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  1. @macgill Hi! I would like to be added to internetlaw list
  2. #digitalcopyright when their rights agreements are being signed. What they sign on the paper is what determines the legal future of rights
  3. #digitalcopyright The problem more often than not arises when people do not pay enough attention,
  4. #digitalcopyright What is emerging clearly is the need for all stakeholders to have comprehensive agreements governing their rights
  5. #digitalcopyright India is seeing a hot debate between two stakeholders of the film "3 Idiots", which raises important legal issues
  6. #cyberlaw2010 at global, regional and local levels.
  7. #cyberlaw2010 and computers, computer systems, computer networks, computer resources and communication devices,
  8. #cyberlaw2010 It will be interesting to see how the year 2010 tackles with the growth of jurisprudence pertaining to cyber space
  9. #cyberlaw2010 as far as cyberlaw jurisprudence is concerned
  10. #2010 All and all, the year 2010 promises to be a year of adventure, distinct advancement, consolidation & an year of tremendous excitement
  11. #cyberlaw2010 various aspects and subjects connected to, relating or having nexus or association with Cyberlaw jurisprudence.
  12. #cyberlaw2010 that will be adopted by distinct regions and nations while they go ahead in legislating
  13. #cyberlaw2010 Needless to say, the year will also be marked by distinct regional and national approaches
  14. #cyberlaw2010 as far as the growth and emergence of Cyberlaw jurisprudence across the world is concerned.
  15. #cyberlaw2010 All and all, the year 2010 promises to be an interesting year
  16. #climatelaw for effectively regulating or contributing to the subject of climate change.
  17. #climatelaw More and more countries are likely to use technology legislation route as a means
  18. #climatelaw Technology law will impact climate legislations in the year 2010 and in the coming decade.
  19. #climatelaw utilising technology legislation as a means for positively contributing to the environment.
  20. #climatelaw We are also likely to see emergence of appropriate innovative strategies for the purposes of effectively