DX dismantles the Spirit Squad

By: Zack Zeigler
Written: July 15, 2006

Even though the odds were stacked against them in their Elimination Match, D-Generation X shut out the five members of the Spirit Squad. Their dominance proved yet again that although they’ve gained a reputation as the pranksters of WWE, HBK and Triple H are all business when they step inside the ring.

Prior to hitting the ring, the Chairman tried to rile up his troops with a pep talk. He told the Squad that he’d put two special holding cells at ringside that were to be used to lock Shawn Michaels and Triple H inside after they were eliminated.

However, before he could elaborate on his plan to divide and conquer, the two future Hall of Famers interrupted via split screen. Unbeknownst to the Chairman or the Sprit Squad, DX used voiceovers to take jabs at the “old, crusty geezer,” who they said was more concerned with the Squad taking care of “spanking his bottom until it turned red” instead of the match. The final ad lib came when Mr. McMahon’s proclamation of “Never ever again will we be embarrassed by DX” was promptly followed by dubbed flatulence.

In the ring, the Spirit Squad only saw glimpses of control, never posing too much of a threat to The Game or HBK. Mitch was the first one to be locked inside the cell, getting pinned after Michaels hit him with Sweet Chin Music. Johnny was next to go, after Triple H dropped him with a spinebuster for the pinfall.

With the odds now three on two, Kenny entered the ring. After a short tangle with HBK, he seemed to lose interest in the match and headed up the ramp towards the locker room area. HBK followed Kenny and went on the offensive, but was met with a chair to the back from Mr. McMahon.

Kenny dragged HBK to the ring with the Chairman following closely behind…and the fans let Mr. McMahon know their feelings towards him by echoing some unflattering chants as he strolled toward ringside.

Back in the ring, Kenny tagged in Nicky, who caught HBK in a Sleeper hold. Michaels broke the hold and tagged Triple H, who cleared the ring and hit Nicky with a Pedigree for the pinfall. With Nicky in the cell, the Handicap Match turned into a tag team match. 

After Mikey was hit with Sweet Chin Music and pinned by Triple H, there was only one Squad member left—and he didn’t last long.  After being beaten by both DX members, Kenny got hit with a Pedigree for the final pinfall, completing the shutout.

Mr. McMahon witnessed his plan to destroy HBK and The Game disintegrate from ringside, and it got worse when he went to unlock the Squad from the cell. After the door to the cell was unlocked, Mr. McMahon saw the Squad cower to the back. Stunned by their reaction, the Chairman turned around and got blasted with Sweet Chin Music, which knocked him into the cell. DX then grabbed the key and locked the door, putting the exclamation point on another embarrassing night for Mr. McMahon.