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Che Cafe!

Administrative Harassment

Following is our collection of documents having to do with the Che, the BURN project, and other issues we feel are important. As of now most content found here is centered around the recent attempt of UC to censor the BURN project. We do our best to keep it updated.

Ché Press Releases

11/11/02 - "UC Tries to Censor BURN"
description: the latest from the che cafe collective regarding burn.ucsd.edu
9/17/02 - "Stand Up For Free Speech!"
description: a rushed flyer/ call for help thrown together and distributed around campus to inform people about what UCSD was up to. Its out of date now, as events have progressed.

Current Ché Correspondence

10/23/02 - "RE: Your letter dated October 14, 2002 to..."
TO: Che Cafe Principal Members / FROM: Nick Aguilar
10/14/02 - RE: 10/7
TO: Nick Aguilar / FROM: Che Cafe Collective
10/7/02 - "RE: Your letter dated September 20, 2002 to Gary...."
TO: Che Cafe Principal Members / FROM: Nick Aguilar
9/20/02 - "RE: URGENT: Issue with burn.ucsd.edu web site"
TO: Gary R. Ratcliff / FROM: Che Cafe Collective
9/16/02 - "URGENT: Issue with burn.ucsd.edu web site"
TO: Che Cafe Collective / FROM: Gary R. Ratcliff
Read the analysis of this letter by the Chilling Effects Warehouse
9/14/02 - "RE: Che Cafe Non-Compliance of Programming Requirements"
TO: Marcia Strong, Student Org. Advisor / FROM: Che Cafe Collective
9/13/02 - "Che Cafe Non-Compliance of Programming Requirements"
TO: Che Cafe Collective / FROM: Marcia Strong, Student Org. Advisor
9/13/02- "Violation of Master Space Agreement"
TO: Orville King, UCSD Police Chief / FROM: Che Cafe Collective

Related/ Relevant Correspondence

6/1/00- "Closing Burn"
(TO: Comm. Department / FROM: [A Communications Professor])
Description: An internal communications department email from 2000 about the shutdown of BURN, that explains the project's importance to the global community.
10/10/02 - Letter to Chancellor Dynes and "A Resolution in Support of Political Freedom in an Academic Setting" (FROM: UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly)
TOPIC: Burn Issue
10/8/02 - Letter to Chancellor Dynes
(FROM: American Association of University Professors, American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU Foundation of San Diego and Imperial Counties, Feminists for Free Expression, First Amendment Project, Freedom to Read Foundation, National Coalition Against Censorship, Online Policy Group and PEN American Center)
TOPIC: Burn Issue
9/20/02 - "Sanctions for Groundwork"
(TO: Groundwork Collective / FROM: Gary R. Ratcliff)
4/12/01- "Notice of Alleged Misconduct"
(TO: Groundwork Collective / FROM: Tommy Agee, Student Conduct Coordinator)
6/9/01- Statement from Groundwork When They Took Responsibility for BURN!

Past Ché Correspondence

5/29/00- "Che Cafe programming"
(TO: Che members and collective / FROM: Randy Woodard)
TOPIC: Summer 2000 Shutdown Attempt
5/13/00- "Re: notifications"
(TO: A Che member / FROM: Randy Woodard)
TOPIC: Summer 2000 Shutdown Attempt

Media Coverage

In a classic display of UCSD professionalism, the administration has elected to keep the media far more informed of the status of the charges against us than we are, so if you want to know the latest developments, check out the news coverage:

9/24/02 - San Francisco Indymedia
9/24/02 - Infoshop News - "burn.ucsd.edu accused of material support to terrorists" also on Library Juice
9/25/02 - News.com - "University Bans Controversial Links"(reprinted by ZDNet, ZDNet UK , The Experiment, Business Week [story now removed], ZDNet Japan )
9/26/02 - Slashdot - "That Link is Illegal"
9/26/02 - Heise Online - "US-Universität will unliebsame Links unterbinden"
9/27/02 - Chronicle of Higher Information - "University Orders Student Group to Remove Online lInk to a Rebel Group's Web Site"
9/27/02 - Drug Reform Coordination Network - "UC San Diego Orders Student Group to Drop Hyperlink to FARC Web Site, Cites Patriot Act"
9/28/02 - Wired - "College Questioning Site's Link"
10/1/02 - United Press International - "UCSD Questioning Site's Link"
10/1/02 - UK Guardian - "A Link Too Farc?"(at bottom of page)
10/3/02 - UCSD Guardian - "Che Cafe Accused of Terrorist Support" and editorial
10/4/02 - Holt Uncensored - "The First of Many? University Censors Students Under USA PATRIOT Act"
10/7/02 - UCSD Guardian - "Burn Web Site Posts Defense of Actions" (As if the section on BURN! about what BURN! is wasn't up before the last Guardian article...)and editorial
10/8/02 - News.com - University Backs Down on Link Ban
10/8/02 - Student Press Law Center - UC San Diego OK's Web site link to Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
10/11/02 - San Diego Union Tribune - UCSD Lets Group Keep Web Links
10/15/02 - Anncol - "Victory for students in computer battle"
10/16/02 - CheLives.com - "Victory for students in computer battle"

Old Media Coverage

1/3/97 - Reuters - "Peruvian Rebels Wage Propaganda War on Internet
1/6/97 - Wall Street Journal - "Tupac Amaru's Web Page Is Hot Spot On The Internet"
1/8/97 - New York Newsday - "Peruvian Rebels go to the Web"
1/9/97 - Arm The Spirit Commments about the MRTA Controversy
5/9/97 - San Francisco Chronicle - "Terrorists get Websites Courtesy of U.S. Universities"
6/2/00 - NarcoNews.com - University of California Censors Web Site on Colombia Conflict
6/3/00 - NarcoNews.com - The Anatomy of Censorship
6/9/00 - Drug Reform Coordination Network - " UC San Diego Pulls Plug on Controversial Server: BURN! Group's Hosting of Colombian Rebel Group Site Blamed"
6/9/00 - A-Infos - "BURN! up again at Groundwork also on NarcoNews.com

Are you a reporter interested in covering this? Student and independent reporters, please email che@checafe.ucsd.edu. Corporate media and UCSD Guardian, please go to /dev/null.

Relevant Bureaucratic Documents

These documents are intended to help provide a better understanding of what dealing with the University of California involves, and what rules and regulations govern our existence here at UCSD.

If you would like to add to our archives, please send documents to webadmin@checafe.ucsd.edu.