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Cyndre, best known for his quote, "I want to kill one million jews", is actually a pretty big advocate of social networking site MySpace. Every week or so he sends me the latest screenshots of his pro-Nazi and JEWS DID WTC propaganda. I didn't expect him to be a Class A troll, but hey, the moar you know, rite? lol, dunnage. His Myspace Adventure is hosted at, and if you think any of this is even one bit funny, go kill yourself, you insensitive fuck.


The Literature

Heh, it's not so often I find a woman so beautiful. You are a beautiful woman. You look like your so smart. I hardly know you, except from your little myspace page.

Just from your picture, I view you as a girl mistaken, a girl who is pure, and innocent. A woman who sometimes can be misunderstood. I wish I could reach out, have you rest aside me as I comfort you in person, my warm hands would caress cheeks, your stomach, your breast, and my arm would then lie between them as I breath onto your neck. I kiss your neck, I lightly suck on your soft flesh, as you float away. I want your pain to go away. I want you to be a free woman, I want to empower you. I want to see you embrace the beauty of life, and not be hurt by others. I want you to feel ravished under the weight of my hands.

God you're so beautiful.. Please, I've been viewing your myspace for the last 3 months and I can't take it anymore. I love you.

Your favorite bands, Your Interests, Your favorite movies, all of them are so perfect. You're such a unique snow flake. I care about you. You are a gentle person, don't be afraid to open yourself up to me. We can be great together.


His profile

Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure9.png The Profile, KEY. And it's true.

The campaign

Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure1.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure2.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure3.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure4.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure5.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure6.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure7.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure8.png Image:Cyndresmyspaceadventure9.png Image:cyndremyspaceadventure10.png Image:cyndremyspaceadventure11.png Image:cyndremyspaceadventure12.png Image:cyndremyspaceadventure13.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure14.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure15.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure16.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure17.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure18.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure19.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure20.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure21.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure23.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure22.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure24.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure25.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure26.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure28.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure29.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure30.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure31.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure32.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure33.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure34.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure35.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure36.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure37.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure38.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure39.png Image:CyndreMyspaceAdventure41.png Image:CyndreMyspaceAdventure42.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure43.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure44.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure45.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure46.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure47.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure48.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure49.png Image:CyndresMyspaceAdventure50.png

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