Open Thread: Bonnaroo 2010 lineup announcement

Open Thread: Bonnaroo 2010 lineup announcement

Well, this should be fun. The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival has proved to be quite the epic annual event. For its 2010 edition, the festival organizers have decided to make the lineup announcement equally epic, so for the next 24 hours or so we’ll be glued to our computer screens waiting to see who will be hitting Manchester, Tennessee from June 10-13.

As previously mentioned, the lineup announcement will work something like this. Unlike previous announcements, the 2010 bill will not be unveiled all at once, but rather throughout the day, with the goal being to “generate conversations about the lineup a few acts at a time.” Starting at 10 AM EST (barring any early leaks), bands will begin announcing their participation via various social media outlets and It’s basically like one giant, procrastinating-inducing puzzle. Fortunately, just in case we don’t figure it out by then, Bonnaroo will end our agony by announcing the full lineup later tomorrow night.

Given all this, it only makes sense that we start an open thread, where you guys can chat, complain, and post any discoveries you find. We’ll of course keep track as well!

7:30 pm Update: 90 minutes left! LCD Soundsystem, Les Claypool, Lucero, Kris Kristofferson, Martin Sexton, and Deadmau5 among the newest additions.

5:30 pm Update: Add The Dodos, Tori Amos, Tenacious D, Damian Marley & Nas, Lotus, Blitzen Trapper, Calexico, Mumford & Sons, Aterciopelados, and John Butler Trio to the mix. Still waiting for Neil, Pavement, and Roger Waters…

3:30 pm Update: A few more worthwhile confirmations: The Dead Weather, They Might Be Giants, The Melvins, Dave Rawlings Machine, John Prine, Mew, Dr. Dog, Clutch, and The Bakerton Group. Also, a few more expected: Alicia Keys, Pavement, and Spoon.

2:00 pm Update: So far, we’ve been going at this for a good five hours and we still only know about a 1/4 of the acts. Of those however, there are certainly a fair share of early highlights, including Jay-Z, The Flaming Lips, Regina Spektor, The National, Disco Biscuits, Jeff Beck, Norah Jones, Weezer, She & Him, and Phoenix.

We can also confirm the participation of Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, Stevie Wonder, Dropkick Murphys, and Zac Brown band. As for what we can expect to see in the hours ahead? Neil Young, Spoon, Broken Social Scene, and Deadmau5. Also don’t be shocked if Roger Waters (performing The Wall), Pavement, and My Morning Jacket make an appearance.

Update: Here is the initial lineup…

Against Me!, AeroplaneThe Avett Brothers, B.o.B., Baaba Maal, The Black Keys Bassnectar, Baroness, Blitzen Trapper, , Brandi Carlile, , Chromeo w/ Darryl Hall, Clutch, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Damian Marley & Nas, , , Dave Rawlings Machine, The Dead Weather, , Diane Birch, Disco Biscuits, The Dodos, Dr. Dog, Dropkick Murphys, , The Entrance Band, (w/ Stardeath and White Dwarfs) performing Dark Side of the Moon, , , , Hot Rize, Jamey Johnson, Japandroids, , Jeff Beck, , Kid Cudi, , Kris Kristofferson, Ingrid Michaelson, Isis, John Fogerty, Julia Nunes, LCD Soundsystem, Les Claypool, , Lotus, Lucero, Manchester Orchestra, Martin Sexton, Mayer Hawthrone & the County, Medeski Martin & Wood, Melvins, Michael Franti & Spearhead, , Miranda Lambert, Monte Montgomery, Mumford & Sons, The National, , Neon Indian, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Norah Jones, OK Go, Phoenix, The Postelles, Punch Brothers, Rebelution, , Rise Against, She & Him, , , The Temper Trap, Tenacious D, They Might Be Giants, , , Tori Amos, , Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, , Weezer, The xx,

Here are other expected and rumored acts.

Now, buckle up kids! It’s going to be a long and wild ride!

Feature image courtesy of Ryan Mastro

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315 Responses to “Open Thread: Bonnaroo 2010 lineup announcement”

  1. @Sanchez
    Probably the best point anyone has made.

    I’m starting to repeat myself….but the real shock to me is the astonishing number of bands that don’t appeal to hipsters OR hippies

    KOL(played out on the festival/tour circuit), DMB, Clutch, Blues Traveler, OKGO, Dropkick Murphy’s, Flaming Lips, Tenacious D, Local Natives, Lucero, Calexico, Rise Against, Against ME!, Tokyo Police Club, Weezer.

    Stevie Wonder is a legitimate headliner…but next to those two. Barf.

  2. Don’t worry everyone! There should still be plenty of loose pussy!

  3. if you dont like it dont go. its that simple….why waste you time bitching about something that most of you wont attend on the internet?

  4. Flight to Indio plus ticket = cheaper than renting an RV and driving to Manchester (initial plan)…. ouch Broo ouch..

  5. It is very simple: This lineup is horrible. $250 times 80,000 attendees = $20,000,000. This is the best they could do. THIS LINEUP SUCKS!!!!! NO MMJ, ALLMANS, WIDESPREAD….JAY Z AND NAS…WHAT THE HELL!!!!! BONNAROO HAS SOLD OUT TO THE MTV GENERATION!!!

  6. Just comparing the first 1/3 of the line up… are the bands at coAchella that I had rather see than the bands in the first 1/3 of the bands listed for Bonnaroo…it will cost me basically the same amount of money to go to either.
    Them Crooked Vultures, The Specials, Benny Benassi, Echo and the Bunnymen, Fever Ray, Faith No More, Hot Chip, Z Trip, Gorillaz, Pavement, Thom Yorke, Orbital, Spoon, Sly Stone, De La Soul, Gary Numan
    Any of these bands would easily make it into the top ten best bands at Bonnaroo.
    Roo does kill in the old school department, but not by much and not nearly as much as in years before.
    The only thing that will determine what artists they add is how few tickets they sell….and I can’t imagine that this announcement sold very many tickets.

