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May 13, 2005

Derren Brown stunt has kicked up a right stink

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hi everyone. There’s a new FAQ page for people if your interested in more information about what I do, as there has been quite a bit of attention resulting from the Derren Brown thing. Also, I’ve just released some software. Check it out.

Someone told me about this article in the Observer

In addition, I was pointed to these little gems.

I really like this one!

This one’s great too
. Ive got to quote it.

Appalling. Brown should be banned from British public broadcasting henceforth. When will they ever learn? Case after case of long-term damage from stage and TV hypnosis. Whilst the performer gets rich quick, and arsehole viewers applaud.

This one is nice, cos it has a picture of me.

This one states that although the trick was possibly cruel, it was still good!

Derren Brown Forum on the Channel 4 Website. Interesting.

This one is hillarious. A blogger who’s also an amateur magician is seriously upset about the stunt. I really loved this. Especially when he says ‘people don’t fall asleep standing up’. I suppose I should be careful, I don’t want to upset the guy. It’s great stuff, though. Comments are interesting too.

some more here

and here

Also, some nice comments from the gaming community

and I found this, which is very interesting.

let me know if any of you find anything else related to the stunt.

11 Responses to “Derren Brown stunt has kicked up a right stink”

  1. tim Says:

    Hey Mick,
    Its the Independent Art Film Exam on tuesday afternoon. finish at 5. then all going out afterwards for a big one. u fancy coming out. its most of our last exam forever. let me know. my number is xxxxxxxxx. john’s is xxxxxxxxx. contact either of us and we’ll let u know where we are.
    cheers. hope all is good with u.
    tim patston.

    (admin edit for phone numbers)

  2. Dude Roystein Says:

    Mick loved the show. Let me first re-issue the invite to what promises to be a night to remember.

    Also, I’m still very interested in developing myself as an actor and would definitely be interested in getting involved in any of your work that requires extras. I know you video is not always what you can call identification based but if there is anything coming up that you think I would be suitable for then let me know as

    Any other collaborations would be welcomed! Please, if you can, join us on tuesday it would be great to see you, catch up, and rip the shit out of the establishment.

    Regards, John Roy.

  3. ThomasB Says:

    Hi Mick,

    I absolutely loved the show.

    Now, since you are the only person I have any kind of access to who was actually there I have two questions which have been debated quite a lot. I hope you are in a position to answer them.

    1) Is it the case that the guy who played the waking dead game had NEVER met Derren Brown previous to where one sees him entering the pub and starting to play the game?

    2) Was there at any time any danger to the eyes of the zombieactors? I ask simply because the infidels tend to claim that the mere possibility of a paintball hitting anyones eye would make it impossible to make the show without the use of stooges.

    I would really truly appreciate an answer.

    All the best

  4. Administrator Says:


    Only a fool would use paintballs.

  5. Administrator Says:

    Tim, You really shouldn’t leave your phone number on a website like this - i’ve edited your post.

  6. chrisb Says:

    Thomas I’m pretty sure they wern’t paintballs, it was squibs attached to the actors clothing. A small charge in a blood packet that explodes when triggered. Thats what they use in film, tv, theatre to make it look like someone is being shot.

  7. Niels Madsen Says:

    Well all i know is i’m a huge fan, be this possible or not, it’s very interesting, and i believe he is a genius for making this.

  8. Mickster Says:

    Hi Chris!

    Love your music.

  9. Mickster Says:

    Huge amounts of spam deleted.

  10. lukynm Says:


    mmxhfhrmgho qmrybwoaru atvhdettyxk

  11. Mickster Says:

    Wow. how insightful. you’ve really got a way with words, there. Can you tell me about the way cornstarch and water when mixed together violate newtons law of viscosity?

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