Subject: How Do I Look screening schedule, update and feedback, September 7th, 2006


How Do I Look

voguing, fashion, runway, a new documentary by the "Ball" community you know from Madonna's video "Vogue".
contact: Wolfgang Busch 718-726-0831 or
This release is dedicated to
 Willi Ninja,  we lost a true ICON and LEGEND in our community to the AIDS epidemic.
Rest in peace Willi, and thank you for your community contributions, friendship and for keeping the "Voguing" legacy alive.
Willi was also recognized by Jason Bellini of LOGO courtesy of How Do I Look.

How Do I Look encouragements

Doug Staggs, Gill Foundation Grants Manager; Your project is obviously of great significance.

Frances Abbadessa, Executive Deputy Commission for Human Resources, NYC; I wish you success with this important film.

Karen Kartes, Director for Advocacy, World Vision; We wish you much success in your efforts.

Mark DiBiase, Dept. of Cultural Affairs NYC; Best luck with your endeavor.
How Do I Look
by Art From The Heart LLC.
providing Arts In Education Programs for the LGBT community since 2001
for bookings: 718-726-0831 or
Atlanta, Nashville, New York City
The How Do I Look documentary on the Harlem "Ball" Community was 10 years in the making.
An artistic empowerment and HIV/AIDS awareness community project.
The long awaited follow up to Paris is Burning.
Willi Ninja, Pepper & Derryck LaBeija, Octavia St. Laurent, Jose & Carmen Xtravaganza, Harmonica SunBeam,
Tracy Africa, Luna Khan, Ross Infiniti, Andre- Jack & CoolAid Mizrahi, Kevin & Muhammad Omni, RR Chanel,
Ricky & Anthony Revlon, Jaimee Balenciaga, Jazmine Blahnik, Mann & Roxy Prodigy and many more...
special appearances:
Kevin Aviance, Patricia Field and Michael Musto
music by:
Tori Fixx, Harmonica SunBeam, The How Do I Look Collective, Shane, Deadlee, Michael O'Hara, Robson Milian,
Willie Villegas, Anutha Entity, Jade, Dutchboy, Muhammad Omni, DJ PUNCH
poems by:
Emanuel Xavier and Octavia St. Laurent
director and assistand directors
Wolfgang Busch, Kevin Omni and Luna Khan

a Georgia premiere
In The Life Atlanta
Black Pride Film Festival
Closing Night Feature!
September 3rd, 2006, 6PM
voguing   fashion   runway
*** Bring it to the Runway ***
design by Aaron Enigma
screening at:
Sheraton Midtown Atlanta Hotel at Colony Square
188  14 Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30361
phone: 404-892-6000
Admission: $8.00
Atlanta Black Pride Film Festival
   hosted by Andre Mizrahi  and RR Chanel International

New York City
Queer Black Cinema
Thursday 28th, 2006
followed by Q's and A's
hosted by Angel Brown and Steven Emanuel from Queer Black Cinema
LGBT Community Center
208W 13th Street
between 7th & 8th avenue
tickets: $10
OR CALL 347-789-1070

a Tennessee premiere
Sunday October 28th, 2006
time: TBA
at the Historic Belcourt Theater
Main Office: (615) 846- 3150
Belcourt Theatre
Nashville Black Pride
501 Brick Church Park Drive


Office: (800) 845-4266 x 269 Cell: (615) 974-2832
hosted by  Dwayne Jenkins
sponsored by Black Pride Nashville
and Black Film & Cultural Fest

up-coming screening
New York City
Friday, Nov. 17 through Sunday, Nov. 19th
time: TBA
The Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival has been selected to produce the first-ever Gay Life Film Festival,
to be held in conjunction with the 2006 Gay Life Expo at New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center
At least 20,000 attendees are expected at the Expo, one of the largest gay and lesbian business events in the country.
Kathie Michael for further details:


How Do I Look DVD feedback


Jason Bellini, LOGO TV; The hottest new gay documentary.

Horatio Lawson, BBC TV London; It was very moving and beautiful.

STAR from STAR and BUC Wild radio show; Very well put together documentary.

Brittany Ballard, Acquisitions Here! Films; we are very interested in your film, HOW DO I LOOK.


Guy Trebay, NY Times; Congratulations.

Michael Musto, Village Voice; I liked it. I thought it was very good.

Phil Esteem, Editor for Legends Magazine; I got the DVD and Loved it.

Toby Grace, editor Out In Jersey magazine; Wow! What a fabulous movie!!

Theater screenings

Dana Keith, Miami Beach, It is really very impressive!

Jeffrey King, Los Angeles; This powerful artistic expression provides a platform for the gifted House and Ball Community.


NewFest Film Festival, NYC, How Do I Look is an uplifting and life-affirming celebration of a NYC artistic tradition.

Rex Rude, Outfest, associate programmer; Most Fascinating.

Black Prides

Marcia R. Houston, Cleveland Black Pride/Sight Center; How fabulous.

James Saunders, founder Black Pride NYC; I watched it 5 times.

Anthony Galloway, president St. Louis Black Pride; Its great...


Scott Cranin, Senior Editor, TLA video; we enjoyed How Do I Look.

Stephen Mattsson, OUT Video (Australia); It looks fantastic.


Mo’Nique from the TV show, AThe Parkers@; It is amazing!

Marc Jacobs, fashion designer; I really enjoyed your film.

Randy Jones, Village People; I loved watching How Do I Look... great work... congrats!


Jack Herman, Board of Education; It is genius!

Rachel Bolden-Kramer, James D. Woods Fellow, Harvard College Faculty of Arts & Sciences;

We would be very interested in including it in our thesis.


Ian Usher, I ADORE the film and have told as many people here in the UK as I possibly can.

Ken Chow, a fierce world filled with beauty, creativity and of course DRAMA.


Daniel, I loved the documentary-LOVED IT!

Tommie, Bravo! Great piece of art work ...

Julia, Fascinating stuff! So catchy!!!

Andrea, I watched it 20 times

Missy, It looks fabulous!!

Alex, It=s phenomenal!

Bridgette, I LOVED it!

Art From The Heart
providing Arts In Education Programs for the LGBT community since 2001
Wolfgang Busch, president; 718-726-0831;
Kevin Burrus, vp & public relations;
Harald Escorcia, treasurer;
Rodolfo Simons, secretary;
Jazmine Perez, transgender education;
Luna Ortiz, HIV/AIDS education;
Vintaj Omni, promotion;
Derryck Davis, artistic youth consultant; 347-526-2383
bookings and DVD distribution
screenings/lectures & the How Do I Look Collective live performance
Wolfgang Busch, 718-726-0831;

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