principals, could restore peace and justice to the planets of the galaxy. Oicunn admired its strong rulers, Vader, Tarkin and Palpatine, and continued to rise in the Imperial chain of command, eventually achieving the position of Admiral and the honor of becoming a clone template for future stormtrooper ranks.

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