  7. The thing that kills me is that I look at this line up and the only people on it that I have not already seen, or will not see at a much smaller venue this year, are the Jayhawks and LCD Soundsystem. Hardly anyone on here that does not tour all the time or have a full fledged tour planned.

  8. you guys can’t blame Alex for bonnaroo selling out

  9. This lineup is so lame, but i’m still conflicted. i love bonnaroo, but something great is going to have to come out for me to buy a $300 ticket. I was so excited that this would be great because of all the hype, and then the big let down. thanks a lot bonnaroo for overhyping a flop. =(

  10. puke fest 2010 = epic fail!

    id rather be in prison w/ little wayne being “spoon fed” than at puke fest 2010 listening to this crap!

    I heard they are adding aerosmith, creed, vanilla ice, just vanilli, billy ocean, rick ashtley, color me bad , bel biv w/o devo, and jamie lane solo smoking crack and eating a hoagie.

  11. we need more ARTISTS bonnaroo. i guess i can wait. again.

  12. where is…
    Lord T & Eloise
    Massive Attack
    Neil Young

    Very let down that these bands won’t be there!
    This would have been my 4th roo but looks like i won’t be attending. Really DMB!?!?!

  13. I can’t believe this weak ass lineup!! The rumor lineup was way better!! I was really hoping for Lord T & Eloise!

  14. You left Dr. Dog out of the lineup. They are one of the few reasons I’m excited about this year.

  15. this lineup was looking great @ 4pm with the though of 2 or 3 more big ads, now Weezer is in the 6 hole…Alex,you should rename the website…Wayyyyyy Off

  16. KOL, DMB, Clutch, Blues Traveler, OKGO, Dropkick Murphy’s, Flaming Lips, Tenacious D, Local Natives, Lucero, Calexico, Rise Against, Against ME!, Tokyo Police Club, Weezer!!!!!!!!!
    LOLZ!!!! This is the type of bands you book at a first year festival in the middle of nowhere.
    Can you say out of touch crap fest?
    Someone is getting fired.

  17. clearly there will be more artists added but they aren’t going to be big huge names.

    I am sooooooo glad I went last year because the line up was amazing. I still want to go but…

  18. more than the headliners, i can’t believe that Tenacious D, Weezer and The Flaming Lips are on the first line…is this 1998.
    though i’m curious about the lips do dark side most have us have seen them a million times and are REALLY sick of their preaching on stage.

  19. haha I love the people who try to rationalize this as still a good festival. Its easy to try to seem superior by saying ’stop your bitching’ but when AC and Superfly leaves ALL of their regular fans out to dry by putting KoL, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder and Tenacious D at the top of their lineup, they damn well should hear about it.

    The undercard is terrible, except Jeff Beck, he’s sweet

  20. whats with all the hating? bonnaroo’s about a lot more than just the headliner’s guys. imo i think dmb puts on an amazing show, and stevie wonder!?!? the guys a legend. and everyone knows how often kings of leon change up their style. you never know, they may be sick of the pop shit just like the rest of us. and then jayz.. c’mon, its JAYZ people!

    plus the undercard is just as good and even more diverse than as it ever is.. thievery corp, lcd soundsystem, the national, avett brothers, phoenix, calexico, les claypool, deadmau5, tenacious D…

    stop your bitchin’, if you’re not a fan of the lineup then thats too bad…

  21. Anyone who has seen Stevie Wonder would not question this decision….but I don’t know about the headliners as a group.
    Promise you. Stevie will rock out for at least 3 hours and you will want more when it ends

  22. wow! COS, I didn’t think you could ever possibly be any further off than you were on Coachella 2008….guess I was wrong.
    I’m hoping that Bonnaroo’s little marketing experiment also includes many more artists after the initial line up… will have to, because I can’t imagine that many people are rushing to buy tickets right now.

  23. yeah, this is pretty poor. last year not only had Phish, but it had an incredible middle section. This year has so much less, not to mention how terrible the upper acts are. Stevie Wonder? A headliner? Does superfly not understand that headliners need to be RELEVANT? They clearly were not looking out for their core group by not including a Neil Young or String Cheese. The Indie acts on this bill are atrocious as well. The Dead Weather is the worst band White has done, Phoenix (while good) is redundant, kudos to LCD and Black Keys but beyond this, where is what we saw last year? Wilco, David Byrne, Mars Volta, TV on the Radio, Decemberists, Bon Iver, Animal Collective, MGMT, Passion Pit, Jenny Lewis, Neko Case. Those 10 or so acts right there are far better than the lineup that was given to us today. Which is why I just cannot get why Bonnaroo decided to take a step back and practically hand their festival to MTV and its money-grubbing ways.

  24. 311 will be announced as an “additional artist” to try to enhance this lineup. I remember the days when oysterhead was later added to the lineup. what a drop off

  25. Why did you do this to us??

  26. Alex Young is AWFULLY quiet

  27. Really? The BIG late announcement last year was Public Enemy and the year before was Widespread Panic beacause Sunday headliner Allmans where do this “Huge Names” appear from after the initial lineup,this is as big as your gonna get…boy how this festival has changed

  28. crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon crap upon OOOOOOOh, Deadmau5??? Nice! But still, this is really friggin pathetic.

  29. how is 311 on here and not the b’roo list?

  30. my bad, the countdown just went to Stevie again. Well hopefully their will be such a hippie outcry that we will see some big adds. Otherwise, I’m pretty satisfied with what we got, and never really believed waters would be there anyway

  31. Rookies,
    Both Bonnaroo and coAchella have long histories of making major announcements/additions after the initial announcement. If you think that this is it, you are jumping to conclusions wayyy too soon. It says MORE ARTISTS (plural) to come. So until then, it’s too early to call.
    I think top to bottom this line up is incredibly strong and diverse…..and if you go to Bonnaroo to have fun 24 hours a day and not just for the headliners, this should be more than enough for you to have a great time.
    “THE INITIAL LIST” is a pretty big clue….
    Stevie Wonder, LCD Soundsystem, Thievery Corporation, Kris Kristofferson, and Jay Z are alone worth the price of admission. However, I do have to admit that the top 1/3 does not even compare to coAchella, but top to bottom it’s just as good as it ever is.

