Focusing on a Niche Market: IronMan Movie

Initial numbers are out, and it’s no surprise… the IronMan movie is owning up the box office. As reported by Deadline Hollywood, here are what the first numbers look like and forecast:
‘IRON MAN’ FIRST SUMMER STRONGMAN: Friday’s $30 Million Dollar Marvel; $80+M Weekend, $30M Intl, 2008’s Biggest Yet
So what does this mean [...]

ShoeMoney vs John Chow RSS Contest

There is a contest going on between John Chow (Chow’s prizes) and ShoeMoney (Shoe’s Prizes) to see who can get the most subscribers by the end of the month. Before the contest started, ShoeMoney already had a few more subscribers than John Chow. Since the month is midway through now and the numbers are getting [...]

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Spiderman Costume

Last year around this time I was telling myself that I wanted to make sure I had a Halloween site up and running before Halloween the next year. Well, a year later and I never got around to making my awesome Halloween site like I planned… however starting an awesome blog instead will just [...]

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Who Is Reading Your Blog?

A lot of us bloggers are writing and spending a lot of time on our blogs, so much that it has become a passion more than a hobby or part/full time job. We talk about our lives, marketing strategies and share stories of how to make money online… something others would charge endless amounts for, [...]

Spiderman Returns

I just returned from my town’s "Founder’s Day" for Tom’s River, NJ. My church was there and they were handling out pamphlets that were based off the new Spiderman movie. My mother first saw the pamphlets about a week ago and mentioned to the pastor that I had a Spiderman costume. At first I had [...]

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