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Earth’s Pre-Pleistocene Glacial Record is a compilation of data from all those glacigenic sediments of pre-Pleistocene age that were known in 1980. It was the principal outcome of the International Geological Correlation Programme’s Project No. 38, and includes 212 papers prepared to a standard, internationally agreed format, covering the full spectrum of geological time up to the initiation of the Quaternary Period. Although long out-of-print, the publishers (Cambridge University Press) have authorised the reproduction of this work on-line, in response to various requests to make it available again. It is anticipated that this will be especially useful for a new IGCP project on Proterozoic glaciations. The book is divided into pdf files of manageable size, based on the main sections in the book. Please note that Cambridge University Press retains the copyright on this book, and any requests to reproduce material from this work should be addressed to them.

The full citation is:

Hambrey, M. J. & Harland, W. B. (collators and editors) 1981. Earth's pre-Pleistocene glacial record. Cambridge University Press, 1004 + xv pp.

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Contents (p. i - xv)


  Africa Late Palaeozoic
    Early Palaeozoic
  Antarctica Cenozoic
    Mesozoic & Palaeozoic
  Asia Cenozoic & Mesozoic
  Australasia Palaeozoic
  Europe Phanerozoic Eon
    Proterozoic & Archean
  North America Phanerozoic Eon
    Late Proterozoic
    Early Proterozoic
  South America Cenozoic
    Mesozoic & Late Palaeozoic
    Early Palaeozoic
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