Warrick, Weechee

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    Spear, hatchet

From the Expanded Universe

The burly and adventurous Weechee is the eldest son of the Ewok warrior Deej Warrick. As a youngster, Weechee would always get into fights with his brother Willy, something he eventually outgrew. He felt protective of Wicket, his youngest brother but often prevented the youngster from tagging along on adventures he deemed too dangerous. Wicket worked hard to prove himself to Weechee.

When Deej was poisoned by the deadly fungus of a Rokna tree, his three sons split up to gather the necessary ingredients to concoct an antidote. Weechee voyaged into the lair of the froschs, ill-tempered salamanders with jagged teeth, to gather one of their eggs. The three sons each returned with the necessary items to Logray, the Ewok medicine man, who cured Deej's illness.

Weechee accompanied his father and brothers in a caravan of Ewoks that set out to find the missing parents of the stranded humans Mace and Cindel Towani. Weechee helped defeat the evil Gorax that imprisoned Mace and Cindel's parents.

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