  32. I just watched the site where they had the lineup. It had a clock counting down like on the myspace page, and it just struck 0. They didn’t announce more artists but said to check back because more artists are to come soon. So maybe they’ll pick up after all.

  33. The undercard is awesome, but really how are they gonna keep us waiting all fucking day and give us kings of leon as a headliner. That is garbage, they might appeal to some people but to me that is trash. How can u go from phish and bruce to this shit. Fuck all ur rumors on this site, this is the last time i ever get my hopes up from ur shit alex. fuck bonnaroo, ac and superfly. I hope they see all the backlash from people pissed about the headliners

  34. cmon, wasnt stevie wonder already announced?

  35. WOW, I mean we go from The Police to Pearl Jam to Bruce to Stevie Wonder…wow.

  36. Two of the following three need to be added or i’m not even going to think about going:

    My Morning Jacket
    Neil Young
    Roger Waters

  37. No Waters no go. Looks nice but not quite enough.

  38. Kings of Leon Friday night

    Stevie Wonder Saturday night

    JayZ late night set Saturday night

    DMB closes sunday

  39. So does anyone care that the countdown is going again?

  40. no waters - no neil - no furthur - no string cheese. is this a joke? seriously - this cannot possibly be real. by far the worst lineup in bonnaroo’s history. do they even know their clientele?

  41. This was going to be my fourth Roo. I love this place and look forward to it ALL year long. I never would have thought these headliners would be it. I want to cry, you let me down!

  42. so who are the headliners b/c all i see is DMB as a headliner and no one else..

  43. The worst is, they polled us to ask our opinions, and I have to tell you, where is Waters,Young,Simon & Garfunkle, My Morning Jacket? Further?

  44. Press release just received, I guess it’s all official now. Nice job on the updates Alex.

  45. seriously? seriously? no MMJ, no pavement, no broken social scene, no yonder mt, no furthur, no galactic, no spoon, no neil young, no roger waters, not even 311. Did i miss the Bonnaroo lineup?? I guess ill be seeing alot of bands i havent seen before, which is not a bad thing


    If any of you kept up with any of the roo sites you would’ve known those were the headliners weeks ago. Waters was never confirmed and neither was Neil Young.

    If you ask me this lineup has the most depth out of any this summer. They aren’t even done announcing the official lineup. Last year Jimmy Buffet was added the day before. There’s still 4 months to go.

    Take your bitching elsewhere. The headliners aren’t great(DMB is closing sunday to those who dont know) but I think the whole lineup from top to bottom is solid.

  47. To say Stevie Wonder again?!?! What? Was not including Neil or Waters not enough punishment?

  48. The countdown is back on MySpace…

  49. really disappointed with your rumors alex

  50. wow. what f-ing let down.

    Note to self: next time don’t read all the stupid blogs.

    Note to Bonnaroo: next time go back to a normal announcement. Your fans are loyal and don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

  51. fuck bonnaroo

  52. Everyone on here thought this style of release would work. What a failure, all it did was piss people off.

  53. This lineup is really disappointing.

  54. Bonnaroo Lineup = FAIL

  55. Weak ass lineup, no depth. Tell me which one of those bands should close the festival? Usually they end with more of a jam thing, take it back to the roots (i.e. Phil & Friends, WP, Phish). Closing the festival is an important privilege.

  56. Wow, they win festival of the decade and than have the inevitable championship hangover…we waited all day for this? hell, we knew this lineup 2 months ago…Ill wait for the Widespread Panic add in 2 months

  57. This is the last year I follow all of this speculation and rumor bullshit. It gets your hopes up too much. I was so excited for some of those rumors that seemed so plausible.

    This lineup has a generous handful of good bands that I like but wouldn’t pay $250 to spend 4 days in the heat with.

  58. That’s IT?!?!?!

  59. what a tremendous dissapointment

  60. No Neil, No Waters…Not even 9 yet. This fuckin’ blows!

  61. fuck this!!!!!!!!! fuck you for getting my hopes up for neil young and roger

  62. I dont think that lineup will get me to Roo this year….

  63. wow….the lineup is pretty good, but……..

    KOL, DMB, Jay Z, and Stevie Wonder is an extreme disappointment in my opinion.

  64. wtf?

  65. ShiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttT :<

    I am going to burn my house down, stevie wonder?, wtf? Where is the fucking Jacket , or Waters?

    that is it

  66. No Neil AND no Roger? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

  67. Fuck this.

  68. Plus they said it’s just the 2010 “Initial Line-Up” guys, so maybe we will get some late additions…

  69. Kanye

  70. This line-up is WEAK! This is why I get my tickets and go to Coachella instead, even before I see the line-up.

    And who cares about Stevie Wonder??????

  71. One artiest left, wtf??

    Its Roger WAters.

  72. Only one artist left according to Bonnaroo Twitter?

  73. It’s not really their fault that we labor over the lineup months in advance and already know about all these artists being there. I doubt they have any money left over to have a big late surprise.

  74. If they end ot with Stevie Wonder,Neil Young, Roger Waters that will be such a unsprising end to a looooooooooooooooooooooong day, looks like the fake poster was right

  75. This lineup is so weak. The only edge it has to it is Jay-Z.

  76. I am sure they are saving the bests for the last.

  77. So, how is Stevie Wonder confirmed? I haven’t seen it on the bonnaroo list…

  78. Neil Young, Prince, Paul Simon, Roger Waters, Arcade Fire
    Elvis Pressley 2pac B.I.G. Bob Marley Hendrix Superjam

  79. John, it will be around 915 lol

  80. Now all I want to see is the schedule.

  81. I respectfully think 9:15 isn’t happening. 10:15 maybe.

  82. neil young please!!! STS9

  83. Yeah I wonder how Waters feels about the Lips doing that album.

  84. roger waters The Wall
    fades into
    Flips Darkside

    faces melt

  85. I hope that they announce Roger Waters second to last, then as their last, final announcement make it someone like, I don’t know, Surfer Blood or someone else who’s small.

