Championship - First female referee takes charge

Eurosport - Wed, 10 Feb 11:29:00 2010

Amy Fearn has become the first woman to referee a league match by taking charge for the final 20 minutes of Coventry's 1-0 home win over Nottingham Forest in the Championship.

2009-2010 Referee Amy Fearn sharper - 0

Original referee Tony Bates collapsed with a calf strain in the 71 minute and called assistant Fearn into action after deciding he was unable to continue.

The final 12 minutes of the match passed without incident despite there being six minutes of injury time added on.

Wendy Toms was the first female official in the Football League when she started working as a fourth official in the early 1990s.

Toms drew criticism two years later from then Coventry boss Gordon, who claimed that football was "getting PC decisions about promoting ladies".

Toms also officiated games in the Premier League, again as an assistant referee, with her highest profile match being the League Cup final between Leicester City and Tranmere in 2000.


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  1. back of the hand she'd get,and a good kick up the­ bum and sent back into the kitchen.

    From sirkeithbrennan, on Thu 11 Feb 7:12PM
  2. this is an absoulute disgrace!who wants a woman reffing­ a football match,cause i sure as hell wouldnt tolerate­ her tryiing to book me.she should just stay in the­ kitchen(unless she's fit of course.....yummy).

    From sirkeithbrennan, on Thu 11 Feb 7:08PM
  3. as long as shes "fit" enough...why not :-)

    From Andrew, on Thu 11 Feb 6:19PM
  4. No comment required!

    From peter.kennon, on Thu 11 Feb 3:39PM
  5. It was bound to raise a few eyebrows the first time, if­ she can do the job why not, if she can't god help­ her the press will have a feeding frenzy.

    From graham, on Thu 11 Feb 11:56AM
  6. as long as she's fit enough and actually knows the­ rules she will be way ahead of most of the male refs­ ive seen this season - live and on tv games-- as long­ as women dont start to play the mens game..

    From the proud brit, on Thu 11 Feb 11:39AM
  7. Having seen some of the comments on here this should­ not be a battle of the sex debate
    it's about the­ best person to do the job regardless of the­ anatomy'in our society where
    women have come so far­ it's a gross injustice to judge them as the weaker­ sex'because i
    would be impressed to see a man push­ a watermelon through he's penis,and if you look­ at
    the broad spectrum women in the work place tend to­ be better at their jobs than
    if women want to­ ref the mens game let them have ago they can't be­ any worse than the
    next man,and women in some parts of­ the world where they are repressed would love to­ be
    able to do what our women are doing..

    From magna carta, on Thu 11 Feb 7:01AM
  8. ITS about time!! fair play 2 u girl, you goooooooooooo­ pet!!!

    From tina j, on Thu 11 Feb 4:45AM
  9. why not !!

    From Gill, on Thu 11 Feb 4:16AM
  10. oh god not another equal rights debate... something­ just doesnt feel right about watching a woman referee,­ STICK TO MEN... women taking over on the pitch is the­ last thing i can bear watching.

    From sehh1988, on Thu 11 Feb 4:13AM
  11. for all complaining men, stop being such wussies over­ something like this. try living a woman's life and­ you'll see it's not all that pretty. overall,­ you guys still dominate pretty much everything, while­ we get less respect for anything we do.

    From 77, on Thu 11 Feb 3:45AM
  12. As a referee myself I enjoy refereeing womens football­ as well as mens football. Last season I refereed 35­ womens games, but whenever there was a high profile­ game or a cup final the appointments were always given­ to female referees, a decision I believe made for the­ "image of womens football". I now referee­ Mens games only. So if there is a movement to activley­ promote femail referees in Womens Football (for the­ good of the game, blah blah), why are we then allowing­ women to referee mens football? If equality in­ football is what people really want, then why not allow­ men to PLAY in womens games? Mens football - Male­ Referees....Womens football - Femail Referees - its a­ simple as that.

    From SaintRef, on Thu 11 Feb 2:43AM
  13. About time too! Women are just as good as men at most­ things. Pity we don't get the recognition we­ deserve.

    From jwindley67uk, on Thu 11 Feb 2:39AM
  14. About time too! Women are just as good as men at most­ things. Pity we foot get the recognition we deserve.

    From jwindley67uk, on Thu 11 Feb 2:38AM
  15. to alison17wilko its absolutely stupid comments like­ that , that will keep women out of the game at the top­ level all sports are governed by rules or laws and if­ you know the rules or laws and are fit enough you­ should be able to ref at any level. the problem is that­ people like you will only send female refs backwards so­ either jump on board and be positive or keep it zipped.­ my view well done Amy long may it last.

    From doylebernard, on Thu 11 Feb 2:29AM
  16. No No No its not rights , its not normal!! I am­ speaking on my hubbies account here.. but I had to­ speak up! women for womens matches . men are for mens­ matches WE ARE NOT THE SAME! and none should not be­ treated, I am so sorry but some things should be left­ untouched :0Z men are men and women are women WE ARE­ NOT THE SAME!!! NEVER EVER WILL BE...............SORRY!­ leave well alone I love rugby and football but men and­ woman should be seperate full stop!! STOP TRYING TO MIX­ ............SERIOUSLY WE ARE NOT THE SAME!! LIVE WITH­ IT!! I am a new age woman but woman can not compete­ with men stop been stupid think about it??? Julie­ Maddison ,,,

    From Andy, on Thu 11 Feb 2:22AM
  17. Good on yer Amy ,show them how it,s done

    From DAVID, on Thu 11 Feb 2:14AM
  18. Hardly A Woman! He looks a bit feminine i'll give­ you that ;-)

    From DicewDeath, on Thu 11 Feb 2:13AM
  19. nice one,,

    From llb2008, on Thu 11 Feb 1:32AM
  20. fair play to the FA - someone who can ref the match do­ the half time drinks and wash the kit at the end of the­ match. Its not often the FA come out with sensible­ ideas, but in these troubled times i think they have­ got it spot on.

    From diablo, on Thu 11 Feb 12:53AM
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