Ren-Cha, Gir Kybo

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    Dianoga attack ship, Demolisher Star Destroyer

From the Expanded Universe

Gir Kybo Ren-Cha was a pirate chieftain from Tarnoonga who operated in the early days of the Empire. Kybo Ren, as he was simply called, was a short, overweight human who was distinguished by his long, dangling mustache and a small goatee. He was extremely egotistical, and relished the sound of his own name. "No one escapes the wrath of Kybo Ren," he would often holler.

Ren operated in the space around the planet Tammuz-an. His mostly alien crew piloted captured TIE fighters emblazoned with the red stylized wampa skull sigil of his forces. He personally flew a modified attack ship dubbed the Dianoga.

Kybo Ren coveted the wealth of Tammuz-an, and frequently raided convoys headed there. He ambushed a fuel shipment en route to the ringed planet, attacking a freighter belonging to Jessica Meade. Ren's pirate forces transported the captives -- Jessica, C-3PO and R2-D2 -- to his headquarters on Tarnoonga.

Ren became enamored with Jessica's fiery spirit, and held her captive as his own "personal guest." He promised to buy Jessica kingdoms with the spoils of Tammuz-an. Having intercepted their fuel shipments, Ren believed the planet ill-equipped to defend against his attack.

Ren captured a small Imperial Star Destroyer from a repair dock to use in the attack. The Demolisher emerged from hyperspace, ready to bombard Tammuz-an. Artoo and Threepio, captive and put to work aboard the ship, managed to sabotage the weapons system by loading an inverted torpedo into the launch bay. The resulting explosions crippled the Demolisher, and foiled Ren's plans. He was captured by Mon Julpa's forces, and Ren swore revenge.

A short time later, Ren's second-in-command, Jyn Obah, broke Ren out of prison. Obah was captured in the attempt, but Kybo managed to take Princess Gerin hostage. By capturing the daughter of the Tammuz-an noble Lord Toda, Ren unwittingly destabilized peace talks between Toda's Outer Territories and Mon Julpa's kingdom.

Ren took Gerin to the bog moon of Bogden. This caused the two warring Tammuz-an factions of Lord Toda's and Mon Julpa's men to team up and rescue Gerin. Kybo Ren was again captured.

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