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The most modern intermodal facility on the U.S. Gulf, Barbours Cut Container Terminal was designed with one priority in mind: vessel productivity. It accomplishes this by providing a fast turnaround for container and RO/RO vessels and project cargo. The terminal is located at the mouth of Galveston Bay and is 3.5 hours' sailing time from the Gulf of Mexico.

The terminal's six berths provide 6,000 feet of continuous quay. Thirteen wharf cranes ensure efficient and reliable handling of containers. The facility also includes a roll-on/roll-off platform, a LASH dock, a cruise terminal, 230 acres of paved marshaling area and 255,000 square foot of warehouse space and acres of open marshaling and storage area. A computerized inventory control system tracks the status and location of individual containers. The terminal also features electronic data interchange capabilities. A comprehensive refrigerated food warehouse is located near the terminal. Combined with competitive tariff rates, this facility's efficiency makes it an ideal port of call for shippers with cargo originating from or destined for the US Midwest and West Coast.

Location: Morgan's Point, on the northwest shore of Galveston Bay, less than four hours' sailing time from the Gulf of Mexico.

Berths/Vessel Accommodations: Six 1,000-foot-long (305 m) container berths; RO/RO platform; U-shaped LASH dock (282 feet or 85.9 m in length).

Channel Depth: 40 feet (12.19 m) at mean low tide.

Trucks: Four entry points with a combined total of 26 truck lanes and 15 60-ton scales; access to all major freeways.

Rail: Intermodal rail ramp at terminal with spurs leading to warehouses on terminal. The rail ramp consists of 42.1 acres with four working tracks (each approximately 2700 feet in length), five storage tracks (each approximately 2550 feet in length) and 900 parking spaces. The entire facility is paved. The handling method is two Mi-jack overhead cranes (one D800R and one D800AC) each capable of 30 moves per hour. Hours of operation are 0800-1630.

Total: Approximately 250 developed acres.

Container: Room for more than 24,500 grounded TEUs; 342 reefer outlets; slots for more than 2,500 wheeled units.

Transit Sheds: Two 100,000 square foot (9290 square meters) sheds and one 55,000 square foot (5,110 square meters) shed.

RO/RO: Access to 44 acres of paved marshaling area.

Wharf Cranes: view schematics for:

Numbers 1-2, 5-8

Numbers 3-4, 9-10

Yard Cranes: Four 40-ton (40.64 m.t.) Morris Cranes, eight 40-ton Bardella cranes, six 40 ton-Noell cranes, 22 new 50-ton Kone RTG cranes.

Other Cranes: Four 30,000-pound (13.6 m.t.) top lifters for handling empty containers, mobile crane (diesel) with 82-ton (83.3 m.t.) capacity, sixr 40-ton (top pick) load handling machines.

Other Equipment: 33 heavy-duty yard tractors and 125 heavy-duty yard chassis available for rent; special heavy-lift equipment available from private firms.

Other Services: Computerized inventory control system; import vehicle processing nearby; fireboat; 24-hour availability; round-the-clock security.

Tariff: Port of Houston Authority Tariff 14.

For Information Contact:
Port of Houston Authority
Barbours Cut Container Terminal

1515 E. Barbours Cut Boulevard
La Porte, Texas 77571

Telephone: 281-470-1800
Fax: 281-470-5571 or 5576
Container Inquiry System: 713-678-7600

Updated: 01/21/09


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