  86. @Anonymous

    Less likely now that the Flaming Lips will be performing Dark Side.

  87. I do not see Roger Waters happening at this point. I think relatively small bands over the next 50 minutes and Neil Young will be last announced.

  88. @zztop

    Probably from Rise Against but theyre too stupid to realize. Dude please come to Bonnaroo and make this lineup better. This festival could use Billy Gibbons and his foot long beard.

  89. Whats the deal with Roger Waters? Is that going to happen?

  90. where did u get rage against the machine from ?????????????

  91. I’m gonna try to get there!

  92. @Kevin
    Could not agree more

    For those of us who go to LOTS of shows and LOTS of Festivals…it’s not necessarily even just about whether or not an artist is good. They either have to be beyond just good. OR good/great and not touring incessantly for years.therefore, you have already seen them numerous times….usually in a smaller more intimate setting

  93. the melvins!??!! how i wish the folks at coachella would stop trying to appeal to fickle hipsters and start booking real rock bands….. like Buzz and company.

  94. John Twitter announced it will be down at 915

  95. There’s no way this is over at 9pm est

  96. Just bought my ticket despite having no idea how I’m getting there or who’s coming with me. SO F’ING PSYCHED!!!! I’ve been to lolla four years and counting,and some smaller camping fests, but had to try the roo one of these years. And I really don’t know what the complaining is about, I could go either way on some of the headliners but this lineup is ridiculously stacked IMO. Can’t wait

  97. Ummm I doubt RGTM

  98. Rage Against The Machine!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I cannot believe it!

  99. Just a heads up Ken, I’m not sure the “They sell a lot of tickets and CDs, they must be good” argument is gonna fly here, or any other reputable music site.

    I’d suggest airing your feelings on, if that’s the kind of material you’re gonna dish out.

    Not saying DMB sucks, though I’m personally not a fan, but that is one very shitty argument.

  100. I found this blog post about Ozomotli, just posted this evening, mentioning that they will be at Bonnaroo.

  101. STS9? Umphrey’s McGee?

  102. just bc EVERY band isnt what you want, doesnt make it a horrible lineup. there is plenty of things to like so far for a wide variety of people. worst case scenario, you get to hear something new.

  103. how is everyone bashing DMB? the top grossing band of the last decade, who ALSO has headlined 2 years in the past? obviously they are doing something rightl

  104. does anyone know if Spoon is confirmed?

  105. Aragorn


  106. Alex, Les Claypool?

  107. The Bonnaroo twitter just announced LCD Soundsystem by preluding it with this tweet:

    “No, Daft Punk is not playing at our house… however…”

    It’s like your parents saying on Christmas morning, “Sweetie, we didn’t get you the puppy you wanted, but we did get you this journal with a puppy on it.”

  108. Against Me! website has them playing bonnaroo

  109. LCD just popped up on myspace!!!!!!!

  110. Come on Kinks reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One can hope, right? (Despite the utter impossibility of that happening!)

  111. Paste Magazine says LCD SOUNDSYSTEM is gonna be a Bonnaroo. Better be true!!!!!!

  112. DMB and KOL have always played the earlier shows.

    A thought: what if Dangermouse comes and does the set with Jay-Z?

  113. Will - I hate to crash your Radiohead dreams, but they finished their recording session out here and are back in the UK. You never know, but when I caught Thom in LA the only Radiohead song they played was “Lotus Flower”, which wasn’t a tried and true Radiohead song at the time.

    That said, I can’t argue with anything else you said. Besides the Flaming Lips, everything that excites me at Bonnaroo so far is also at Coachella. LCD, Jay-Z, Dead Weather, The XX, The National, Phoenix, Baroness …etc

  114. Nah, they never even got that big in the 90’s. They are just a cult following band.

  115. Kristofferson puts me me over the top pretty much. So far the BIG acts aren’t all much for me (outside of Stevie), but the mid acts are amazing.

  116. that’s why i said in addition to Pavement. Pavement as far as rock history goes is huge. It’s a big reunion too. They are playing pretty much everywhere though, but it’s big, but i was not considering it part of my 2-3 plus a possible mega reunion

  117. Will, I wouldn’t consider Pavement a big announcement. I mean they are cool and all, but ask everyone going to ‘Roo and i guarantee less then 20% heard of them.

  118. a few things…
    i could definitely see DMB and/or KOL doing late night or sub-headlining sets. I’m going to hope that at this point Jay Z is the only officially announced headliner….maybe Stevie Wonder, which is fine with me because he rocks out and plays forever.
    I’m also hearing from a fairly reliable source that Wilco is being added to coAchella and that the “Thom Yorke” set will actually be full on radiohead, possibly with friends…they are recording in LA right now anyway.
    I would assume that the Bonnaroo folks are aware of this and have also looked at the coAchella line up.
    All this being said, I’m still holding out for at least 3 more big acts….and hopefully even some sort of mega-reunion….in addition to Pavement.
    But at this point, if coAchella adds Arcade Fire, plus the aforementioned additions, i’m ready to sell my Bonnaroo ticket and go back to Cali.

  119. This is my 3rd Roo and Im happy so far w/the lineup def. Weezer,John Fogerty and Tori Amos we cool suprises. i agree, Jay Z, KOL, DMB are out early because the last 2-3 names will be gems, I just hope its something else with Neil & Waters if they are there because we already kind of knew this, so they could throw us a curveball.What time does it end?

  120. “Kings of Leon, Dave Mathews Band, Jay Z, Ok Go, Weezer


    How did ALL of these acts make it onto one lineup? I don’t want to go anymore. Even to see the Flaming Lips do DSOTM, that is not enough anymore. it’s awful, it’s completely and utterly awful. this is soooooo pathetic.

    MTVRoo2010!!!!!!!!!Have fun frat boys!!!!!”

    WOW talk about missing the highlights of this lineup….

    Sure there are a few bands that we all wouldn’t necessarily care to see, but the fact is that there are still a few headliners and the strongest mid-tier of any festival ever to get me to go to this festival..

