Call for answers from musicians and other artists:

“Philosophical questions and answers” composition project


Ladies and Gentlemen,


I was invited by the Fujit choir from Boston, USA, to compose a lengthy a cappella work for their upcoming season.


I am inviting all musicians and other artists (visual, multimedia, film, interdisciplinary, etc.) to submit answers to one, more than one, or all of my questions below. I will consider all replies providing they answer the questions. Your answers

1) Can be in any language.

2) Can be of any length.

3) Must be structured so that the question can be deduced from the answer.

4) Must be accompanied by a phonetic pronunciation guide if written in language(s) other than English, French, Bulgarian, German, Italian or Russian.

5) Can be worded in a serious or humourous manner, but the content thereof should respect the question.


By choosing to answer, you

1) Allow me to use your answers in a piece of music.

2) Will be cited and credited as text authour.

3) Retain all copyright of your text.

4) Allow the piece of music that I will compose to be performed and distributed in all mediums.

5) Allow the work to be published.

6) Can distribute and perform the work in full or in parts as long as you inform me.



1) What is music?

2) What is art?

3) Why is art/music important?

4) What constitutes a genius?

5) If you have ever taught a genius, how did you approach it?

6) What constitutes a masterpiece?

7) How do you define inspiration?

8) How do you distinguish between the concepts of beauty and perfection in art?

9) If you have read Ortega y Gasset’s essay “The Intellectual and the Other” and if you identify with the intellectual, when and how did you become aware of your calling?



1) Please, reply to composer1981 [at] gmail [dot] com before April 15 2010.

2) Put “Call for Answers” in the subject line.

3) Include your name (mandatory) and nationality (Only for my reference. Will not be revealed)

4) Write all your answers in the body of the e-mail.

5) Copy all of the above text in the body of your e-mail, below your answers.



Thank you for your attention.

Best wishes:

Alexandra Fol