Special Forces Signals (Reserve)


63(SAS) Signal Squadron (Reserve) provides the Military Reserve Communications and Information Systems capability required to enable UK Special Forces Reserve Operations in support of the Governments Foreign Security and Defence Policies.


The role of 63 (SAS) Signal Squadron (Reserve) is to provide:

  • Individual and collective augmentation to the Regular Communications and Information Systems Component of UK Special Forces.
  • Communications and Information Systems support to the Reserve Component of UK Special Forces on exercises and operations.


63(SAS) Signal Squadron (Reserve) was formed in 1967 from elements of 41 Signal Regt, 63 Signal Regt, 327 Signal Sqn, and 115 Field Sqn RE. From its inception the Squadron has provided support to 21 and 23 SAS (R), although the role and geographic spread of the Squadron has expanded over time and now has posts throughout the UK.

Special Forces Communicator (Reserve) Capability

SFC(R) operations require the skill sets and equipment to operate beyond the range and capability of conventional forces.  They require sufficient endurance, field craft, surveillance, communications, mobility and 'life skills' to work in isolation, whilst remaining in sync with multi agency effect across the spectrum of conflict.


Whilst the MOD does not comment on the specifics of Special Forces operations, 63 (SAS) Signal Squadron (Reserve) have made a significant contribution to recent operational deployments.