Moe, Aks

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    Galactic Senate, Galactic Republic

From the Movies

A three-eyed goat-faced politician from Malastare, Aks Moe attempted to stall Queen Amidala's bid to stop the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo in the Galactic Senate. Moe, a bureaucrat to the core, cited procedure when he seconded the motion that would have created a commission to study the alleged attack. This move further illustrated to Amidala the inefficiencies of the Senate, and prompted Amidala to raise a Vote of No Confidence in Supreme Chancellor Valorum. In the power vacuum that followed, one of Aks Moe's colleagues, Ainlee Teem, was nominated to succeed Valorum. That office instead went to Palpatine. Ten years into Palpatine's rule, Moe was no longer the representative from Malastare. Instead, another similarly named politician, Senator Ask Aak, held that office.

From the Expanded Universe

Aks Moe was an unscrupulous Gran living a life of opulence on Malastare while his indentured Dug servants were little more than slaves. Moe was one of the key conspirators in a plot to disrupt important peace negotiations hosted on Malastare. This plan went so far as to target a number of revered Jedi Masters for assassination.

Behind the Scenes

Aks Moe, like the Podracer Mawhonic, was realized on-screen as an intricately articulated mask developed by Nick Dudman's creature department. Moe's design was based off of Ree-Yees, a similar alien from Return of the Jedi.

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