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Audi Considering 8-Speed Transmissions for Majority of Its Lineup


Like many new technologies, the latest automatic transmissions with upwards of six-speeds have been limited to the upper-crust models of the manufacturers who use them. Only Mercedes-Benz has managed to squeeze its seven-speed automatic into every corner of its lineup.

Audi is now looking to one-up its German rival with a little transmission technology sharing of its own. According to sources at Audi, the company is looking to put the new eight-speed automatic that debuted in the 2011 A8 into the majority of its lineup. That may include its entry-level A3 model even when it's equipped with the 2.0T four-cylinder engine.

Yes, four-cylinders in the engine and eight speeds in the gearbox, could make for a pretty nice package eh?

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throwback says:

05:37 AM, 02/16/10

What does this mean for their DSG transmissions? Are they phasing them out of Audis, or will the DSG effectively replace all the manuals?

brn says:

07:11 AM, 02/16/10

Does an 8-speed really make that much sense over a 6-speed, or is it just bragging rights?

audisport says:

07:23 AM, 02/16/10

An 8 speed means slightly better gas mileage without adding any weight. And bragging rights....

nealibob says:

07:27 AM, 02/16/10

They may do 8 speed autos across the board, but it will not be the same transmission. I am guessing it is the ZF 8HP for any longitudinal mount, but that will not work for a transverse mount.

cr_driver says:

08:11 AM, 02/16/10

As long as its done right.

jederino says:

09:03 AM, 02/16/10

@audisport - so, these are relatively low weight transmissions compared with 6-speeds?

ap1s2k says:

02:01 PM, 02/16/10

nealibob is right. The ZF 8HP will only be in the north-south applications. East-west cars (A3, TT) will have different transmissions and likely of the dual-clutch variety. The smaller cars are more popular in Europe and Audi buyers there actually like DSG. Buyers here want torque-convertor starts and shifts. Q5 in Europe has a DSG. Audi did a planetary auto for the States. But the additional costs of developing two different transmissions that serve the same purpose for two different markets will likely restrict this kind of thing in the future.

ap1s2k says:

02:06 PM, 02/16/10

also, check out:
weight is roughly the same and so is the size when compared to the 6HP.

roar02ram says:

05:58 PM, 02/16/10

Gear hunt much?

kingfish4 says:

04:15 AM, 02/17/10

If you have over 600 HP, a two speed Powerglide is all you need!

hondacura4 says:

06:53 AM, 02/17/10

The number of gears is simply turning into a numbers game. A 6AT has proven beneficial, a 7AT has proven the same but an 8AT is simply ridiculous!

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