Shire, Tanith

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    Supply tug

From the Expanded Universe

Tanith Shire was a supply tug operator at the starship yards of Fondor during the construction of the Super Star Destroyer Executor. This young pilot met Rebel saboteur Luke Skywalker at the yards and was instantly smitten. She helped Skywalker when the young Rebel was caught in an Imperial trap, by ferrying him off the system in an automated drone barge. Luke was a bit unnerved with Tanith's foward, unabashedly flirtatious personality. Though he did find her attractive, he was more committed to his mission and to the Rebel Alliance.

Years ago, Tanith and her father, Josen, crash-landed on Ophideraan, a desert world ruled by the Serpent Masters. They were put to work as slaves maintaining the Great Well. The Supreme Serpent Master, Tyrann, became attracted to Tanith, and she persuaded him to allow her to leave the world, as long as she supplied the Serpent Masters with wrecks to salvage.

While serving as a supply tug operator on Fondor, Shire also was a thief. She stole drone barges by reprogramming them to crash-land on her homeworld. The very barge she and Skywalker escaped on was one she reprogrammed. This barge transported them to the Ophideraan. Again in the custody of Tyrann, Shire and her people were finally rescued from slavery when Luke Skywalker defeated the ruling Serpent Masters.

Though Tanith longed for Skywalker to stay, he needed to return to his Rebel mission. They shared a parting kiss before heading their separate ways.

Behind the Scenes

Tanith Shire first appeared in the Star Wars daily newspaper strips written by Archie Goodwin and illustrated by Al Williamson. These have since been compiled into the Classic Star Wars series by Dark Horse Comics. In the original tale, Shira's homeworld and father are unnamed.

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