What the Africa in the Picture Film Festival in Amsterdam says about How Do I Look:
 "A must see. Girl, I’m not kidding!"

Africa in the Picture

Tenth Anniversary Film Festival 6 - 16, 2007

Monday evening September 10th at 19.00 (7PM)


Rialto Theater

Screening Address:
Ceintuurbaan 338; 1072 GN, Amsterdam 
Tel: 020-6768700 
Price: Filmvoorstelling/ Film € 8,50, korting/ with discount:€ 7 (stadspas, stude)

Festival contact info:
Tel: 020-622.7.151
Email: festival@aitp.nl
website: www.africainthepicture.nl/en/program/filmsA-Z/37/How_Do_I_look.html

Willi Ninja

The Fashion, Voguing and Runway BattleZone

Revlon  vs. Milan                               Revlon  vs. Chanel International                            Laurent  vs. Xtravaganza

Portia & Gerald Labeija                                             Xtravaganza  vs. Latex

                            CoolAid Mizrahi         Nicole Xtrava                 Mecca Revlon                Carmen Xtrava                          RR Chanel                                               

DVD is now also available at A DIFFERENT LIGHT BOOKSTORE, 8853 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood

pictures by: Mashala, John LaRocca and Wolfgang Busch

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