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A troll who lacks the guts to follow through with their original post. The pussy troll typically posts rather provocative material, but when the masses start flaming, they take a dive.

Such behaviour is frowned upon by accomplished trolls, and such cowardice is a sure sign of troll's remorse. Tut tut, tsk tsk.

Typical pussy trolling tactics

The typical pussy troll is like a guy fucking a whore-he wants to get in and out as quickly as possible, without contracting AIDS. So therefore the standard pussy troll is made up of a shock image:


With a rather malicious message attached that pwns everyone in the community at once. Then the troll slips out just as the e-bullets start firing.

Pussy troll was also a character in Clerks II.

Image:Little Troll.gif Pussy troll is part of a series on Trolls.

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