    Weezer and OK Go are mid-tiers.. they arent taking the place of any big name artists anyway.. Maybe you aren’t a rap fan but Jay Z puts on a ridiculous show and is always entertaining.. Dave Matthews Band are incredibly talented and appeal to Bonnaroo’s demographic.. That and the fact that they’ve played the show quite a few times.. Kings Of Leon’s early stuff is good and the last time I saw them (last year) they played very little off the new record and focused heavily on older stuff.

    All that added to the fact that they still have probably 2-3 BIG NAME HEADLINERS to be announced. Why else would they let DMB, KOL and Jay Z out so early if they didn’t have some big names to blow your socks off.

    Seriously though, if you are A) Discouraged by 5 bands out of 150 or B) Think the lineup is bad, then you just don’t go.

  121. I wonder if they will regret doing this over myspace with all the negative feedback and trolls. Not a very positive way to start the fest with all those assholes.

  122. This is quite a build up, to go all day long. I like alot of this lineup, but i had bigger expectations for the “tier 2″ bands. I guess theres still time, but i must say that to build up the anticipation for your lineup this much, you better deliver some gems. I guess if they had too many bands that id like to see, id end up missing a bunch because of scheduling conflicts, so catch 22 i guess.

  123. kings of leon is confirmed, sluts
    vols, bitch


  125. This article says that only Nathan Followill of Kings of Leon is playing and says nothing about the rest of the band:

  126. Alex-
    Good call on Gaslight, my buddy knows a band member and he had no clue they were playing..good call..psyched to see them, we hit the roo every year and are from Jersey, they have a good sound..once again, good call bro

  127. If Stevie Wonder is anything close to “meh” for you, I don’t even know what to say.

  128. DJ JD confirmed it on Twitter: “Deadmau5- tom and jerry clue, fyi.”

    I think we can cross Paul Simon off the list (still have my fingers crossed for Waters and the Wall though).

  129. Why all the Weezer hate? Blue Album and Pinkerton are some of the best of the 90’s and even though they haven’t been on top game lately they still play fantastic live. Sure, Rivers Cuomo is a little eccentric and likes some crappy bands, but he sure can wail on guitar live.

  130. Any word on if Deadmau5 was the answer to the Tom/Jerry/Art clue? If so, Paul Simon might not be coming to the farm.

  131. deadmouse…..hell ya….still waitin on claypool and waters…. come on

  132. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  133. Kings of Leon, Dave Mathews Band, Jay Z, Ok Go, Weezer


    How did ALL of these acts make it onto one lineup? I don’t want to go anymore. Even to see the Flaming Lips do DSOTM, that is not enough anymore. it’s awful, it’s completely and utterly awful. this is soooooo pathetic.

    MTVRoo2010!!!!!!!!!Have fun frat boys!!!!!!

  134. This is starting to look like the 2009 lineup that doomed Langerado…

  135. But your drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Don’t want to miss anything big.

  136. Wow… sorry about that last paragraph.

  137. Sorry, but this is so long, drawn out and boring!

  138. I think they’ve announced around 55 or so bands today. I think Ashley Capps mentioned something about another tent. How much longer are they going to do these announcements for? I think it’s a good possibility that they open up the What and Which stages for Thursday.

  139. I’m pretty sure it was 75-76 bands

  140. Should we call it bonnachella now?

  141. How many bands were there in 2009?

  142. A long wait for very little magic.

  143. My bad. He did not write that song. It was Johnny Nash. But hopefully he’ll play it. :)

  144. YES to They Might Be Giants!!

  145. Damn, I didn’t realize that Jimmy Cliff did the song “I Can See Clearly Now (the Rain is Gone)”. This is a strange and interesting Bonnaroo indeed!

  146. Are we going to end up with over 75-76 bands. Knoxville site has been pretty right on and their up to 70 bands. Maybe expanded Thursday?

  147. So excited for this year. Hoping for one more big headliner (Roger Waters!) and a good DJ. Great to see Lotus and the Biscuits, hopefully STS9 will make an appearance this year as well. Oh, and BASSNECTAR!!!

  148. Lotus =/= Flying Lotus. No Thom Yorke.

  149. Lotus got added. Thom Yorke just recorded with Lotus. Thom Yorke!!! Jonsi!!! Make it possible for me to not have to go to Coachella too.

  150. I saw The Black Keys open up for Radiohead at the Auditorium Theater in 2007… I was amazed how two guys could bring the noise like they did. What an amazing concert with those two bands!! Awe… memories!!

    For the record… I’m happy with everything so far Harry.

  151. @Zatzbatz…. I agree with you about Jay-Z. I saw him at Bayfront Park in Miami a while back. He was great. Same goes for his performance at All Points West last year. Best last minute fill-in in history.

  152. Really, you guys aren’t happy with names like Flaming Lips, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, possibly Neil Young, Dave Matthews, Kings of Leon and Weezer?

    Well, since Weezer and KOL suck, and DMB Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder are middle-of-the-MEH, yeah, you’re right, we’re not happy.

    Talk to me when Neil isn’t “possibly” anymore.

  153. zztop

    This guy confirmed them but don’t know how legit this site is…

    Look at his older tweets.

  154. Really, you guys aren’t happy with names like Flaming Lips, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, possibly Neil Young, Dave Matthews, Kings of Leon and Weezer?

    Sounds like a festival to me. And no, I’m not a big fan of those last three names either, but the others are heavy hitters. Plus I see a lot of undercard names I could get into. I wish Coachella would grab Isis one of these years.

    I’m not criticizing, just trying to understand what you guys expect. Paul Simon and Roger Waters I guess?

  155. how are waters and sci confirmed….plz lemme know…coz if its creditable im buyin tkts right nowwwwww

  156. This is already an extremely solid lineup. Jay-Z and Thievery Corporation are possibly the two best festival acts I have ever seen, not expecting much from either at the time. No one who goes this year will be disappointed.

  157. Laci… it’s not really looking good for Paul Simon being at the farm.

  158. Thom Yorke???? ? Please? Fleet Foxes? Empire of the Sun? Pleeeease? Don’t do me like this, Bonnaroo.

    Oh well. Thank God for My Morning Jacket, Massive Attack, Phoenix, Roger Waters, Spoon, Hot Chip, and STS9.

