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08 February 2010

Ferrari F60/F10 - overhead comparison

Like all the 2010 cars, the new Ferrari features a multitude of modifications. On the F10 (top half of drawing) the most dramatic difference is the longer wheelbase, which ensures the car can now fit a larger fuel tank and a longer and narrower gearbox. The car's rear axle is now some 20-22 cm further back (7). An old F60 front wing was fitted to the F10 at its launch, but the nosecone was longer (1). The front suspension (2) has been angled backwards to reduce the car's length, while the front tyres are 20 mm narrower (3). The team have fitted a small triangular fin in front of the sidepods (4) to better direct the airflow and have exploited the rules' maximum permitted width of 80 cm to fit in the longer and wider fuel tank (5). Although the engine itself is mounted around 15 cm further back, the exhaust exit is further forward (6).