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There are many who believe that the internets should be revoked from 90% of the general population, as they are lulzless fucks who sweat AIDS and reek of the odor of fail. The epic fail of losers with this opinion has been reinforced by the emergence of the great troll that is Chadwardenn. Because of the actions of Chadwardenn, the United States went into DEFCON 1, martial law was declared on Web 2.0 because most nerds are too butthurt to understand the finely honed humor that is chadwardenn.

THIS JUST IN: he goes to Virginia Tech.



Chadwardenn is one of the least understood trolls in the history of the internets. Only about 5% of people see the satirical humor in his classic YouTube videos, the other 95% have taken everything he said at face value. These are the idiots that still think the expired, overrated old meme rickrolling is still funny. This doesn't even excuse those who took the time to make response and parody videos (who would really get that butthurt over some idiot who wishes he was black and rags on peoples' beloved game systems?). Even ED editors fell victim to this mass stupidity as seen in a previous edit:

"Chadwardenn is an failure who is half-Mexican, half-Indian, half-Klingon, half-Patrick Swayze's gall bladder, half- born from goatse, half-dickgirl on wheels and there is also a 50% chance that he is a Thai hooker. Chadwardenn is best known for breaking the world record of blowing the most cock in ten minutes (the recipients being everyone who is or has ever worked for Sony and their PS3). These cocks were blown in his YouTube video that violates all that the lulz stands for. Fortunately, the gaming community was horny and desired to PWN another PS3 fanboy. What happened next would bore those who thought Lonelygirl15 was the equivalent of Masterpiece Theatre.

After this war that wedged a six foot hole in the internet's ass, Chadwardenn then stole his parents' Cadillac (equipped with child locks and rear seat DVD entertainment system) and robbed a local bank to record another video that resulted in another three foot wedge in the poor, poor ass of the internets. In spite of his love for the PS triple, Chadwardenn will never have one, as there are no retail stores on earth that accept stolen hubcaps/busted pinatas/empty bottles of Corona Extra as forms of payment.

All this uproar, of course, has only enhanced the great amount of lulz attained by those who actually understood the humor.

The Videos

A reupload of the original video

Proof he was trolling

Account Closing

On Monday May 5 2008 Chadwardenn closed his account for some unknown reason (his father finding out about it). This shocked the entire Chad Warden community.

This is what a true fan of chad said:

"Jesus died on the cross to save our fuck'n sins,

chad papi closed his account to save the balla ass pstriple,

didn't Christ rise from the dead though...?

how is big papy gonna rise again?".

This is another quote from a true chad daddy fan:

"I'm startin to think dat youtube deleted chad papis account because their site started to crash because of the extreme amount of balliness it received, i mean it's not enough room on the internet for chad's extreme amount of balla, im not even sure if it's room on da whole mothafuckin planet of his supreme balla, he may have leaved this earth, i mean was he even human? can a human create this kind of ballin?, he maybe was a alien from da planet ABAP?, or he maybe was god himself?, tryin to teach us earthboundlings a thing or 2, but some of us was not ready for da truth?... i dont know it may be da zyrup talkin or the shrooms but i know one thing, chad will forever be in our minds. ABAP out".

Chad Warden Parodies


This shit be BALLIN!

Chadwarden ruvs rorikon!

Naruto/Yu-Gi-Oh version by LittleKuriboh

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