  159. Here’s a proposition:

    Baaba Maal will be there.

    Paul Simon comes out and plays with Baaba Maal.

    Yeah? Yeah??

  160. ALEX!! Take that fucking ticket broker’s post down please! Thanks!

  161. TENACIOUS D!!!!
    a band every 6 minutes will be announced on Bonnaroo’s Myspace page. Tenacious D was the last one up

  162. Rogers waters doing the wall is a lock!

  163. Oh yeah mutha fucker… It’s me, me and kg!!! Love the D!

  164. Dude we aren’t halfway through, and I think there might be something to Mazdawg’s ? down there about opening up for Thurs. headliners.

  165. They are releasing the lineup this way because it is the best way to console people from realizing this is the exact damn leaked lineup that everyone has been posting for three weeks now, with a handful of additions. It was unimpressive then and it is still unimpressive unless they drop something just massive. It really IS a competition with Coachella, and unfortunately, at least as far as headliners go, Coachella is kicking the shinola out of Bonnaroo. It’s not too much abou tthe undercard as they share a lot of bands, but even there, it appears that Coachella has the upperhand.

    I’ve loved you Roo.

    This is just sad sad.

  166. Who thinks the Roo may open up the What and Which stage on Thursday?

  167. Here’s some predictions:

    BBS, Pavement, Drive-by truckers, beach house, fleet foxes, Arcade fire, wolfmother, port o’brien, the suckers, them crooked vultures, MMJ….

  168. I know nothing about this Roving Festival Writer who keeps talkin about these confirmations on twitter. But if he is right about waters, mmj, sci, sts9, and massive attack count me in.

  169. we need a big name.
    please please LCD Soundsystem. I know no one has been talking about them but they are doing Caochella & Pitchfork. Need them at bonnaroo big time

  170. Damien Marley & Nas? NICE. I can dig it baby

  171. 70 acts so far…. I’m ready for some heavy hitters…

  172. I’d already pay full price for this lineup, but then I’ve never been to Bonnaroo before. I guess it’s not as good as Coachella yet, but it ain’t a competition. Or maybe it is.

  173. It really needs some strong adds.

  174. Ween. Magnetic Fields. Joanna Newsom. Fleet Foxes. New Pornographers All people who are putting out albums soon or at least playing concerts in the coming months and have plenty of potential to be there…..

    I need them.

  175. ‘This is the stupidest way to release a lineup ever.’

    You may be right but it’s getting tons attention and that’s what you want when you’re marketing something.

  176. I like it. It’s kind of like a bunch of bands I really like but never think about when making festival wishes. I’m just glad Dr. Dog made it on. I’m pleased to see the Melvins joining us. TMBG is so exciting! Flaming Lips will prevail as my favorite non-headliner. I really hope that the Paul Simon rumor comes true….

    Deerhunter/Atlas sound would be great additions, indeed.

    I need to see AKRON/FAMILY and BEACH HOUSE on here now!

  177. I need Ween, Faith No More, Arcade Fire, or Guns ‘n Roses or I’m out.

  178. This is the stupidest way to release a lineup ever.

  179. Deerhunter or atlas sound please.

    After a rough start, this seems to be drumming up the interest they were looking for. Next time they need to drop like 15-20 bands all at once so the fans have something to talk about. Super diverse lineup so far… something for everyone. No real big surprises yet.

  180. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let there be LCD Soundsystem

  181. This whole thing is a little underwhelming. I’d just like to see the lineup in its entirety already!

  182. any possibility of Dinosaur Jr.?
    I remember months ago reading about them on the lists of potentials… and of course the last album was called “Farm”.. so.. eh eh? maybe?

  183. I doubt that I’m even going to be able to attend this year, but the lineup announcements occuring through out out the entire day has already proven to be a genius marketing ploy & a great way to keep myself entertained while being snowed in.

  184. I doubt that I’m even going to be able to attend this year, but the lineup announcements occuring through out out the entire day has alredy proven to be a genius marketing ploy & a great way to keep myself entertained while being snowed in.

  185. It’s actually Dropkick Murphy’s that’s bumming me out the most, those mother fuckers are the WOOOORST! To be honest, I’m fairly curious about 311.

  186. i agree i want the time table back!!!!!!!!!

  187. Where’s Tenacious D?

  188. What a mediocre lineup. Coachella is kicking Roo’s ass this year.

  189. I’m really digging the undercard… waiting for the big surprise!!

  190. I agree with the Captain

  191. They still need to do something epic that hasn’t been talked about or given much credence like Waters and Gilmore teaming up, or dropping a bomb like Zeppelin, or Bowie, or Daft Punk. The confirmed people who could even possibly be placed in the headliners spots up there are just unexciting to say the least. Especially when compared with Coachella. Roo better bring out Thom Yorke or a Radiohead late-night or something. Super jam with Prince on guitar, Ben Folds on Keys, Neil Peart on drums, Les Claypool on bass, and Susan Boyle on vocals. SOMETHING, ROO!!!!

  192. What you don’t like 311 Captain? :)

  193. This lineup kinda fuckin blows so far

  194. how are you confirm The national and other acts that are NOT listed on the myspace site??

  195. yes!! jimmy cliff!!!

  196. I don’t know if this guy is legit but check him out.

    Confirming Waters, SCI, Massive Attack, MMJ, Pavement

  197. She & Him… that one part of the monsters of folk which could lead to MMJ!!

  198. weezer and okgo? really?! what is this festival becoming? rest of the announcements have me super excited though. time to change my undies

  199. jay-z…jus gimme waters and claypool …so i can buy thy tkts

  200. the timeline thing was ridiculously easier to follow

  201. yeah bring back the time table!

  202. Japandroids!! Hell yeah….

    Alex… The timeline thing you were doing was pretty cool.

  203. I mean Pink Flyod, Not the Flips.

  204. Every time I watch that damn clock all I can think is, “Ticking away, the hours that make up a dull day.” Man that would be awesome! Heard anything Alex?

