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Thanks Qatar, says Qaradawi
Islamic scholar Dr Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has expressed thanks to Qatar and the people of Qatar “for having accepted me and allowed me to do my work on an international scale”.
“But for HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani’s firm support for me and a committed and bold stand the US authorities would have included my name in the list of persons who support terrorism,” said Qaradawi in his address to a forum formed by his students in his name, according to reports in the local Arabic press.
Elaborating on his gratitude and indebtedness to Qatar he said: “Qatar has been my home since 1961. I am deeply indebted to HH the Emir and the people of Qatar for having accepted me and allowed me to do my work on an international scale. I have never faced any obstacle in expressing freely whatever I wished. If I had remained in Egypt I would have been in prison forever as has happened with my colleagues.”
He also said that a BBC correspondent had sometime ago quizzed him on whether he had the freedom to object on anything happening in Qatar. His reply was that he had of course objected on many things and he was not arrested on that count. He had objected to the opening of Israel’s commercial representative office; and on the presence of American base in Qatar and on some aspects of Qatar’s constitution.
He also referred to the remark he made in his Friday sermon at the Omar bin Khattab mosque in Doha soon after Shimon Perez’s visit to Qatar in the aftermath of the brutal Israeli killing of Palestinians in Qana. He had said: “Whoever shook hands with Perez should wash his hands seven times including once with sand. I went to greet HH the Emir on Eid-al-Adha day a few weeks later. His Highness greeted me with a warm embrace and said that he had washed his hands 14 times because he had shook hand with Perez two times!”
The Qaradawi Students Forum has been formed as a permanent entity to promote his ideas and works.
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