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    battle staff, bowcaster

From the Movies

During the Clone Wars, as the Confederacy droid army landed on the opposite side of a Kashyyyk lagoon away from the native beachfront defenses, Wookiee forces gathered to protect their tree-bound cities. Wookiee chieftains wearing crested battle helms held their soldiers at the ready, waiting for the clarion call that would signal the attack.

Once General Yoda gave the signal to begin, the call echoed from high in the branches. Wookiees charged from behind their armored revetments and entrenchments, opening fire on the invading droid forces.

From the Expanded Universe

Stereotypes have it that Wookiee tactics are brutish, favoring barely contained aggression and raw strength with no finesse and little forethought. In actuality, Wookiees are very sophisticated, and while they use their raw physical power to great effect, they also hatch strategies of great cunning.

For his sharp mind, the Wookiee Merumeru was one of the youngest to ascend to the position of elder at merely 250 standard years of age. His mental agility was honed through tournaments of dejarik and other similar games. In practice, he developed effective tactics in defending Wookiee territories and outposts from Trandoshan raiders.

During the Battle of Kachirho, Captain Merumeru led the beachfront defense, leading his volunteer soldiers against the invading droid armies. Among the capable warriors following him into battle were Guanta, Lachichuk and Salporin.

Behind the Scenes

Merumeru was played by Axel Dench, a basketball player cast in Sydney, Australia. The Wookiee went unnamed throughout production, and is referred to in the script simply as "a Wookiee chieftain." The practical helmet that Merumeru wore in battle wasn't actually completed in time for production, so Dench wore a blue helmet atop his head for this scene. The blue headgear was then replaced with a digital helmet in the final composite.

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