  205. So basically, it’s everyone on that “bogus” “leaked” Bonnaroo line-up ( poster, with a few added like the Flaming Lips.


  206. The Hold Steady playing Isle of Wright Festival on June 12 unless they play the 10th… they’re out.

  207. yeah the site is running supper slow, prob because of all the traffic

  208. ok…you win, UNCLE! now just give me the rest of the lineup

  209. Regina spektor and mayor hawthorne confirmed…

  210. Alex, I guess the way this is going the headliners won’t be announced until sometime this evening. Basically last. Your thoughts? It would be nice if they mixed it up a bit.

  211. this reminds me of the Royal Rumble.

  212. Regina Spektor… didn’t she do a song called Consequence of Sound? Oooh this is soooo Twilight Zone!

  213. These little UK kids from The XX are every where!! Seen them live and I was like, Meh. Friendly Fires rocked though, so it made up for it.

  214. THE XX

  215. Well, this way of dropping the line up is certainly getting a lot of attention!! HAHAHA!!

  216. Baroness and Isis are great progressive metal bands, the Flaming Lips are amazing live, and the Black Keys are always great, still though DMB, KOL, Weezer, OK Go make me not like bonnaroo this year

  217. This is stupid. I officially don’t like this lineup announcement change. I hope you read this Capps.

  218. What the fuck is going on? There is nothing on the myspace. It just keep counting down to nothing. This is the most infuriating outcome I can possibly think of.

  219. neon indian!!!
    should’ve taken acid with you!! (and I will at this show)

  220. Thanks Hot Sauce!!!

    I highly recommend Neon Indian!

  221. has dave matthews and the chromeo act confirmed too

  222. Monte Montgomery, The Asterisk, & Daryl Hall with Chromeo. All just tweeted by them.

  223. @mazdawg, click the little white logo with a green bar graph in the footer.

  224. brooklyn vegan is saying chromeo with daryl hall is confirmed

  225. Due to carligula’s excellent catch it really looks like BBS and Sharon Jones and the dap kings will be there too. Happy days!

  226. Death Cab For Cutie, confirmed!

  227. just confirmed Flaming Lips with Stardeath and the White Dwarfs and Blues Traveler

  228. I hope Fogerty plays a lot of CCR tunes.

  229. Alex

    I would love to know how many hits your site gets because of this announcement after it’s all said and done. Also, you think your site can handle this traffic? I’m having a hard time getting into your site at times now.

  230. Jeff Beck confirmed

  231. according to Weezers myspace they are playing on Saturday the 12th

  232. John Fogerty?? Put me in coach, im ready to play way out in LEFT FIELD!! Nice addition

  233. Ok Go will be playing in a tent.

  234. OK GO! via

  235. If the pink floyd rumor is true.. I want to give props to the one person that predicted that and OMG!!!

  236. I can’t imagine Waters and Gilmore ever playing together again. I think Live 8 was a one time thing. However, I sure hope I’m wrong.

  237. @anon they should play the blue album in its entirety, uninterrupted, and THEN exit the stage.

  238. I just posted on inforoo a rumor from one of my friends saying it’s gonna be Pink Floyd headlining, not waters, but Waters & Gilmour and Floyd will be doing the Wall

  239. please tell me you’re kidding about paramore…

    as far as the one and two go, i love phoenix. they put on an amazing show. so much energy.

    ill see weezer if they play say it aint so 15 times and then proceed to exit the stage.

  240. blues traveler

  241. Just a little over 2 hours to go! I’m not getting any work done today. Oh well.

  242. Yeah and they are showing twilight as the only movie in the movie tent

  243. Paramore will be there.

  244. Id love for some Tenacious D,
    as far as Weezer goes yeah they haven’t had any good albums out recently but I did catch them live in Aug and they played their greatest hits pretty much. so I wasn’t dissapointed at all.
    They played Hash Pipe, Island In the Sun, Sweater Song, Say It Aint So.

    As far as those bands being released thats the beginning
    Phoenix was obvious. so might as well throw obvious bands first towards our way.

  245. why do people think that ac & superfly put this festival on for them? Be happy with whoever is there, be in the moment, be a part of what it is!

  246. Dave Matthews is confirmed… Zack Brown said it

  247. Phoenix is the tits

  248. Weezer is playing Saturday, Im happy Weezer is on the bill, my wife loves them & DMB so it’s such an easy sell this

  249. How do you not like #1 and #2? Great start…Weezer hasn’t been the same since Pinkerton, but still great to sing Say It Aint So and Sweater song with your friends drunk. And how can you not like Phoenix? Great live band. These aren’t even close to headliners yet.

    Just bring me Dave Grohl in some form and I’ll grow dreads.

  250. weezer will be a mid-afternoon which stage (a la ben folds in 2006), I fairly certain of this.

  251. I don’t recall anyone even mentioning Weezer as a possibility. I’m impressed with Bonnaroo’s ability to contain leaks this year (so far). Can’t wait to see what other surprises will come out.

  252. Weezer is prob a pre headliner…when it was said they are more funny then good i think they meant weezer and no Jack Blacks band. Ill take weezer over them anyday…i expect to see weezer maybe 5th on the list. prob before the headliner on friday…or possibly opposite kings of leon

  253. I mean, its alright that they play @ roo, but the first two artists to officially be released? come on…

  254. I feel like I just opened a Bill Cosby sweater on christmas. VERY disappointed with #1 and #2…

  255. i dont imagine that they are headliners, i do not think they are following any certain order.

  256. Is Weezer definitely a headliner?

  257. agreed

  258. I agree with laurachelle. If they played only songs from Pinkertton and the blue album then I would be down to check them out.

  259. someone ought to remind weezer that their music is unlistenable past maladroit. maybe THEN they’ll be a worthy headliner! ;]

  260. I really enjoyed weezers old stuff, but they havent put out a good album since the green album… i wont be seeing them

  261. BLACK KEYS please!

  262. Hike,
    No doubt. Myspace???? What 15 year old kid can afford/should even BE AT Bonnaroo? AC/Superfly have made a lame move with this Myspace launch.

