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Shock Image is part of a series on Shock Sites.

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You can't unsee this.

Occasionally, when you are browsing your internets safe and sound, you'll hear scratching at your window, chains rattling and your family massacred downstairs. You'll be terrified, frozen with fright. And then Goatse floods your monitor. Don't be afraid - this scenario has been played out IRL by countless internets users that happen to stumble across a SHOCK IMAGE. Shock Images are also the number one cause in loss of childhood.


Legendary shock images


A picture of a man ripping his asshole open with his hands. It is one of the most-used shock images for trolls and other internet criminals alike. Though today it is not the most shocking image; it has effectively desensitised many teenagers. Has been posted on /b/ so many times that their members generally fap to the picture. More information on Goatse can be found here.

Old people at play

Shows three old men engaging in oral sex and other acts of disgusting, depraved faggotry; another fun pic to use on the kiddies. Culexor has a famed crush on it. More information can be found here.


An Azn chick who, while bent over, projects orange juice mixed with shit from her asshole, up into the air like a fountain and splashing all over her face. This is probably the second most popular shock image since most of Gaia, the self-proclaimed largest internet forum on the web, has seen it. People question its shocking value due to the mosaic covering the girl's pussy. More information can be found here.

A lesser-known shock site made in the spirit of Meatspin, this still has some stealth abilities due to its ambiguous sounding name. Shows a man with an unnaturally large ballsack cumming copious amounts of manjuice all over his genitalia area. Particularly effective due to the compelling and thought-provoking musical score played throughout the visual display.


Shows a nude woman licking multiple flaccid penises all sprouting from one man. A newer shock site reaching popularity from repeated posts on various imageboards. Still available for shock


A whore vomiting over a man's penis while performing oral sex. According to /b/, this is proper oral technique. Not as shocking as the others but when you post this in a children's forum, BAM! Before you get Partyvan'd that is. Information can be found here.

Not as popular

The only known way to remove shock images from memory is to soak the brain in warm, soapy water for 45 minutes.

Kids in Sandbox

Perhaps, sadly, one of the most unrecognized shock sites on the internet, this is an excellent video of a woman sticking a dildo all the way inside a guy's cock. What a bitch! More information can be found here.

2 Girls 1 Cup

This video depicts two sick fuck girls eating each other's shit. The video is only disturbing to newfags who were born after 1991. 2Girls1Cup is notable because Joe Rogan was filmed watching it.


A very funny site showing a pre-op transexual being anally penetrated. A "Spin Count" lays under the picture while the transexual's penis spins around and around. Some say if you reach spins around the 40-50mark, the site will determine that you are gay. More information can be found here. acts as a more discreet, and surprising, meatspin site. As does And It is used purely for lulz and by gays who need fapping material. The owners of Meatspin have promised to release a new re-direct each month, for the convenience of trolls everywhere.

Shows what appears to be an old picture of five men anally penetrating each other. While not that shocking, can induce major amounts of drama in a homophobic forum.

Pain Series

A beautiful collage of pictures dedicated to showing how pretty the internet can really be. Post this on many forums since people need to know how gorgeous it really is.

More information can be found here.


Depicts a woman who has recently taken part in a bukkake session kneeling in front of a pinball machine whilst drinking a large martini glass full of jizz.

More information can be found here.

An autopsy photo of a man who's face has been blown apart and resembles delicious caek. Some speculate that this happened because the moron confused a cigar with a firecracker, but no-one will ever know. Shows a funny-looking picture of a harlequin fetus before displaying the man's truly beautiful face.

Depicts a man (who is the same faggot as goatse, see mole above left side of anus) bent over outside with a bottle inserted into his anus, bottom first. To the seasoned shock fan, this is nothing, but it's relatively unknown and you won't find a picture of a man with a bottle in his bum anywhere else.

Last Measure

The ultimate in website links. When used on a n00b, most will think that they've been attacked with a virus; thusly ensuring lulz to the offender. Use it to its fullest advantage. More information can be found here.

Lotus Breast

A Photoshopped image of a breast with maggot-looking things burrowed into the tit is spread by email, scarring women all over the internet. More information can be found here.


Typical reaction to shock images

Here is a poem dedicated to the shock images:

Pressure defeated, baptism lynching sorcerer appeals the shocksite; dripendo! Succor my sanity, shooing the show, Harlequin Fetus ready to blow.

Pain incarnate, the manifest Series, behold the Goat-to-the-Se; and HAI2 to the U, foresight will be blind from the Meat Spinning on a dime to the single rhyme.

Fitter and waste on the once old Cherrycake; go to the boat-docks for Non-Jews with Bee-Cocks. Revive the single strive for un- prying eyes but be warned; the Final Pain with its castration ties.

The Last Measure pact, would be the last one to measure; for it is the worst, the best; the unforgettable pleasure to trick people bathed in high- fiber ignorance to click to a once-thought freedom and lead them to a damnation far beyond the bend-over's abomination.

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