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Airport Construction Projects Update

Airport Reaches Major Milestone
Construction of the new 9,000-foot runway is complete.  Currently, the FAA is conducting flight checks and is testing lighting, navigational aids and inspecting safety areas.  When officially opened, CLT will have a fourth runway which will increase landing capacity by 33 percent.  This will reduce delays in arrivals and departures and improve current and future airport operations. 

Funding for the project comes from federal grants and proceeds of the 2007 and 2010 General Airport Revenue Bonds, which will be repaid by the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) revenues. 

Roadway Construction
One of two bridges being built off Old Dowd Road is completed.  A second one, connecting Old Dowd Road to Wilkinson Blvd., is scheduled to open in spring 2010.  Both are designed to allow train access to the proposed Intermodal Facility, which will be located next to the new runway. 

Grading is underway on a new Josh Birmingham off-ramp.  Construction on the ramp began this past summer and is scheduled to open November 2009.  The new ramp will allow passengers easy access to the new Business Valet parking deck, located on Harlee Avenue at the corner of Wilkinson Blvd.  An on-ramp from Harlee Avenue to Josh Birmingham Parkway opened in 2008. 

The Airport has awarded a grading contract to construct a portion of the West Blvd. relocation from the I-485 interchange at Garrison Road to existing Steele Creek Rd.  The contract will also construct a bridge that will allow train access to the proposed Intermodal Facility.  The paving of the road is scheduled to begin in summer 2010 and will be completed by winter 2010.

Business Valet Parking Deck
CLT's newest parking deck is open for business.  The Business Valet parking deck, located at the corner of Wilkinson Blvd. and Harlee Ave., contains four levels and 3,200 new parking spaces for Business Valet customers.  The construction of the new deck increases the total number of CLT parking spaces to 26,700.  

Tree Planting
The Airport is developing a master tree planting plan for CLT's main corridors to include management and installation of landscaping and re-planting of trees along Wallace Neel and Old Dowd Roads that were removed for construction of the new runway.  Other main Airport corridors include Josh Birmingham, Harlee Avenue at Wilkinson Boulevard, West Boulevard at Morris Field Drive and Yorkmont Road.


 Airport Vicinity Road Relocation Schedule


Third Parallel Runway and Roadway Project


Third Parallel Runway & Roadway Project
Three elements make up the project - the construction of the runway, the relocation of Old Dowd Rd. and Wallace Neel Rd., and the relocation of a portion of West Blvd.

The Runway
(A)  The new 9,000-foot runway is complete.  Contractors moved nearly 9 million cubic yards of dirt, placed over 640,000 cubic yards of concrete and over three miles of cable. FAA flight checks are complete and the FAA will commission the runway on February 11, 2010. 

Old Dowd Rd./Wallace Neel Rd. Relocation and Construction
Clearing and construction begins in spring 2007.  The new road was funded primarily through Federal Aviation Administration grant dollars and Airport funds.  No public tax dollars were used to fund the relocation or the runway.

  The relocated Old Dowd Rd. connects existing Old Dowd Rd. north of runway 18C to the remainder of existing Old Dowd Rd. west of the new runway 18R.

(C) The new Wallace Neel Rd. connects the relocated Old Dowd Rd. to the future West Blvd. extension.  The new road includes intersections with Walkers Ferry & Dixie River Rds.

(D) A connector road with a new bridge over the Norfolk Southern railroads is under construction.  It will include a new intersection at Wilkinson Blvd. and is scheduled for completion in spring 2010. 

West Blvd. Relocation and Construction

(E) The construction of two lanes from I-485 at Garrison Rd. and extending to Byrum Dr. is now under construction.

(F) A portion of West Blvd. will be relocated to the east of the existing road.  Completion is scheduled for winter 2010.






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