    Maybe I’m just pissed… those peppers last night are tearing the ass outta me!

  263. i agree with you carligula, the point of this drawn out lineup announcement, is to promote conversations of the bands that ARE playing bonnaroo, not who we WANT to play bonnaroo. I think people will still bit** about the bands that do get confirmed, its just their nature. For me, what a great start Phoenix who i missed last year due to Phish, and Weezer! keep em comin, its gonna be a long day.

  264. I am liking the adds already,
    gives me hope for the most Epic Bonnaroo Ever

  265. carligula -

    Sorry, pal, but this is how we have always done it. We’ll post a separate thread with the complete lineup when it’s unveiled. I’ll do my best to moderate.

  266. I wish you could reserve this thread for confirmations only and the original bonnaroo festival outlook page for comments/wishlists. I’m going to have to find another source without all the eventual bullshit bickering…

  267. Bomba Estéreo from Bogotá, Colombia is going to be on the bill… and be sure, one of the suprises at this years Bonnaroooooooo!

  268. definetly hoping for sts9, umphreys, SCI, Disco, and bassnectar.

    either way Phish summer tour might be better

  269. on twitter as well:

  270. weezer is playing the 12th. fwiw.

  271. I also got the Weezer email, it’s also on their homepage.

  272. where’s the link for weezer confirm?

  273. weezer confirmed

  274. Anyone who has eve been to an N.E.R.D. show know that it gets fucking ridiculous!
    Yeah When I saw them it was NUTZ! Jermaine Dupri, Chris Brown, & Bow Wow all came out unexpected

  275. Bad taste in my mouth. Thanks for reminding me I’m a statistic and a sucker with tickets ordered already. Going to go find something else to inspire me this morning. Too old to play games. Money ruins everything. Wanna live in the moment today not on myspace.

  276. Who cares about anything until the the people start gathering and performances start 06/10/10. It’s just a big movement of energy to a relatively concentrated spot with some talent thrown in and a way to escape our routine for 4 days. Thanks to all that put it on and participate financially (all of us)that makes it happen.

  277. I saw N.E.R.D. play a free show at the University of Miami in the middle of campus. They were good, but it was a little meatheadish (i.e. too many frat guys trying to prove something in a mosh pit). I am thinking they would be better at Roo.

  278. Two sleepers that im calling right now.


    two bands with albums coming out this year. Guster has been absent since ‘05 & an N.E.R.D. show would raise the bar for late night shows at Bonnaroo. Anyone who has eve been to an N.E.R.D. show know that it gets fucking ridiculous!

  279. so mr alex young how about that lineup leak?

  280. Yeah there is always talk of good things going bad. It is always hard to maintain quality, but bonroo has put in strong work to remain a great experience for a large number of cultural groups.

  281. BECK? One of the clues seems like it makes sense. When you google Beck both Glen Beck and Beck Beer on the front page…?!

  282. I REALLY shouldn’t get on MYSPACE at work.

  283. Blah blah sellouts blah blah I’m not happy with anything blah blah mtv bought bonnaroo blah blah blah phil hates roo cuz of kanye blah blah blah teeny boppers blah blah kings of leon blah blah blah (insert name here) will ruin bonnaroo blah blah blah.


  284. where the hell is Les Claypool or Primus?

  285. kings of Leon Blow…

  286. I’m guessing MySpace is being used for streaming video. Not sure why they couldn’t just host it on their own site though.

  287. It seems, like most of the movies, images, and popular music in the US, that bonnaroo has gone tween. It’s the strongest market in the US, besides the hiphop culture, and it appears that bonnaroo can no longer maintain without pleasing all the little girls. Can you say Kings of Leon?

  288. Anyone else curious why we’re being directed to the lowly myspace space? Or perhaps the “special unveiling” start time of noon est?

  289. Black keys!!! Dan Auerbach’s solo album is unreal its so good!


  291. yeah they played in i think 05 and mike gordon came out.

    does anyone know when its being released b/c if tickets go on sale at noon i would think they would give3 people some time to think it over??

  292. As for the form of the announcement - I don’t really care. As for the lineup, there are always enough great acts to make Bonnaroo worthwhile. This is the first indication I’ve seen that Broken Social Scene might return. If anyone saw them in ‘08, you know how cool that would be. A question: will the Flaming Lips only be playing their Dark Side of the Moon covers or will they also have a regular set? I stood up and I said “yeah!”

  293. i really hope to see sts9 as well! it’s been since my first roo in 07 of seeing them at roo(did they play before07 at all?) i’ve since seen them 5 times! :o)

  294. lineup looks sick but would really hope to see sts9 make the lineup this year and umphreys.

  295. John Butler Trio ONE TIME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE! He’s in AR the week before for a festival so it only makes sense!

  296. I love this idea.. who ever thought about it should get a nice raise this year. He or she is a marketing genius! It’s branding ‘Roo even more, like it or not it gets a reaction and guess what… that’s marketing 101, my friends.

  297. Lame, they make you go through Myspace. A whole lot of nothing for nothing, just give us the complete lineup. The way it is being set up seems to be directed at younger people ages 15-21.

  298. You have the times wrong it is at noon EST. They have it on their website and myspace page

  299. Personally, I love this idea. They have turned on big moment into one whole day of moments. For those of you who don’t like it, just pretend that the lineup comes out tomorrow at midnight.

  300. so nothing will be released at midnight tonight??

  301. it’s all for the lulz. ay!

  302. i just talked to joey from calexico today
    completely forgot to ask him about a potential ‘roo performance

  303. Suck it Roo….

  304. This is going to suck and rule simultaneously. Well played Bonnaroo.

  305. nothing like a 100,000 + hits in one day for but i dont care im ready for whatever i have to wait until june 10th anyways…

  306. Bring it!

  307. Oh, I really hope Regina Spektor will be picked!

  308. this is stupid, i’m sure it’s only for their own good

  309. I’m ready!

  310. Most annoying shit ever, and I hope SuperFly and Bonnaroo reads this. Slap in the face to all fans of Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

  311. DJJD just eluded to Jimmy Cliff thanks tonight’s episode of House

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